Jonyang Brand Crawler Excavator JY630 for Earth Moving

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Guizhou China (Mainland)

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Crawler Excavator

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crawler hydraulic excavatorJY630
Operating weight (Tons)30.8
Standard bucket (m3)1.38
Engine manufacturesCummins
Engine modelC8.3-C
Engine power(kw)205
Hydraulic flow (L/min)2X260
Hydraulic pressure (MPa)30
Travel speed (km/h)2.9~5.1
Max. gradeability (%)65
Swing speed  (r/min)11
Max.arm crowd force (kN)105
Max.Bucket digging force (kN)141





Overall Length(mm)



Overall Width(mm)



Overall Height of Boom(mm)



Overall Height of Cab(mm)



Engine Cover Height(mm)



Counterweight Clearance(mm)



Ground Clearance(mm)



Upperstructuer Width(mm)



Rear-End Length/Swing Radius(mm)



Overall Track Length(mm)



Track Length on ground (mm)



Gauge Width (mm)



Track Width(mm)



Ground Pressure(mm)



Boom Slew Angle(right/left)(mm)



Key Advantage:

1, engine, the main pump, the main valve travel mechanism, slewing mechanism and the main components such as selection of international brand-name products;

2 double circuit, double pump high pressure variable, cross power regulation, negative flow control, can make full use of engine power.

3, a new generation of electromechanical integration control system, according to the load of main pump absorption power and engine output power adjustment quickly, with good fuel economy; Electronic monitoring system monitoring machine condition, sound and light alarm and show the related failure;

4, rotary priority, movable arm, bucket rod confluence of the confluence, movable arm, arm regeneration work smoothly and efficient implementation work device; Movable arm, bucket rod be, settlement;

5, the cab design accord with human body engineering, equipped with air conditioning, eye shot is open, operating comfort;

6, suitable for water conservancy electric power construction, mining, road building, airport, port, municipal construction, city building and plumbing engineering conditions in the mining, loading and unloading and smooth operations.

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Q:Introduction of excavator
Excavator, also called excavating machinery, is a kind of earthmoving machine that uses bucket to excavate material that is higher than or lower than the machine surface and is loaded into transportation vehicle or unloaded to the stacker. Excavators are mainly made of soil, coal, sediment, and soil and rocks that have been pre - loosened. From the development of engineering machinery in recent years, the development of excavator is relatively fast, excavator has become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction. The three most important parameters of excavator are operation weight (quality), engine power and bucket bucket capacity.
Q:Good? bad? whats you opinion?
Hahah. Wow. Your friend is really funny. *Saaarcaaasmmmm* I hate when people make statuses on Facebook that a lot of people like, so they keep making statuses like the first one, like your friend is doing. It's an attention thing I guess? But I don't think you should worry about him. I mean, it's Facebook. lol
Q:Why can't excavators travel on the road?
The track will damage the road surface, will be found by the highway will be fined (huge); can be tracked shoes installed to prevent damage to the road.
Q:What exactly constitutes a hard dig excavation for a pool?
ask to see the rock in hole .... it will be on top ..... and it means they will being in jack hammers ...i used to put in in ground pools is s. Florida .... if we hit a large solid rock or the coral shelf ... we would hammer or drill and blast depending on size of pool . don't worry for your situation they will NOT blast ...
Q:question about caterpillar excavators?
Are you looking for a shear? Or sissors?
Q:I need a Mitsubishi Pump for a Cat 307 Excavator. Any ideas where I can buy one?
Maybe go to the Mitsubishi website...Just an idea ;)
Q:How do I go about getting a water well in my yard?
Too many can have an excavator dig one if there is water that high up or you can have one drilled. In my area you will be looking at maybe $2500 for a dug one (if you are lucky and only want 4 or 5 tiles) or $2500 to start drilling and then you will pay so much per foot after the initial drill allotment which varies with areas and can run you ten thousand depending on how deep the well must be. You can start by calling excavating companies in your area if your neighbours have dug wells or well drillers in your area if that is what is more of in your area. If you drill and hit rock, it costs more..of course you might not be able to dig in your area because of rock.
Q:How large is the capacity of the 60 crawler excavator?
Excavator bucket excavator digging machine is 60, according to the different brands with bucket capacity is different, like Komatsu PC60 bucket 0.28 and 0.37 two, with 60 of the 0.2 Party's Hitachi 60 is the 0.22 party, the Volvo 60 is the 0.22 party, the 0.2 party is Futian leiwo, Xugong 60 is the 0.23 party what to say is not the same, I was doing the excavator bucket, ripper to understand these, refer to it
Q:what caliber would you recomend?
If you're shooting for accuracy at 500 yards or more, you aren't getting ammo in either caliber for 15 cents a round, not even if you handload it yourself. The .308 will be less effected by wind at those distances, and a good round (not a 15 cent round) will be more consistent, if not necessarily more accurate.
Q:Zoomed clay excavator sand?
I think you should change the sand type. A fine grounded sand would probably work. You should check with a local pet store and see what they use just in case though.

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