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The whole machine is designed compact and reasonable with beautiful and elegant appearance.
Articulated frame, big steering angle, small radius of turning circle; box-type frame makes machine long working life.
Allocated with new type of steel frame of cab, steeling and damping system, makes machine safe and comfortable with broaden horizon.
Work device hydraulic system adopts CBGJ 3166 working pump, having big output volume, quick lifting speed which greatly enhance productivity.
Adopting hydraulic steering system of load cell, machine can be shifted more swift and convenient with high performance.
The whole machine adopts optimized and modified hydraulic pipeline leakproof structure, makes the whole system more reliably sealed.   
Specially designed enclosed cooling system, reduced engine water temperature, hydraulic system oil temperature efficiently, which increases whole machine’s working life. 


Bucket Capacity  (m3)3.0
Rated Load(kg)5000
Operating Weight (kg)16500
Dumping Height(mm)3050Unloading Angle 45°
Dumping Distance(mm)1148
Wheel Base(mm)2920
Min. Ground Clearance(mm)534
Angle to the Body(°)35
Length (mm)7717

Bucket flat on the ground

Width (mm)2785
Height (mm)3378
Bucket Width (mm)3030
Departure Angle (°)30
Dumping Angle (°)45

Delivery location(mm)

Max. Rim  Pull (KN)≥150
Steering  Angle mm)6178
Grade Ability(°)30
Tipping Load (KN)94
Max. Breakout Force (KN)≥160


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you wish.
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1, Komatsu 200 excavators digging bucket is generally 2.8 meters wide, bucket capacity in 0.8 to 0.91 parties.2, excavators, also known as mining machinery (excavating machinery), is dug with bucket above or below the machine surface material, and loaded into the transport vehicle or dump to the stacker of earthmoving machinery. Excavators are mainly made of soil, coal, sediment, and soil and rocks that have been pre - loosened. From the development of engineering machinery in recent years, the development of excavator is relatively fast, excavator has become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction. The three most important parameters of excavator are operation weight (quality), engine power and bucket bucket capacity.
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