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SH500 multifunctional material handling machine is developed on the basis of the excavator combined with international experience, research and development of special grab materials equipment. SH500 mainly works in the shipping dock, material yard, the station of coal, under the condition of dumping loading conditions, such as sand, coal, steel, all kinds of bulk cargo and heap of cargo loading and unloading transportation.


  1. Imported cummins engine with strong power, low fuel consumption and convenient maintenance.

  2.Advanced electric system with overcurrent, overload, leakage protection function.

  3.Imported hydraulic system with double negative flow control pump and double circuit power regulation which can allocate engine power reasonably and improve work efficiency.

  4. Normal open swing, walk brake. Independent oil cooling system with larger cooling area and better heat dissipation effect.

  5.Wider view elevated cab equipped with top protective and former protective guard; Multi-function dashboard is of easy operation and high safety; overload protection device can alarm automaticlly for all kinds of pressure, temperature, oil level alarm when beyond the setting load.

  6.Whole movable arm straight, gooseneck bent arm and multiple grabs and enhanced working device; the computer FEA software was used to optimize the design of working device to realize reasonable high strength structure, large lifting capacity and wide scope of work, and the maximum working range can be up to 14 meters high, 12.8 meters far, maximum weight of 26 tons, about 20 seconds each work cycle.

  7. Large capacity automatic air conditioning system with three-dimensional supply air, fresh air circulation, cfc-free.

  8.The Angle sensor device which can be set according to the different motion range of equipment, in order to prevent damage to the driver's wrong operation.

  9.Simple and quick auxiliary equipment replacement. You can select rotary motor head with 360 °rotating function, especially better for the directional raw material



Operating Weight(T)45
Bucket Capacity(m³) 3.0 (shell bucket)
Engine ModelCUMMINS QSM11
Rated power (kw/r/min)254/1800
Fuel tank capacity (L) 650
Travel speed(km/h) (H/L)4.8/3.0
Swing speed(r/min)7.6
Climbing capacity(%)35
Max. lifting force26
Average grounding pressure(KPa)79.7
Drawbar pulling force368
Hydraulic pump modelK5V200DT
Max. flow 360×2
Work pressure34.3
Hydraulic oil tank capacity (L) 335
O- Max. digging height(mm)10185
P- Max. dumping height(mm)7313
Q- Max. digging depth(mm)6000
R- Max. vertical wall digging depth(mm)4985
T- Max. digging reach(mm)10170
V- Min. swing radius(mm)3975
A- Overall length (mm)11700
B- Overall width(mm) 4400
C-Overall height (to top of  boom)3200
D- Overall height (to top of cab)(mm)4490
E- Counterweight ground clearance(mm)1300
F- Min. ground clearance (mm) 535
G- Tail swing radius(mm)3845
J- Track length(mm)5390
K- Track gauge(mm)3800
L-Track width4400
M- Track shoe width(mm)600
N- Turntable width(mm)3045
A1- Ground length(During transportation)(mm)7400
Arm length(mm)5800
Boom length(mm)7500
No. of boom cylinder-bore x stroke 160×110×1500
No. of arm cylinder-bore x stroke 145×100×1495
Lifting parametersSee the following curve


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Q:I have a 1995 Kamatsu excavator that wont shut off once its started?
Mike M is right.
Q:Which excavator is China's first rank?
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Q:i need help with a physics problem?
First draw the free body diagram of forces acting on the load. Force by excavator (upwards)= 2.25 x 105 N Weight due to gravity (downwards) = Mg (M = mass of load) As it accelerates upwards therefore net force is in upwards direction applying newton's second law of motion 2.25 x 105 - M * g = M * a ( a=0.2m/s^2) hence M = 2.25 x 105 / ( g+ a) Plug in the correct units of g and a to find the value of M.
Q:Does anyone know of a good source for aftermarket rubber tracks and parts for Bobcat mini-excavators?
I have had good luck with a company called Gabberdeen. They have everything. I have a 331 and I got my whole undercarriage and tracks for them from CHEAP. Find them on the internet.
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Rotary hydraulic motor type:The quantity of axial piston motorWorking hydraulic circuit (Mpa):Thirty-six point threeWalking hydraulic circuit (Mpa):Thirty-four point threeRotary hydraulic circuit (Mpa):Twenty-nine point fourControl hydraulic circuit (Mpa):Three point ninePilot circuit (MPa):Boom cylinder - bore * stroke number x (mm):2-105 x 961The bucket rod cylinder - bore * stroke number x (mm):1-115 x 1108Bucket cylinder - bore * stroke number x (mm):1-95 x 881Is the hydraulic crushing line standard?:

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