LED troffer light LED office lighting LED light LED square lighting 200mm*200mm LED troffer lighting

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Product Description:

Troffer light

- Designed to replace traditional Troffer lights
- Grid mount and surface mount
- Full brightness, no warm-up time 
- No flickering
- Soft light distribution


Offices, conference halls, supermarkets, subway stations, airport and more.  

 LED troffer light LED office lighting LED light LED square lighting 200mm*200mm LED troffer lighting

Technical Data

Electrical Specifications  

Wattage options:  35W/45W 

Voltage options:  120-277 VAC 

Frequency:  50/60 Hz 

Power factor:  ≥0.95 

THD:  < 20% at full load 


Optical Performance 

Chip brand:  Nichia 

Color temperature:  4000K/5000K  

Fixture efficacy:  90lm/w 

Color render index (CRI):  ≥80 



Colors and Materials 

Housing material 

Recessed Indirect:  Die cast aluminum plate 




Ambient temperature range:  -20~+50°C 



Lifespan:  50000 hours 



Type of installation:  Grid mount, 

Dimmable: yes 


Test & Certifications 

Standards:  ETL,DLC 

Type of protection:  IP41




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Q:Why can't the grille lamp start?
Are you sure the light starter is not good, so the light doesn't start? If yes, change the starter.
Q:The grille light doesn't light, it's Square, and the switch has to be slowed before it is turned on, and some of it still flashes a few times before it turns on
Because it is impossible, the 3 sets of tubes, rectifiers, and starter are all broken, and if one is the latter, one of the rectifiers or the starter is not working
Q:How can I install the lamp tube of the grille lamp? How can I remove it?
Is your tube T5 or T8? Usually hold the tube, rotate 180 degrees, you can take the tube down.
Q:Is the grille lamp expensive?
Grille lamp plate is not bad, the price is not expensive, it is resistant to high temperature, the use of resistance wire, high temperature, safe and reliable. The utility model has the advantages of low energy consumption and remarkable power-saving effect.
Q:How can the plaster ceiling be installed and the grille lamp fixed on the gypsum board?
If there is a keel installed location, then the weight of 2 pounds, installed on the keel, the problem is not large, but it is best to fix a wood board above the plaster board;
Q:Can you tell me how to change the daylight lamp installed in the grille lamp panel?
It is suggested that you change the reflector so that you can change it.
Q:LED flat light and LED grille lamp plate difference
LED panel lights use high brightness LED as light source, suitable for hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, home interior decoration, indoor lighting, can directly replace the original common fluorescent lamp, and the brightness is high.
Q:How to install the grille lamp?
When installing, reserve the size of the installation space (product description, installation aperture size)
Q:Does the grille 2*36W count as a combination lamp? The definition of the light source number
36W is the wattage of the light source, as well as the wattage of each light source.
Q:What is grille light?
Light sources are usually fluorescent tubes. It is divided into embedded type and ceiling type.

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