LONKING Brand Container Reach Stacker LG420FC5

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Logistics Equipment LG420FC5 features:

The Perfect Combination of Advanced Imported Engine and Advanced Hydraulic System.
Technological Breakthrough! Achieve the Best Matching Between the Imported Engine and the Hydraulic System.
The Extraordinary Strength of Structural Components Provide Unbelievable Working Capability.
High Strength Lifting Device Improves Safety.
Cab is Designed Elegantly from the Overall to the Detail.

Item LG420FC5
Rated PayloadKg38000-35000
Max. Layers of Stacking
4×9'6'' 4.5×8'6''
Mast Tilting Angle(Forward/Backward)°3°/10°
Max. Travel Speed (with Load)Km/h24
Max.Lift Speed(with/without Load)mm/s210/260
Max. Lowering Speed (with Load)mm/s400
Max. Gradeability (with Load)%30
Min. Turning Radiusmm7500
Front Axle Load (with/without Load)Kg99800/43800
Rear Axle Load (with /without Load)Kg8000/26000
Max.Traction ForceKN(2Km/h)280
Operating WeightKg69800
Number of Wheels (Front/Rear)
Tire Type
Engine Manufacturer / Model
Rated PowerKW(hp)/rpm272(370)/2100
Peak TorqueNm/rpm1572/1500
Fuel Tank VolumeL450
Hydraulic Oil Tank VolumeL590



A(Overall Length)10400mm
B(Wheel base)5500mm
C(Load Center Distance)1220mm
D(Track Width, Rear)2612mm
E(Track Width, Front)3030mm
F(Overall Width of the Machine)4150mm
G(Overall Width of the Lifting Device)6042mm
H(Overall Height of Machine)4660mm
H1(The Min.Height from the Ground to the Lock)2340mm
H2(Mast Heigh t at Upright)9747mm
H3(Max. Lifting Height)13850mm
H4(Overall Height When the Mas t is Ful ly Extended)16050mm

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