Ceiling Lights/ LED Down Light/ Recessed Ceiling Light

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Product Description:




LED ceiling lights available for SMD/HP/COB LED


Technique specifications of Ceiling Light:


1. Power consumption: 12W


2. Size: φ135xH55   


3. Mounting size:115mm


4. Input voltage: AC85-265 V


5. Frequency: 50-60 Hz


6. Luminous efficacy >95lm/W


7. CRI: 80


8. Environment temperature: -10°C-65°C


9. 5W ceiling light long Life time: >35000hours


10. Bean Angle: 30°


11. Color temperature:2700-6500K


12. LED ceiling light: CE, ROHS approved.


Benefits you would enjoy:


Long lifespan >35000-50,000hrs

Instant start, no flashing

Solid state, shockproof

Save power more than 90% by ordinary bulbs

Long time working, 12 hours/day is perfect, product low heat

No RF interference

No mercury or other hazardous materials, accord with RoHS

Working environment -20°C to 56°C, suitable for unusual climate

Low maintenance cost

Installation: Convenient and efficient


Feature of Ceiling Light:


1) The best energy-saving Ceiling light for practical application

2) The best choice for sustainable develpoment 

3) High luminous efficiency 

4) transmittance over 90%, no glare 

5) 30° beam angle, no dark space 

6) New safe design, 100% no danger 

7) Instant replacement 

8) Any choice of correlated color temperature.

9) Fast reaction, without strobing 

10) No mercury, No radition, No UV 

11) Approval by CE & ROHS 

12) Lifespan is up to 50000 hrs. 

13) Operation Condition: Tempeture:-40°C-60°C   Humidity: 10%-90% RH 

ceiling light

ceiling light

ceiling light 

down light

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Q:Can the integrated ceiling be equipped with ceiling lamp?
which can shorten the ceiling plate between the chassis and the distance (installation), convenient installation, also can make the installation of ceiling lamps even keel.
Q:Installation method of rectangular ceiling lamp How can I fit the lamp in the middle of the roof?
In addition, the ceiling lamp needs to select the masonry structure and so on, can withstand the ceiling lamp weight the wall surface or the suspended ceiling to carry on the installation, does not choose the wooden wall surface as far as possible, in order to avoid the long time to have falls the danger.
Q:Excuse me, how can I solve the flashing problem of the LED ceiling lamp?
You can return it, and now the market LED products are intermingled, encountered quality problems, the return is.
Q:What brand of ceiling lamp is good? What brand can you recommend?
NVC: a commercial lighting products for the lighting business owners, now have ceiling lamps. Objectively speaking, ceiling lamps market influence is not enough, but the product can not Bioupu difference, but no Oupuduo style, quality is also very good.
Q:The problem of the ceiling lamp can be connected directly to the plug
In ordinary incandescent lamps, the high temperature of the filament causes the evaporation of tungsten. The evaporated tungsten precipitates on the glass bulb, resulting in the blackening of the bulb
Q:How to choose the size of the living room ceiling lamp?
the appearance and style of ceiling lamps and lighting space uniform style, such as lighting a warm pastoral style living room, all decorated with sleek rounded ceiling lamps, so the best choice of round or oval, not square, or harmony.
Q:The ceiling light is still flashing after closing
the ceiling light is still flashing after the flash because the line and zero line connected.
Q:5 meters long, 3 meters wide living room, what size ceiling light?
but do not know whether these lamps lighting effects bring enough, in the actual use of a lot of people have encountered such experience: if the light is too dim, only adding fluorescent lamp holder to auxiliary lighting, affect the appearance; the room is too bright, the formation of a strong local light pressure, high power consumption.
Q:What material is the ceiling lamp made of?
. Glass is cheaper, only in the small building materials market and remote areas to see. When buying, you can first use hand pressure mask, to see how soft, flexibility is better.
Q:Ceiling lamp, 3 tubes, 2 light is how ah?
t, in order to determine whether the lamp or ballast, then change the corresponding parts
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