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Cummins engine is supplied for SC300.8 hydraulic excavator which has strong power and rated power up to 198 KW. Hydraulic pump has a capacity of 530 l/min pump, adding advanced reliable cushion valve in order to improve the soft of operation.
It adopts the intelligent electronic control technology to increase the efficiency significantly. Strengthen the working device, optimize the length of arm and boom, and arm cylinder, which greatly improve the durability and service life of the machine. A new cab has open field vision, the optimal effect of air conditioning cold and warm, intelligent operation, more convenient maintenance.                                          



Technical Parameter

Operating weight(T)30
Bucket capacity(m³)1.4
Engine model


Rated power(km/r/min)198/2000
Fuel tank capacity(L)595
Travel speed(km/h)4.6/2.8
Swing speed (r/min)9.4
Max. climbing degree(%)70
Bucket digging force(KN)208
Average grounding pressure(KPA)65.1
Hydraulic pump modelK3V140DT
Max. flow(L/min)265*2+30
Working pressure(MPA)34.3
Hydraulic oil tank capacity(L)310
O-Max. digging height(mm)9990
P-Max. dumping height(mm)6930
Q-Max. digging depth(mm)7045
R-Max. vertical wall digging depth(mm)5750
T-Max. digging reach10760
V-Min. swing radius(mm)4285

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.                               


Dimension Figure
A-Overall length(mm)10880
B-Overall width(mm)3190
C-Overall height(to top of boom)(mm)3310
D-Overall height(to top of cab)(mm)3280
Arm length(mm)3050
Boom length(mm)6250

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.                               

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