LONKING Brand Wheel Loader CDM812D with 0.5CBM Bucket

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500 unit/month

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Product Description:

Construction Machinery CDM812D features:

Powerful CHANGCHAI Engine
Reliable Powertrain
Hydraulic Transmission & Torque Converter
Variety with Attachment
Convenient Maintenance

Equipped with CHANGCHAI engine, Powerful, High working efficiency and reliability. 
Hydraulic transmission, Strong traction. 
Transmission system without rigid connection, Well buffer performance, Avoiding the faults result from rigid impact of components such as axle and transmission. 
New appearance, Wide view. 
Small size suitable for operation in narrow area.
Equipped with triple pipelines as optional to meet the modified requirements of customers. 

Overall Data

Steering System

Bucket Capacity (m3)


Type                             Hydraulic Load Sensor System

Rated Payload (kg)


Cylinders-bore x Stroke (mm)


Operating Weight (kg)


Steering Pump                       Shared With Working Pump

Traction Force (kN)


System Pressure (MPa)


Breakout Force (kN)


Steering Angle




Travel Speeds (km/h):

Hydraulic System

Lift Cylinders-bore x Stroke (mm)





Tilt Cylinder-bore x Stroke(mm)





Working Pump

Gear Pump



Flow Rate (L/min/rpm)


Rated Power (kW·hp)/rpm)


System Pressure (MPa)


Rated Torque (Nm/rpm)


Hydraulic Cycle Time, Rated Load in Bucket (In Second):

Starting Voltage (V)






Drive Train





Torque Converter

Single-stage, Single-turbine, 3-element

Electrical System

Torque Ratio


System Voltage (V)



Fixed Shaft Hydraulic Shift Spur Gear

Battery(2 in series) (Ah)




Lamp Voltage (V)


Pressure of Transmission (MPa)


Service Refill Capacity

Main Reducer

Spiral Bevel Gear Single-stage Reduction

Fuel Tank (L)


Final Reducer

Planetary Reduction

Hydraulic Tank (L)




Transmission (L)


Brake System

Front Axle (L) / Rear Axle (L)


Service Brake

Air Drive, Four Wheel Brake (Dry)

Setting Pressure (MPa)


