Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

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Product Description:

Quick Details

·         Type: Raincoats

·         Material: Polyester

·         Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

·         Brand Name: CNBM

·         Model Number: CNBM RC-002

·         type: raincoat

·         material: waterproof material

·         color: camouflage

·         size: 210*150CM

·         carton size: 46x32x675px

·         N.W: 20KG

·         G.W: 21kg

·         40HQ pcs: 24990




Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

PR/CTN:20sets/ctn Carton size :46x32x675px G.W.:21KG   N.W.:20KG

Delivery Detail:

30 days or depends on your order


 Rubberized Camouflage Rain Coat   Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits










  CE EN388


 1.100%Water proof,high quality

 2.Thickness: 0.18mm, other thickness also   available .

 3.Have much experirnce in safety pruducts

 4.Can provide best price to custom

 5.Have mass clients from all over the world.


1.One set per polybag,

2. Provide packing mode of sliding card

Quantity Per Carton

 20 sets per carton or as your request

Carton Size(CM)

   L*W*H:     46x32x27

Weight Of A Carton(kgs)

  G.W.:21KG      N.W.:20KG

Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

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Q:I would like to ask what kind of mountain bike ride a good raincoat, the bike is 3 pick
It is best not to ride the rain, it is necessary to ride the words to wear a good split,
Q:Analysis and evaluation on the teaching plan of the story raincoat in kindergarten
Activity processA small experiment1 Teachers: ready for the two plastic barrels, a piece of plastic cloth and a piece of cotton were fixed in the top of the barrel, please guess.Teacher: I put in the water when the plastic cloth and cotton above, what will happen? (guide the child to guess)2 children were asked to pour water on the plastic cloth and cotton cloth on the two.Teacher: a bucket of water on the bucket, which is not the water drain down? Why?Two. Further experiments.1 teachers will cotton cloth dipped in water, and then picked up, so that children carefully observe how the water seepage cotton cloth, and then down.Teacher: how can the cloth dry? Screw up and hang up. Drying, blowing, etc.Teacher: how to put the plastic water dry? Wipe it dry. Let the children try on the spotThree. Observe and compare the raincoat and the commoner.1 observation raincoat discussion.Teacher, teacher, there is a dress. What is it made of? What does it feel like to wear it? How do you feel? What's the use of it?2 more than a raincoat and a commoner.Teacher: Here's another piece of cloth for us to feel. What's the difference between a raincoat and a raincoat? Can you wear it out on a rainy day? Why? How do you like it?
Q:How to do the raincoat degumming?
At present, the vast majority of clothing used in the market are lining interlining. The adhesive lining cloth is made of evenly coated hot melt adhesive on woven fabric, knitted fabric or non-woven fabric. Hot melt adhesive interlining and fabric is put together, is a powder polymer with thermoplastic resin as the main component, after heating can become viscous fluid with certain viscosity, can infiltrate into the surface of the fabric, after cooling and curing and fabric has certain adhesive strength. If this bond is destroyed, it is necessary to apply a certain force, called the peel strength.
Q:When was the first raincoat invented in the world
In 1747, a French engineer Francois Freno created the world's first raincoat, he used to obtain latex from rubber wood, put on shoes and coat in the latex solution for dipping treatment, can play a role in waterproofing.In a rubber factory in Scotland, England, a worker named Mackin Duus.1823 day, Mackin Duus at work, careful not to drop rubber solution to clothes. He found, hastened to hand rub, it seems to penetrate the rubber solution clothes, not only did not erase instead, painted a piece. However, Mackin Duus was a poor worker, he could not bear to throw away this dress, so still wearing it to work.Soon, Mackin Duus found that the rubber where this dress painted, as if coated with a layer of waterproof glue, although it ugly, but not water. He thought quickly and simply the whole clothes are coated with rubber, it made a rain clothes. With this new clothes. Mackin Duus never worry about rain. This novel thing spread quickly, the factory colleagues know, have to follow the practice of Mackin Duus mackintosh waterproof made. Later, mackintosh's reputation is growing, caused by the British metallurgist Parkes's attention, he this study also of intense interest in special clothes. Parkes was coated with rubber clothes while impervious, but it's hard and brittle, wore neither beautiful nor comfortable. Parkes decided to make an improvement on the clothes. Don't want to To this, a lot of improvement actually spent ten years of effort. By 1884, Parkes was invented by carbon disulfide as solvent, dissolved rubber, preparation of waterproof products, and apply for a patent. In order to make the invention can quickly applied to production into commodities, Parkes had sold to a patent a man named Charles. After a lot of agricultural production began, "Charles raincoat company" store also quickly became popular in the world.
Q:Can a suit replace a raincoat?
No, because there are three different types of clothes, can be understood as mountaineering, outdoor, rain.
Q:The day after tomorrow to climb Hongta mountain, need to take a raincoat or umbrella?
Climb Hongta mountain,Afraid of tanning with an umbrella!
Q:What are the benefits of split raincoats than those of the whole?
The utility model has the advantages that the separated raincoat can overcome the disadvantages, and therefore, the sanitation workers are all separated.
Q:How to buy children raincoat
Plastic raincoat wrinkle methodSlight wrinkle on the raincoat, it can be hung on the hanger, so that it naturally restore smooth. If the wrinkles are tight, the raincoat can be soaked in 70 degrees Celsius in the hot water for about 2 minutes, after taking out on the flat plate, and then dry the water mark, you can restore the formation, do not pay attention to pull.
Q:What is the raincoat in the League of Heroes
Rabbi five days every day to pull an experience of nearly two times, but it is not easy to be hit if not insured, unless you are a king state can be checked, is the king of state, it is recommended to pull every day. Feather is also done every day, because each will reward 50L silver if you are lucky, one day pull, bad luck, hit, or insurance
Q:Taobao to sell the kind of translucent clothes, like a raincoat like beach clothes.. Is it really anti UV?
Estimated deceptive,Can not be imitated, last year, Tan

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