New Design Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

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Quick Details

·         Type: Raincoats

·         Material: Polyester

·         Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

·         Brand Name: CNBM

·         Model Number: CNBM RC-002

·         type: raincoat

·         material: waterproof material

·         color: camouflage

·         size: 210*150CM

·         carton size: 46x32x675px

·         N.W: 20KG

·         G.W: 21kg

·         40HQ pcs: 24990




Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

PR/CTN:20sets/ctn Carton size :46x32x675px G.W.:21KG   N.W.:20KG

Delivery Detail:

30 days or depends on your order


 Rubberized Camouflage Rain Coat   Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits










  CE EN388


 1.100%Water proof,high quality

 2.Thickness: 0.18mm, other thickness also   available .

 3.Have much experirnce in safety pruducts

 4.Can provide best price to custom

 5.Have mass clients from all over the world.


1.One set per polybag,

2. Provide packing mode of sliding card

Quantity Per Carton

 20 sets per carton or as your request

Carton Size(CM)

   L*W*H:     46x32x27

Weight Of A Carton(kgs)

  G.W.:21KG      N.W.:20KG

New Design Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

New Design Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

New Design Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

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Q:What is the raincoat material?
The rain falls on the surface of the raincoat is a kind of non infiltration phenomenon, because the attraction of rubber molecules to water molecules is much smaller than the attraction between water molecules, water molecules prefer to get together, down the raincoat surface. At the same time, there are many small holes made of cloth raincoat, but not because of the rain infiltration rubber, water molecules from these holes through the raincoat to cloth, and these holes of air molecules not to play the role of the organization, it is ensured that the permeability of the raincoat. Since the key is in the layer of waterproof raincoat rubber cloth cover, then the raincoat in the storage time also should pay special attention not to damage the waterproof layer of cloth, avoid sharp objects scratching raincoat would not have said, there are two things that need special attention, a raincoat is after cleaning to avoid them dried in the sun, so as to avoid the aging of rubber, rubber is a polymer material, there are a lot of atoms and unsaturated chemical bonds, easily with various elements in the air, such as oxygen reaction, and the reaction is irreversible; two is the raincoat in the storage time and try not to have oil a class of objects together, lest they pollute the raincoat, you know the words of the dirty cloth raincoat is hard to wash.
Q:What fly low; go out with raincoat
Swallows flying low to rain.The reason is: the swallows flying low because it is to eat worms.Bugs in low.When it is going to rain, the air humidity becomes larger, there are many small drops of water that we can't see.These drops of water will fly on the wings of insects when they fly, so that they can not bear the burden.
Q:How to sew a raincoat rotten, accidentally cut with a long crossing, how to run
First sew with thread, then stick with transparent tape
Q:Men's suits to find a good recommendation
Thousands of rain rain suit, after all, is Jiangsu's largest manufacturer of pant, price is not generally good! Of course you should follow your own choice
Q:What are the functional properties of a raincoat?
The laminated fabric of laminated fabric can be used for different structural design and composite layers according to the needs of the end use. Two layer composite fabric and composite films can be used in live, can also be Rico and structure; composite films using live surface structure, so it is easy to wash, suitable for civilian sport clothing and winter clothes. The three layer is composite fabric, composite films and Rico together, although feel a little hard, but can improve the wear resistance, suitable for army combat uniforms and labor protective clothing. The four layer or multi-layer composite can increase the function of the laminated fabric, as the gas resistance layer, the liquid resistance layer of the anti gas material and far-infrared thermal insulation material, etc.. The surface of the fabric and Rico should have a certain density, to prevent the adhesive glue seeping punishment. In order to control the total weight of laminated fabric, surface, and in the region should be used, fine denier polyester or nylon. According to the requirement, a surface can also use camouflage, flame retardant, antistatic, oil resistant and waterproof, easy to paint, anti acid and other functional fabrics.
Q:What is a good raincoat material
TPU raincoat is now more popular by the public like a raincoat.
Q:Who invented the raincoat?
Mackin Duus is a British Scotland rubber factory workers, one day in 1823, Mackin Duus was working, accidentally put a rubber solution dripping onto the clothes. He found the rubber place on this dress as if painted, coated with a layer of waterproof glue, though ugly, but not water, he was struck simply the whole clothes are coated with rubber, the first thing to rain water tape inadvertently invented clothes.
Q:Why is it called a raincoat
The use of condoms is a little too sensitive to three characters. Raincoat image. It's blocking the head. Is to block the external water
Q:Just bought a raincoat that kind of pungent odor how to do, what good method to eliminate?
Placed in a ventilated place after the purchase, and air contact, it can reduce the pungent odor;2 can be used for hydrogen peroxide (pharmacies), a small bottle of water into a basin, the raincoat soaked, and then dry, the smell can disappear.
Q:Buy a raincoat or buy poncho well, Ms. moto
Under heavy rain the feeling are not covered, buy a large a little thick poncho on the line, better quality, when it rains there is a sense of security, do not feel cold. It's like wearing a dress.

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