Parking & Emergency Brake

Flexible Shaft Controlled Calipe

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Q:What are the units of measurement for loaders?
I wonder if you noticed how many sides the master would say when loading and unloading materials. That's what the cube means
Q:Liugong and Xiamen, lonking loaders performance what
If it is Liugong, I suggest you choose 50C speed, you can also load speed, but flat, the venue is not good (because this can not find a flat site driver, it is best not to use this! Recommended Liugong 856 flat space and loading speed can also be stable condition) currently Liugong forklift good quality is after the warranty period of maintenance personnel to less car driver life maintenance is not good if the car will be reduced by 3 years minimum! Many drivers now drive cars, regardless of maintenance and maintenance, which hurt forklift trucks;Xiamen is more than 50 more than a year to two years to overhaul the engineThe brakes on the dragon are so good that the boss is irritated and the driver wants to cry (because the brakes are too hot, the problems are quick, and they are easy to heat up)!In my experience, the quality of all parts of Liugong is much better than the others (provided the driver should know how to maintain and maintain it)! It is better to sell Liugong 50C than Liugong 50CX and Liugong 856 (preferably old fashioned, old fashioned)
Q:The role of Loaders
The role of loaders:The utility model is mainly used for shoveling scattered materials such as soil, sand and gravel, lime, coal, etc., and can also do minor digging work for ores, hard soil and the like. Different auxiliary working equipment can be changed, and the lifting, lifting and other materials such as wood handling can also be carried out. In the road, especially in the construction of high-grade highways, loaders are used for filling and excavating of subgrade engineering, aggregate and loading of asphalt mixture and cement concrete field.
Q:30 and 50 loaders, 8 hours a day, and their oil, earthwork, long-term work, long working hours in a car, about how much money, monthly
30, the monthly rent of the transfer machine is 6000 yuan, and the 50 loader is 10000 yuan per month, excluding drivers and oil
Q:Construction machinery, such as excavators, loaders and so on, belong to special equipment?
Need certificates, engineering machinery operator is a high-risk industry, in the actual work, often encounter unexpected situations, ranging from tilting deformation of heavy excavator, excavator whole machine hand is destroyed, the personal safety are often threatened, and according to the provisions of the "Supreme People's Court on the law applicable to a number of people personal injury compensation case interpretation" of article eleventh, the employee suffers from a personal injury engaged in employment activities, the employer shall be liable for compensation, so the compensation liability for personal injury excavator manipulator is borne by the employer. For many individual users, the excavator is the largest of its property, when the excavator driver accident, injury or even death, is often huge losses and damages without the ability to bear the cause of the accident.The insurance company has the right to refuse compensation for the accident caused by the excavator operator without the operation permit. This situation is very passive for the users and operators of the excavator.Therefore, it is very necessary for the operator to handle the formal operation certificate which is recognized by the state. The following network will give you a brief introduction to the way to obtain the operation permit of the excavator and the matters needing attention:Excavator operation certificate has the following three kinds, these three kinds can be used as the operating documents of the insurance company when the accident is processed.
Q:Loader water tank badly, what is the matter?
There are three reasons for the estimation. The first is the shortage of water. The reason for the lack of water may be that the kettle or the water tank is not covered properly or the cover is not tight, which results in the evaporation of water in the form of steam. The water shortage is formed after a long time, and another possibility is the water shortage caused by the seepage of water channel. When the engine internal water shortage to a certain extent, will affect the heat, causing the engine internal heat can not be distributed in time, resulting in high temperature and the formation of a large number of steam, the steam water ejected coerced.
Q:Forklifts, forklifts, loaders, which belong to special equipment?
(four) lift, refers to the power driven by boxes moving along rigid rails or along the fixed line operation steps (steps), vertically or horizontally transported, mechanical and electrical equipment of goods, including manned (goods) elevator, escalators, automatic sidewalks etc.. (five) hoisting machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment is used for vertical lifting and horizontal or vertical lifting moving heavy objects, the scope of the provisions for the rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5T lift; rated lifting weight is greater than or equal to 1t, and the lifting height is greater than or equal to 2M of the crane and the bearing fixed forms of electric hoist etc.. (six) passenger ropeway refers to the electromechanical equipment driven by power, which uses flexible ropes, traction boxes and other means of transportation to transport personnel, including passenger aerial ropeway, passenger cable car, passenger towing ropeway and so on. (seven) large recreation facilities, is used for business purposes, carrying passengers and recreation facilities, the scope of the provisions for the design maximum speed greater than or equal to 2m/s, or run the height from the ground is higher than or equal to 2m manned large recreational facilities. (eight) special motor vehicles in the field (factory), except for road traffic and agricultural vehicles, which are only used in specific areas such as factories, factories, tourist attractions and amusement parks. Special equipment includes the materials used, ancillary safety accessories, safety protection devices and facilities related to safety protection devices.
Q:50 how much is the loader tire? P
High cost performance, then you can consider the Po, 20 levels and Fengshen 16 levels of price almost, quality is better than Fengshen, Bao Yi 50 loader tires on more than 4000
Q:Consult bucket width of loader
30 is 2 meters, 4 or so, and 50 is about 3 meters
Q:Is the loader subject to annual inspection?
According to the State Council "Regulations" special equipment safety supervision, quality inspection administration issued the "supplementary" catalogue of special equipment, clear into the special equipment field (plant) in special vehicles, excavators, loaders, scrapers and machines no longer belong to the field (plant) in special vehicles, local quality supervision departments no longer loader, scraper and backhoe loader of excavator, the workers issued a "special equipment operating personnel certificate", it is no longer on the personnel documents examined.

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