LONKING Brand Wheel Loader CDM853 with 2.7CBM Bucket

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500 unit/month

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Product Description:

Construction Machinery CDM853 features:

Powerful WEICHAI Engine
Hydraulic Transmission & Torque Converter
Pilot Control as Optional 
Standard Air Condition
Variety with Attachment
Convenient Maintenance

Standard equipped with high-powered WD10G240E21 engine.
Effective homemade torque converter, Transmission and drive axle that perfect matched with the engine.
Short wheelbase lay out design, light and flexible.
CDM853 can select machinery flexible control or pilot control. 
CDM853 Standard equipped with detachable cab,Comfortable and safe cab that conforms to ergonomics design.
Rational layout of the electrical system circuit ensures high safety and longer service life. 

Overall Data

Steering System

Bucket Capacity (m3)



Hydraulic Load Sensing System

Rated Payload(kg)




Operating Weight(kg)


Steering Pump

Gear Pump

Traction Force(kN)


System Pressure(MPa)


Breakout Force(kN)


Flow Rate(L/min/rpm)




Steering Angle


Travel Speeds (km/h):

Hydraulic System

Lift Cylinders-bore×Stroke(mm)





Tilt Cylinder-bore×Stroke(mm)




Model of Implement Pump

Gear Pump



Flow Rate(L/min/rpm)


Rated Power(kW·hp/rpm)


System Pressure(MPa)


Peak Torque(Nm/rpm)


Pilot Control System Pressure(MPa)


Starting Voltage(V)


Hydraulic cycle time, Rated load in bucket(In second):

Drive Train





Torque Converter

Single-stage, Duo-turbine, 4-element





Torque Ratio


Electrical System


Planetary Powershift Transmission

System Voltage(V)




Battery (2 in series)(Ah)


Pressure of Transmission(MPa)


Lamp Voltage(V)


Main Reducer

Spiral Bevel, 1-stage Reduction

Service Refill Capacity

Final Reducer

Planetary Reduction

Fuel Tank(L)



23.5-25 L-3 16PR TT

Hydraulic Tank(L)


Brake System



Service Brake

Single Circuit Caliper,Dry Brake



Setting Pressure (MPa)


Front Axle(L) /Rear Axle(L)


Parking Brake

Flexible Shaft Controlled Caliper

Air Conditioning System

Emergency Brake

Flexible Shaft Controlled Caliper

Heating Capacity(W)

5800 (±10%)

Cooling Capacity(W)

4500 (±10%)

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