Hotel Extra Folding Bed /Guest Bed With Wheel FB01

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Product Description:


Item No. FB01

Product Size: 80*200cm or be customized

Material; iron tube + slat


-- Tube size:25(length)*25(width)*1.0(thickness)mm

-- Finishing:epoxy power coating

-- Tube Color:Black, Grey, White, Etc


-- Slat Type:Poplar or birch

-- Slat Size:53(width)*8.5(thickness)mm

-- Slat Quantity:1*12pcs

CBM:  0.185 M3

Loading quantity: 20GP:151pcs / 40GP:314pcs / 40HQ:368pcs

MOQ: 1*40HQ

Delivery Time: 25-35 days/ 40HQ

Usage:  Hotel / Hospital / School/ Some


1. Full use of space

2 .Easy to move, Simple operation. Legs will be open automatic while open bed frame

3. With/without mattress

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Q:personification about a bed?!?
just add a nature or human characteristics to it. so the bed yawned as sun began to set. haha that was a lame attempt, but hopefully you get the idea.
Q:Death Bed...?
If it is your time to go then it won't matter what bed you are on!!
Q:The mattress is smaller than the bedstead. What shall I do?
If the spring mattress is some way. It depends on how you put the bed. Put it against the wall. You can put something like a hard sponge in it. If the bed is placed in the middle of the room, the side of the bed is sealed with a long board, and the method above is OK, and DIY is ok.
Q:Is latex mattress suitable for bent bed?
Should fit, as long as the model on the top, in the middle, plus some protective damage to the electronic.
Q:what is better for dwarf hamster bedding?
I wouldn't recommended you to use that, because hamsters tend to stuff bedding into their cheeks, and Carefresh bedding can cause choking. I currently use pine bedding and nothing happens to my hamster. Plus, pine is safe for your hamster to hoard into its cheeks. If you want the best for your hamster, use aspen bedding. It's 100% safe, but not the cheapest to buy. If you're on a tight budget, try getting pine bedding. It comes into huge packages that will probably last for months. And it only costs $7! At Wal-mart, that is.
Q:Bedding sets vs individual bedding pieces?
I purchased some sheets and fabric to make an adjustable crib skirt. I may buy a breathable bumper if I ever experience the problem with my LO getting his arms stuck. I'm on a budget (aren't we all) I couldn't fathom spending so much money on a bedding set. Can't use the comforter, not supposed to use the bumpers and the crib skirts are always so short. I plan on storing stuff under the crib and want to hide what's down there. I didn't see the point.
Q:Is pine bedding bad for pregnant gerbils?
Pine bedding is bad for any gerbil pregnant or not. If you want to use wood shaving, go for aspen. It is the only safe wood bedding for small animals. And you can give toilet paper that is unscented and has no lotions in it. Hope I helped! Good wishes to you and your gerbils! :D
Q:How do I teach my cat to sleep in his bed?
You can't cats don't work like that I don't see why you think they would
Newspaper is NOT toxic. They now use soy-based inks. Make sure that you always have a layer of newspaper underneath your bedding, so that when you clean their cgae you can just roll it up. This is a list of suitable cheap beddings for guinea pigs: Shredded newspaper Pine shavings Aspen shavings Cotton towels Yesterday' News (cat litter) Care Fresh Cell-Sorb Plus Woody Pet Polyester fleece Crown Animal Bedding Megazorb Eco Fresh This is a list of unsuitable beddings for guinea pigs: Cedar shavings Straw Corn cob bedding Wood Pellets Hay The bedding I use for my guinea pig is a layer of newspaper, then a layer of soft pine shavings. Best of luck to the lil fellow :)
Q:Did i get rid of bed bugs?
It's heat that gets rid of bedbugs. Exterminators seal a room and then run heaters for 24 hours. I haven't heard of sprays working.

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