low cost prefab House

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20000㎡ m²/month

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This product belongs to Module System structure.

The structure load is mainly borned by SFLC board. It builds high efficient, energy saving and environmental house which integrates construction,water heating electricity and a set of construction equipment.


1. Flexible combination
2. Easy transportation
3. Fast construction
4. Cost saving
5. Removable & recycle

6. Thermal Insulation
7. Seismic and wind resistance
8. Roof Load-bearing


light steel packing: light gauge steel in bulk, decorate panel material in pallet, other fittings all in boxes, loaded into 40' GP and 20' GP on container.

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Q:What is a good theme to decorate a college-dorm-floor for all boys floor?
My floor theme freshman year was really cool. Not an all guy floor but a good theme for guys. It was like double identity. For example you have two people in a room. One of their name tags on the door would be Clark Kent and the other Superman. Or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I'm a girl and mine was like Posh Spice and my Roommate Victoria Beckham. Just to give you some ideas. It was a cool theme...better than the average/boring movie poster floors. Good Luck!
Q:House has uneven floors?
What is on the floor now as your floor covering? With some such as carpet there are reasons this is so. With out knowing that, its hard to answer. Add on since more info was provided.. You ll have to check it or have it checked for strucrual problems from below. Could something as simple as re supporting or adjusting the jack posts or a bit more such as adding jack posts which could also mean digging a footing for a support. GL
Q:How long is the kitchen faucet life?
If it is full of hot and cold water for five years no problem
Q:It is good for aluminum alloy
Aluminum alloy high temperature, non-flammable; is a good conductor, lightning can be anti-static; recyclable, environmentally friendly. Plastic is not high temperature, combustion; is the insulator, but need anti-static; degradation is slow, can not be recycled, slow combustion will release toxic gases, environmental impact.
Q:How to brush latex paint on the cement board
Patch: the general light walls and insulation walls and other non-load-bearing walls are required to patch, try to choose a better texture of the wall cloth and white latex, if the conditions can be used grid cloth, the relative crack effect will be better a little. Putty: scraping 2-3 times putty, the use of fine fineness and texture of the hard putty better, you can also add some white latex in the putty, you can improve the hardness of putty. Polished: try to use a thin sandpaper, the general texture of the more soft putty (such as 821) with 400-500 sandpaper, hard texture (such as wall lining, easy to draw flat) with 360-400 is better, if the sandpaper Too thick words will leave a deep sand marks, paint is covered. Polished must be thoroughly cleaned the wall again, so as not to dust too much, affecting the adhesion of paint. Unevenness of not more than 3 mm
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles 80,868 What does it mean?
Aluminum width 80 on behalf of the aluminum profile width of 80MM 868 generally represents the width of aluminum 86.8, there are manufacturers 85 86. Basically that is the meaning of that
Q:Are you using fireproof materials for decoration?
In accordance with national standards, must be matching the standard decorative materials. In the case of non-combustible materials, walls, floors and floors should be made of non-flammable materials to minimize the risk of fire. Keel, cabinets and other wood materials to do fire treatment.
Q:Real estate investment with no own money involve, no credit check, etc.. Is this true?
there's always a catch or a snag.
Q:Solid wood flooring and solid wood composite floor What is the difference
Multi-level layers of solid wood a piece of wood? Sure what is good
Q:Are aluminum-plastic plates harmful to the human body?
Kitchen and bathroom ceiling with aluminum plate

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