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Also called wire rod, steel wire rod (s), small diameter steel usually refers to adisk. Wire diameters in the range 5-19 mm (usually 6-9 mm), the lower limit is the minimum size of hot rolled steel sections. The diameter of the round steelwire rod is relatively small, commodity form is rolled into plate supply, at the site of common have diameters of 6, 8, 10, 12 mm, low carbon steel are,generally not used for main reinforcement of reinforced concrete structure,much used for steel sleeve, and a small diameter for the brick reinforcedmasonry structure in the "". Many varieties of wire rod. Low carbon steel wire rod steel wire rod in the commonly known as cords, in high carbon steel wire,hard line. Blank wire rod are used mainly for drawing, but also can be directlyused as building materials and processed into mechanical parts. Stainless steel wire rod used in the manufacture of stainless steel wire, stainless steelspring wire, stainless steel wire and stainless steel wire rope forging steel wire.With the advances in production technology, has been the emergence of a square,

Hexagon, fan and other special-shaped section wire rod; the upper limit of the diameter has been expanded to 38 mm; disc weight from the original 40-60 kghas increased to 3000 kg. Due to the development of new heat treatment process after rolling, the iron oxide scale on wire rod surface obviouslythinning, organizational performance is greatly improved. Wire rod needs to use the bar straightening machine straightening feeding before use, but alsothe removal of oxides in the machine, but also in the bending tensilerepeatedly, a certain increase strength. Small site without straightening machine, windlass straightened wire rod used, if it is a direct pull is not desirable, easy to produce plastic deformation is too large, should end with ahammer to control the tension pulley.

Commonly used wire line production.

A, through the step by step the billet heating furnace heated to above 1100 degrees Celsius;

Two, heating the billet, after high pressure water descaling;

Three, into the roughing mill rolling, roughing mill for the strip plant;

Four, after roughing rolled piece into the water for cooling, in order to control its internal microstructure;

Five, leave water cooling period after entering the mill and finishing mill for further rolling;

Sixth, after finishing the shape of rolled piece formed by spinning machine spit out volume;

Seven, volume of wire forward cooled in the air cooling section;

Eight, at the end of the air cooling section, wire rod by coil unit into drum shape;

After nine, with drum shape of baling wire into the baling machine;

Ten, into the shipping department.


Wire is mainly used as the reinforcement of reinforced concrete and welding structure or reprocessed raw material (such as drawing, nail, etc.). According to the steel distribution directory, mild steel wire including ordinary hot-rolled wire rod, welding rod, blasting line with wire rod, conditioning threaded rod, high quality wire rod. USES a wide range of mild steel wire rod is mainly ordinary hot-rolled wire rod, also known as the common wire, it is composed of Q195, Q215, Q235 plain carbon steel hot rolling and nominal diameter 5.5 14.0 mm, rolling into each coil weight in 100-200 kg, now with no twist on the high speed wire mill rolling and control cooling after rolling, a diameter of 5.5 22.0 mm the grail weighing up to 2500 kg. Ordinary wire is mainly used for construction, wire drawing, packaging, welding rod and produce bolts, nuts, rivets, etc. High quality wire, only supply high quality carbon structural steel hot rolled wire rod. Such as ML08AL, 08 f, 10 b21, 35 mn, mn, 65, 75, 50 mn, etc. Used as the material of steel wire and other metal products and other structures, and other high-quality steel rolling of wire rod. More than 8 mm on high quality material, 8 mm below listed in metal products.

The dosage of wire rod is one of the large steel varieties. After rolling can be directly used in the reinforcement of reinforced concrete and the welding structure, and also can be used by the reprocessing. For example, by drawing into all kinds of wire, which are then rewinded into wire and twist wire rope, woven winding and heat treatment as a spring; The heat into the rivet and cold forging, cold forging and rolling as bolts, screws, etc.; Through cutting into heat treatment machine parts or tools.

