Hot Coil And Caster Coil

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Product Description:

Standard: GB/T 3880 and ASTM-B209

Alloy: 1050,1060,1100,1235,3003,3005,3015,5052,5754,5083, 8011 etc
Temper: F
Thickness: 4mm more
Width: 900mm-2300mm
Inner Diameter: 508/610mm
Coil Weight: 2,500kg-20,000kg

Application: Foil Stock
Production Lead Time: 35 Days After Down Payment Received

MOQ: 20 MT By 1 x 20 GP



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Q:Why is it there is aluminum is in deodorant?
Q:how can i get powdered aluminium?
Q:Aluminum foil bag, VCI plastic bag,
Shenyang anti rust packaging materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenyang rust prevention), through unremitting efforts, for the first time in the country put forward the concept of thixotropic rust preventive oil. Thixotropy is an object (such as paint) by shearing, consistency becomes small, stop shear, consistency and increased or subjected to shear, consistency becomes large, stop shear, properties of consistency and becomes small, the nature of a touch change. One of the remarkable characteristics of rust proof oil is to form the most suitable oil film on the vertical surface through effective methods to reduce the flow of the facade. At present, globally, there are a handful of manufacturers who have mastered the production of thixotropic rust preventive oils. And Shenyang rust prevention technology team eventually developed a thixotropic agent, becoming the only domestic manufacturer of thixotropic agent. Thixotropy rust proof oil general characteristics, the industry's new approach.
Q:Is aluminum foil paper heat-proof?
It is easier to conduct heat than insulate heat.
Q:how do i remove and replace pop rivets in an aluminum boat?
I hope you mean solid marine grade aluminum rivets. Pop rivets have a hole in the middle of them and will not seal out water. You can find marine grade rivets at a marina, outboard motor shop or store and even from an aircraft repair parts place. Tools you need to remove rivets are a cold chisel and a hammer. On the rivets you wish to replace, to this. Working from the inside of the boat, identify loose or damaged rivet. Place chisel flat surface parallel to the surface of the boat aluminum with cutting end on rivet. Strike end of chisel smartly shearing off the mushroomed portion of the rivet above the boat's surface. Then take a punch and place it on the rivet shaft left on boat and tap out with hammer. That is all there is to it. With practice you will shear only the rivet shaft and not mark the boat surface. Take care not to make the hole on the boat larger and do not make it oblong. Buy rivet's that have a tight fit sliding into hole and of proper length. This is where a sales man will help identifying rivet diameters and lengths. The length should be long enough to join together two pieces of aluminum, three, or even four pieces of aluminum together. You can use an air hammer or a ball peen hammer. Buying a rivet head holder/punch thingy is great to keep the head of the rivet flat. You will also need a 'bucking board' basically a heavy piece of metal to press against the shaft end of the rivet to make the rivet shaft mushroom to fill the rivet hole and make exposed portion of rivet a larger diameter to hold itself in place. A second person does this. Wearing ear protection is a must as you will be tapping mightily..not hammering mightily. And if you can, practice with rivets above water line until you get good, then work on rivets below water line. Do not make holes over size or make them out of round!
Q:If aluminium chloride is white precipitate?? does that mean aluminium sulphate ,aluminium nitrate is white?
Colour Of Aluminium Sulphate
Q:How does aluminum foil bag should be heat-sealed?
Using the sealing machine.
Q:aluminum for electrolysis?
You will rapidly form aluminium oxide, which will coat the positive electrode. After a while, this will diminish the current, so the efficiency of the electrolysis will be greatly reduced. The electrolysis itself is fairly safe (it is how anodised aluminium is made). But you'd be better off with a less reactive metal as your electrode, or one which does not form a protective oxide layer (or at least, not as easily).
Q:Will aluminum foil boxes change color when exposed to high temperature?
Buy aluminum box, you can find Foshan meisda, their quality first-class meal!
Q:Is the aluminium air duct poisonous?
There is no rubber and plasticization. The aluminium paper is poisonousless even burned in the high temperature environment. And it can be used as the package of food.

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