Metal Bed European Style Model CMAX-MB009

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Material: Cold Rolled Steel Style: Modern Usage: Bedroom
Color: White,Black Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Unadjustable

Product Description:


These Metal Bed is a tasteful welcome to any bedroom. The brushed, bronze metal frame and intricate lines provide a timeless look that is ideal for any bedroom. Its high-profile headboard and low-profile footboard topped with spindles create a warm and elegant feel. Sturdily constructed, it includes metal slats and supporting legs for added support and comfort. This item does not require a box spring. Available in multiple sizes, the Bed is a must-have in any home. It is designed to be durable. 


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Metal Bed European Style Model CMAX-MB009

Metal Bed European Style Model CMAX-MB009

Metal Bed European Style Model CMAX-MB009



1)What about the quality control?

Material purchase:Our material suppliers are steady and professional.We have 4 experienced purchaser,they all worked in this filed over 5 years. If the materials are not passed our standard,they will be returned.

When mass production, we have QC inspect all the production process,.including:welding,polishing,painting and packging

Before the loading,Our QC will check the quality again and make Inspection Report


2)What is the normal Payment Term?

T/T,L/C at sight,D/P,D/A and so on


3)What is the normal delivery time?

Metal beds:25-30 days/container

Coffee table,tv stand,dining set:20-25 days/container


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Q:Will my mattress fit in my bed?
I would not buy that combination. You are going to have 5 1/2 of platrform sticking out on both sides -- I guarantee you will be bumping your shins against it. With a baby on the way you will be climbing in and out of bed a LOT -- do you really want to be banging your legs on this thing every time? You will hate it. My recommendation is to find another bed that fits the mattress or find a mattress that is at LEAST 85 wide if you are dead set on that bed. I find it hard to believe you are not able to locate a combination that will fit correctly. Check with a local mattress manufacturer rather than one of the big-box chain stores -- it is not that hard to have a custom foam mattress made to order.
Q:What is soft packing? What's the difference between hard or hard? Is the furniture soft?
Soft ornaments are free moving ornaments that include cloth art, hanging pictures, planting and so on. The so-called soft decoration, refers to the decoration is completed, using the easy change, easy to change the location of accessories and furniture, such as curtains, sofa sets, cushions, tablecloths and decorative handicrafts, decorative wrought iron, two degrees of indoor furnishings and layout.
Q:My dog bites his bed!?
try using apple bitters... its a deterant that comes in a spray bottle. he wont want to bite it if it tastes bad. i hope that helps :)
Q:Babies and toddle beds?
2 months is way too young. try getting one of those baby sleep positioner things and put her in the bassinet the side pillows will make her think she is surrounded by you. they even come with warmers to give of the felling of body heat and soft scents that will lure her to sleep.
Q:bed intruder song :D?
Bed Intruder Song is a song by Antoine Dodson and The Gregory Brothers, featuring Kelly Dodson.[1] The song by the Auto-Tune the News creators features processed vocals of Antoine Dodson, who was talking to a news reporter about the alleged attempted rape of his sister Kelly.[2] The song peaked at number 89 in the Billboard Hot 100,[3] the only song that week to enter the chart on iTunes downloads only.[4] The original music video for Bed Intruder Song[note 1] went viral.[5] As of February 5 2011, it had been viewed over 70 million times since it was uploaded on 30 July 2010.[6][7][8] YouTube listed the song as the most popular video of 2010.[9][10] As of August 26, 2010 it was still charted as a top song on iTunes.[11]
Q:Water Beds ?
Depends on what it comes with. Frame, headboard, liner, heater, mattress, could cost up to $300 used. Of course it will also depend on the condition and if the owner is going to take it apart for you. You should actually take it apart so that you have an idea on how to put it together again. You should also be aware that an empty water mattress is not really empty and can weigh up to 100 pounds and be extremely difficult to move because of the shear bulk of it. Check to see if there's a rental place that rent items needed for moving and see if they have a water bed pump. This will allow it to be drained to near empty and make it a lot easier to handle. We moved our water bed 14 months ago and didn't know about the moving rental thing. I was almost willing to leave it at the other house for the trash man, it was so heavy and bulky. We did get it moved, but it ended up with a hole in it cause we had no way to protect it since it was so bulky. When we went to pick up a new one $225 (not the $889 that some one suggested, that's just ridiculous) the salesman told us of the water bed pump. He said he used one on his water bed and he handled moving it by himself. Also don't forget the chemicals to add to the water to keep the algae from forming inside the mattress.
Q:How do i make my bed neatly?
Start with the sheets. Get the bottom sheet as smooth as possible, with the corners as far under and exactly on line if possible. Top sheet: put the top edge even with the top of the mattress, smooth out and tuck the bottom under. Holding the side (left over) of the sheet out, tuck the edge at the bottomthat hangs towards the floor under the mattress, so that the side parts fall smoothly. Fold the top of the sheet down about 12. Add the comforter or bed spread. Smooth the bottom and make sure that it is an even amount at the bottom. I don't tuck it under, I like it to hang down just about 3 longer than the bottom of the mattress. I use a dust ruffle. Make sure that each side is the same length hanging off. Then place your pillows on the top portion of the the bed, on top of the comforter or bed spread. I like 4 pillows, and us two coordinating colors. Two layers of pillows with the accent pillow in the center, but you can put a pillow on each side with the third pillow in the center and the heart-shaped pillow in front of that. I hope this makes sense!
Q:What are those beds called...?
Oh, I love a puzzle. Are you talking about a hide a bed?? Sometimes people use them on a day bed frame and then pull them out for company. Or are you talking about a Murphy bed, which actually goes up into a wall and looks like a piece of the wall? I think it may be one or the other.
Q:Question about bed bugs?
Once you get a bed bug on your sheet or mattress, you should wash all the beddings right away. Well, you will not be able to see bed bugs until you start getting bites, though.... Wash ALL your bedding items. That includes any sheets. A fitted sheet is the favorite thing for bed bugs because they can hide in the crevices. Make sure you wash them with HOT HOT water!!!
Q:Sewing Cat Beds/ Small Dog Beds?
I made a pet bed for my cat Paddington last year. I am pretty good on a sewing machine, but for this project I didn't use one at all. All I did was get a regular cheap-o bed pillow and enough thick flannel to cover the entire thing. Then I cut two equally sized pieces of material that had about 5 inches of material surrounding all four sides of the pillow. Both pieces of material were rectangular shaped, one for the top and one for the bottom of the pillow. From each of those pieces of material, I cut three inch strips about one inch apart around all sides - so it kinda resembled fringe. Then I just knotted all of the strips from the top piece to all of the strips of the bottom piece. Make sense? Also, the material I bought had little fishbowls on it, so it was cute for a cat. And I must say, Paddington really enjoys her bed. Good luck, and happy crafting!

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