Is the world's largest producer of wire rod in China, the annual output more than a third of total world production, wire is also China's second largest steel products, in the proportion of domestic steel production has been higher, 2007 domestic wire rod production accounts for 14.2% of the proportion of the total steel production in China. In recent years, domestic wire rod production base and the domestic crude steel production growth speed, almost remain at around 20%, growth slowed in 2007, down to 13.8%, the total is relatively nearly doubled in 2003. From import and export of wire rod, wire for a long time has been a main steel products export in our country, also is our country has maintained a net export status of steel varieties, especially the special rapid export growth in recent years. In 2007 China's exports of 6.238 million tons wire, year-on-year increase of 684000 tons, up 12.3%; Import 614000 tons, 91000 tons less than a year. From domestic consumption, wire wire application in the field of architecture is more, since 2000, driven by the domestic investment demand situation, domestic wire rod consumption has been maintained a fast growth.

Wire with deeper purpose: in many areas is one of the most widely in the IT industry.

Non-ferrous wire is widely used now.

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Q:Round steel. Wire rod. Is a high wire a kind of thing?
Wire rod (Rod): coil finished products after hot rolling, including round, square, rectangular, six corners, etc.. Because most of them are round, the wire rod is generally referred to as round wire rod. According to the different material mill was divided into high speed wire (wire) and ordinary wire (P line) two.
Q:How can steel bars and bars be differentiated from each other in different uses?
Wire rod used before the use of steel straightening machine, straightening, blanking, but also in the machine to remove oxidation rust skin, but also in repeated bending and stretching, the intensity has improved.
Q:Types of wire rods
There are many kinds of wire rods. Carbon steel wire rod in the low carbon steel wire rod, commonly known as cord, medium and high carbon steel wire rod commonly known as hard wire. Wire rods are mainly used for drawing billets, and can be used directly as building materials and machined into mechanical parts. Stainless steel wire rod is used for making stainless steel wire, stainless steel spring steel wire, stainless steel wire and stainless steel wire rope. With the development of production technology, square has appeared,
Q:What is the difference between a wire rod and a straight bar?
Wire rod refers to the delivery of goods in the form of plate delivery, usually with a finer steel, diameter less than 12. When used to straighten, has the advantages of convenient transportation, storage, basically no waste material
Q:What are the common diameters of steel bars?
Rebar common diameter 6, 6.5, 8, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22,, 25, 28, and 32.Reinforced concrete (Rebar) is used for reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete steel, its cross section is round, sometimes with rounded square. Including round steel bar, ribbed steel bar and twisted steel bar.
Q:8 wire rods, one meter, how many kilograms?
According to pure theory, the specific gravity of iron is 7.8 grams /cm3, which is about 392 meters long when it is transferred to 8 discs
Q:Is there any difference between wire rod and round steel in steel?
Round steel is a solid strip of steel whose cross section is round. Its specifications are expressed in diameter, in units of millimeters (mm), such as "50mm", which means a diameter of 50 millimeters of round steel. Round bar is divided into three parts: hot rolling, forging and cold drawing. Standard Specification for hot rolled round steel is 5.5-250 mm. Where: 5.5-25 mm small round steel mostly straight bundles of supply, used for steel, bolts and various mechanical parts; greater than 25 mm round steel, seamless steel pipe is mainly used for the manufacture of mechanical parts of the tube, etc..
Q:What is the diameter of steel wire and the diameter of wire rod, and what's their difference?
The diameter of the steel wire is the diameter of the steel itself, and the diameter of the wire rod is how big it isFor example, you use a 5 mm diameter steel wire coil laps after a large diameter of 1 meters (of course, the middle is hollow)
Q:Is there any difference between the steel bar and the wire rod?
Tianxiangcheng straight rod and is certainly not the same ah. First of all, wire rod (also known as grade a steel) material is HPB300, each specification price: 6.5mm:3200 yuan, 8-10mm:3190 yuan, 12mm:3230 yuan
Q:What is a cold drawn steel wire? What does it usually do?
A low carbon steel wire that is worked out to produce cold working hardening.

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