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SC230.8H hybrid excavator is a new energy-saving product co-developed by the company and Zhejiang University. It adopts hydraulic energy storage technology to recover the energy and offer energy to the load together with the main power source, which forms a new hybrid drive system.
1. It greatly improves the fuel economy and operationability. Compared with conventional excavators of the same tonnage, it can save energy by 15%~20%.
2. It features few energy conversion process, a stabe and reliable system, and a long service life.
3. The hydraulic accumulator can be charged and discharged quickly, and it has higher efficiency.
4. The hydraulic pump/motor has big output torque, high control precision, quick response speed, compact structure, and light weight, and it requires small installation space.
5. The hydraulic accumulator has long service life. And the used accumulator components cannot pollute the environment, which is green and environment friendly.
6. The system has energy recovery and engine fuel efficiency optimization functions. It integrates the energy recovery and the engine fuel efficiency optimization, forms the hybrid power system and improves the energy saving property. 


Operating weightT22.6
 Bucket capacity0.8-1.2
 Engine model
Cummins 6BTAA5.9
Bucket digging forceKn159.7
 Hydraulic pump
A-Total lengthmm10145
B-Total widthmm2980
C-Total height (to boom top)mm3285
Total height (to cab top)mm3120
Track lengthmm4256
Track widthmm2980
Max. digging heightmm9010
Max. dump heightmm6180
Max. digging depthmm6345
Max. vertical digging depthmm5241
Max. digging reachmm9655
Arm lengthmm2500
Boom lengthmm5850

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