Fashion Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

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Quick Details

·         Type: Raincoats

·         Material: Polyester

·         Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

·         Brand Name: CNBM

·         Model Number: CNBM RC-002

·         type: raincoat

·         material: waterproof material

·         color: camouflage

·         size: 210*150CM

·         carton size: 46x32x675px

·         N.W: 20KG

·         G.W: 21kg

·         40HQ pcs: 24990




Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

PR/CTN:20sets/ctn Carton size :46x32x675px G.W.:21KG   N.W.:20KG

Delivery Detail:

30 days or depends on your order


 Rubberized Camouflage Rain Coat   Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits










  CE EN388


 1.100%Water proof,high quality

 2.Thickness: 0.18mm, other thickness also   available .

 3.Have much experirnce in safety pruducts

 4.Can provide best price to custom

 5.Have mass clients from all over the world.


1.One set per polybag,

2. Provide packing mode of sliding card

Quantity Per Carton

 20 sets per carton or as your request

Carton Size(CM)

   L*W*H:     46x32x27

Weight Of A Carton(kgs)

  G.W.:21KG      N.W.:20KG

Fashion Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

Fashion Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

Fashion Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

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Q:Is there a mountain bike raincoat?
You can choose an outdoor suit + waterproof mountaineering pants. The utility model solves the problem that the traditional raincoat can not effectively organize mountain water to be thrown up.
Q:What is the waterproof raincoat material
By living in structure; can also be Rico and film composite, using live surface structure, so it is easy to wash, suitable for civilian sport clothing and winter clothes. The three layer is composite fabric, composite films and Rico together, although feel a little hard, but can improve the wear resistance, suitable for army combat uniforms and labor protective clothing. The four layer or multi-layer composite can increase the function of the laminated fabric, as the gas resistance layer, the liquid resistance layer of the anti gas material and far-infrared thermal insulation material, etc.. The surface of the fabric and Rico should have a certain density, to prevent the adhesive glue seeping punishment. In order to control the total weight of laminated fabric, surface, and in the region should be used, fine denier polyester or nylon. According to the requirement, a surface can also use camouflage, flame retardant, antistatic, oil resistant and waterproof, easy to paint, anti acid and other functional fabrics. The application of waterproof breathable fabric PTFF waterproof breathable laminated fabric was first developed for the production of uniforms, protective clothing, and later used in sportswear, tents and other items of the manufacturing, the current application is still widening. For Air Force pilots, Marines and special forces, sudden immersion in cold water is one of the most important causes of death. The US military has designated waterproof and breathable clothing as air force pilots, crew members and special riot gear for the special operations of air and sea operations. This kind of clothing in the temperature of 7 degrees of cold water, can provide up to 2 hours of protection, and wear light, comfortable. The main technical requirements of military raincoats are good waterproof and breathable function and light weight.
Q:How to print on a raincoat
What material is your raincoat?PVC and PE have special inkIt can be printed by screen or machine.
Q:What's the name of that coat like a raincoat? Also waterproof
It is with a tarpaulin (waterproof agent made of ordinary cotton). Water proofing agent is a kind of paraffin emulsion containing aluminum salt. After emulsification, it turns into fine particles and is evenly distributed on cotton fabric. Paraffin and water met water incompatible and paraffin wax on the formation of oval beads in paraffin top roll.
Q:What is the difference between a raincoat and rain cape
A raincoat and a raincoat no difference, personally think that the raincoat is worn on a person's body like dress, poncho is worn when riding.
Q:Why should a raincoat be lined?
Double layer protection... Lining is not waterproofLining is mainly in order to wear comfortable and easy to wear off
Q:Can a raincoat be a sunscreen? The summer clothing, riding out of the raincoat will be very strange?
When the sun is not very good clothes Oh
Q:How to buy children raincoat
Plastic raincoat sticking methodPlastic raincoat rupture, can be the first break aligned, covered with a piece of paper and glass, hot iron on it several times, each time not under pressure is too long, so that the glass paper not burned, and then glued the plastic below. The hole, you can use the same plastic cloth cut into the hole a little larger than a square or round, cover the hole above, then covered with glass paper, you can fill in the same heating method.Rubber raincoat odor to divide the rubber raincoat has peculiar smell, can be mixed with hydrogen peroxide into the water to soak the raincoat, dry smell will disappear.
Q:What kind of material used to make durable raincoat
The conventional material of the raincoat is nylon cloth, Oxford cloth, jacquard cloth, and so on. The key is to look at the yarn.
Q:Method for producing raincoat
A shirt sleeve and raincoat manufacturing method, characterized in that the manufacturing method comprises the following steps: 1 body material and the cap material preparation; 2 cut material on one side of the body, the body material rolls in the rear main body in the body material along the side to a long tube cutter fixed on a frame and cut the body the material in advance; 3 in the body without the other side of the molten material cut the connecting cap material, body material across the long tube fixing frame, so that I put the cap material in the bottom mould, make the set in the mold cap material covered by welding in the welding heat source module and resin sealing pad the body and cap materials, material welding forming; 4 arc edge body and shirt sleeve forming one weld, two pieces have upper and lower body separation sheet welded into the arc shaped light raincoat; 5 finished cutting separation, in the light raincoat molding, cutting knife cutting a separate arc Type of portable raincoat and shirt sleeve finished products; 6 classified stacked packaging.

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