LONKING Brand Electrical Forklift LG20DR

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Logistics Equipment LG20 features:

Adopting advanced man-machine engineering design, including the engine collocated with floating shock-mitigating device, the elastic linked steering axle, the redirector providing low torsional moment. Adjustable steering wheel can be adjusted according to different work condition and operator's body, operators won't be tired after long time working . Wide space for legs makes the operator more comfortable and easy to up and down. The semi-floating bonnet with built-in heat and sound insulation.
Reasonable, Stable and Low Center of Gravity:
By using computer, simulated most reasonable and stable center of gravity; forklift body is welded precisely by strong steels, insuring it more stable and balanced during handling material and driving.
By using wide vision design of the mast, the scope of the operator's vision has been greatly improved, so as to make the operation faster and safer. A throttling device is set in pipe system, so the mast won't result in failing control even some pipes broke. 
Heat dissipation system:
Newly adopted advanced cupreous radiator with big capacity, advanced heat dissipation technology, which enhances the truck heat dissipation capability further.
Electrical system:
Electrical system adopts advanced wiring harness, waterproof parts and widespread multirun fuse to improve the circuit's security and stability.

Power type battery
Driving typesit-on
Load capacity (kg)2000
Lifting height (mm)3000
Load centre (mm)500
Max. traveling speed(loaded/unloaded) (km/h)9/9
Max. lifting speed (loaded/unloaded) (mm/s)280/400
Max. Gradient (loaded/unloaded) (%)10/12
Mast tilt angle (front/rear)(deg)3/5
Front overhang (mm)508/436
Min. turning radius (mm)1810
Axle distance (mm)1500
Front tire distance (mm)1156
Mast Min. ground clearance (mm)72
Fork size (mm)920×120×40
Traveling power (KW)6
Lifting power (KW)11
Battery capacity (V/Ah)480/560、700
Rear wheel specifications (mm)310×100
Weight (kg)3200

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