LVD Induction Light Ceiling Light Grille Light 03-700

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Ceiling Light Grille Light 03-700
induction grow lamp high bay light 03-029
LVD industial lamp,factory light highbay 03-040,en

Product features:( Ceiling Light Grille Light 03-700 )

induction grow lamp high bay light 03-029
1.Polishing oxidation high pure aluminum reflector, high reflective efficiency, stable optical property

2.Newly-designed best heat-dissipation electrical box, Electrostatic spray on the surface, beautiful appearance

3.Toughened glass, high transparency

4.Lamp base is fastened with hoop, easy to disassemble and install, high temperature-resistant built-in seals


Die-casting aluminum electrical cabinet equipped with high pure aluminum reflector and toughened glass


Industrial workshops, warehouses, stadiums, hypermarkets, markets and other indoor applications

Our service:

LVD induction lamp can meet Japan's requirements for quality

Hongyuan LVD production management team is led by the Singapore management elites with many years of experience in quality management.  They regard the Japanese strict market requirements for quality as quality standards of LVD induction lamps, focusing on Japan market, but covering the global. So, LVD induction lamps have been widely used in Japan, including Toyota, Mitsubishi Chemical, Nippon Steel, Nippon Express and many other wellknown enterprises, and have received high praise.

On this basis, Hongyuan expands the market share and establishes an assembly factory special for Japan to meet Japanese more and more rich market.

The production and management of Hongyuan LVD manufacturing base are strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 system. On the basis of customer oriented concept, which guides Hongyuan’s marketing, service, R&D activities close to the market,

Hongyuan concentrates all the efforts to provide customers around the world with high quality and most valuable LVD induction lamps

Our commitment:

5-year warranty (From the date of sale)

Our company offers free after-sales advice and support for 5 years; offers after-sales maintenance, analysis of defective products and reasonable claims of LVD whole lamp.

Our company provides customers with support of equipping fixtures by himself.

Our company only has limited responsibilities for safety hazards and failure of LVD lamp caused by equipped fixtures by himself (From the date of sale of integrated /separated LVD lamp).

After-sales service beyond 5-year warranty

As for it, our company provides paid customer service

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Q:Calcium silicate board ceiling that kind of grille lamp, how much is it?
This is related to the brand and specifications of the grille lamp you selected. General purchase is a suit, including a lamp holder, lamp, ballast, lamp base, wiring, wiring sockets etc.. Ordinary 3 * 20W (shape 650 x 650 mm) grille lights more than 100 yuan, brand 3 x 20W grille lights to more than 300 yuan
Q:12 grille lights use 2.5 square lines. Why is the wire heated?
The lead joint is not strong and the resistance is too large. Tin is recommended
Q:Why can't the grille lamp start?
Are you sure the light starter is not good, so the light doesn't start? If yes, change the starter.
Q:Can you tell me how to change the daylight lamp installed in the grille lamp panel?
There are 8 small clips around the light reflecting panel of the lamp panel, and they can be taken down when they are pressed in.
Q:How many three square copper wires can you use with four grille lights?
You set a few empty shunt in doing, because in 65 the light all the pressure in a space below, if a short circuit occurs which is very difficult to troubleshoot. You can pick air, or about 10 is connected with a circuit breaker.
Q:LED flat light and LED grille lamp plate difference
LED panel light design flexible, LED is a point of light, designers through points, lines and surfaces flexible combination, can be designed according to customer requirements of various shapes, different particles of light source, its design is very flexible.
Q:What is the difference between downlight, grille lamp and household lamp
The light is scattered the lamp light, suitable for lighting. Spotlights are generally used in indoor ceiling hanging around to the closet and other items for background lighting.
Q:How to install the grille lamp?
If you load the light source correctly, please note that the light source is clamped into the lamp holder slot. When you hear a snap, it indicates that the light source is in good contact with the copper plate at the lamp head.
Q:What's the grille lamps for?
The utility model has the advantages of low energy consumption and remarkable power-saving effect. Novel and elegant in style. Corrosion protection, strong function, longer life.
Q:Where is the grille lamp used?
Grille lights are generally used for supporting the ceiling grille, in order to play a beautiful effect, if installed in other places may not be installed well, but also do not get the kind of beautiful effect!

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