low cost prefab House

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20000㎡ m²/month

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This product belongs to Module System structure.

The structure load is mainly borned by SFLC board. It builds high efficient, energy saving and environmental house which integrates construction,water heating electricity and a set of construction equipment.


1. Flexible combination
2. Easy transportation
3. Fast construction
4. Cost saving
5. Removable & recycle

6. Thermal Insulation
7. Seismic and wind resistance
8. Roof Load-bearing


light steel packing: light gauge steel in bulk, decorate panel material in pallet, other fittings all in boxes, loaded into 40' GP and 20' GP on container.

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Q:What kind of projects can geotextile and geomembrane be used in?
Civil engineerings. They can be used in projects of seepage control of the landfills, sewage works, landscape lakes, urban roads and of maintenance and of landscape, etc.. Water conservancy engineerings. They can be used in the projects of seepage control of artificial lakes, reservoirs, canals, dams, etc. Highway and railway constructions. They can be used in the projects of tunnel seepage control, road maintenance, railway construction and slope protection, etc.
Q:What kind of new glass is there now?
There are: folder wire mesh anti-theft glass, there is a folder silk glass, discoloration glass, eat glass, heat-absorbing glass
Q:What is the plastic floor, what is the plastic floor
Plastic floor according to its basic raw materials can be divided into polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, polyethylene (PE) plastic and polypropylene (PP) plastics, etc.. Because PVC has good resistance to combustion and self extinguishing, coupled with its performance can be changed by changing the amount of plasticizer and filler to add, so the current PVC plastic floor is the most widely used.
Q:How much is a wooden floor?
The price of wood floors, depending on the quality, there are dozens of dollars, but also a few hundred dollars, I was a wooden floor installers, the floor price, I am still very clear
Q:Why do you want to join the blast furnace slag limestone, why
Iron to adding limestone chemical reaction formula: CaCO3 = CaOCO2, CaOSiO2 CaSiO3Analysis: the process of adding limestone, iron ore with high melting point of the gangue (silica) reaction, the formation of silicate and remove. Thus reducing the impurity content in pig iron.Because of the iron, there will be sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases, calcium carbonate can be neutralized to reduce harmful gases escape
Q:Life and death sniper change the restricted area how to jump wooden door
First standing on the railing and then run, turn left squatting on the line.
Q:What are the differences between aluminum doors and windows and steel doors and windows?
It depends on how to think of aluminum alloy first strength is good in the sun will not be deformed, there are aluminum alloy paint can be a lot of color and recycling is widely used. But the price is more expensive than plastic. And the plastic itself is made of plastic and synthetic resin color itself is white and other spray color easy to paint a long time easy to deformation, but the steel is also better than the aluminum alloy sound insulation is stronger
Q:how to paint metal front door?
I just did this successfully. First, take the door off the hinges and lay on saw horses, out of direct sunlight, if you are painting outside. Remove the door knob. Wash the door thoroughly with soap and water. Rinse allow to dry. Mask off the hinges and tape newspaper to windows, if any. Spray a light coat of primer on the door. I wanted to spray my door with Rustolium spray paint, but the color I wanted was not available in spray paint, so I got paint meant for metal surfaces and I rolled it on with a small foam roller for an even brush stroke less finish. I rolled two coats of paint on the door, allowing the paint to thoroughly dry between coats. You cannot even tell the door was not painted by a professional.
Q:Is engineered floor more scratch resistant than hardwood?
All engineered floors are not made with the same materials. If the top surface is wood then it would be no different than regular wood floors for scratch resistance. There are many engineered floors that have a hard surface where you could literally drag a heavy piece of furniture across it with ease and have no scratches. You can even rub the edge of a quarter on the surface and the grooves of the quarter would wear off and not damage the floor. These types of floors have a surface like formica which is what older kitchen tops were made of. But new technology has allowed these surfaces to look like wood. You just have to go to a store to see the differences in all of the different types of floors available.
Q:What is the thermal conductivity of calcium silicate board?
Calcium silicate board is mainly used for: ceiling / inside (outside) partition or waterproof moisture requirements area Has a good fire, moisture, insulation effect, the thermal conductivity than the solid wood floor!

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