Hot Selling Heavy Duty Single Bed CMAX-B01 From Fortune Global 500 Company

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30000 pc/month

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1. Material: steel tubes, main tubes with 50*0.8mm,25*50*0.75mm

2. Size: 2000*900*720mm

3. Finish: powder coating

4. Packing: by plastic bags

5. Loadability: 500sets/40HQ



1) Competitive price

2) attractive design

3) comfortable, elegant and durable

4) easy to assemble and maintain

5) OEM service is offered

6) Models can be customized

7) Punctual delivery







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Q:How to prevent rust on Chinese railway products?
Living utensils, should pay attention to waterproof, acid containing substances, after use should be wiped clean, stored in a dry place
Q:Monsters under the bed....?
I still haven't taken care of them yet. Just jump on the bed from three feet away to avoid them...
Q:Bed Bugs /Mattress/Beds ???
If there are bed bugs the mattress is trash. if your speaking of dust mites,they are microsopic creatures that are millions in numbers and they excrete in your pillows and bedding,mattress.if you vacum both sides and encase the mattress and pillows in a plastic or allergy proof cover they cannot survive.,or get to you.
Q:Best bed for hip dysplasia?
I would think one with Memory Foam would be best. They are pricey but notice they have them at Overstock. I would cover it with canvas.
Q:if you have to go to bed?
I don't understand what your asking? Your parents are making you go to bed at 8:45?? Okay.. Well if so, tell them you want a different bed time, your old enough to stay up later, to me it sounds like you are; )
Q:sleep on couch not bed?
Everyone has different ideas on comfort. That's why someone invented the sleep-number bed. Consider how your couch feels when you lie on it. Is it soft, or firm? How does your bed feel in comparison? If your couch is soft you might benfit from buying a memory foam mattress pad. Some of these are quite expensive ($200+), but I lucked out and found one for $50. It should be about 1 1/2 inches thick; some are woefully thin. Don't be fooled by regular foam pads. The packaging needs to say memory foam. The pad truly made a difference in my bed's comfort. As to future problems, they are more likely to be caused by the position in which you sleep. When sleeping on your back you don't need much of a pillow, but if you sleep on your side a very full and firm pillow will give better neck support. Below is a link to a Consumer Reports article on MATTRESSES. But, even they could not give ratings or recommendations, because comfort is a very personal thing. Be sure to read the 2nd page where more info on how firmness affects comfort.
Q:Bed Bugs ?
Bed bugs are different to dust mites. Dust mites only harm people who are alergic to them. Everybody has dust mites in their homes. Washing bedding at 60 deg C and regular vacuuming will keep them down. Bed bugs are something different and can be seen and bite. If you have bites and have seen minute specks of blood on sheets then it could be bed bugs. Unfortunately you will need professional help to get rid of them. I hope you haven't got them. Good luck.
Q:round bed.............?
Q:The electric fan of the clip is too noisy. How can I get out of the way? I feel the bed shaking in the bedstead
Place a foam or rubber pad on a clip to reduce vibration propagation.The first point is the root.
Q:Do I have bed bugs in my bed?
Bed bug bites are an allergic reaction. Because of this, some people see skin reactions from the bite and most people do not. This doesn't mean that they haven't been bitten, just that they don't have an allergic reaction. I'd suggest following the suggestions in the first resource to see if you have bed bugs. Then if you do, either purchase a home bed bug kit (see resource) to make sure that you have the right combination of products or preferably, call in an exterminator that gives free quotes to confirm that you have an infestation such as exterminators that belong to the Service Magic network (you can call 1.877.233.1145).

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