High technology Automatic Doors

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Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
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Open Style:
Surface Finishing:
Sliding Doors
Door Material:
Aluminum Alloy
main control unit:
Philips from Netherland
supporting beam:
5mm thickness aluminium alloy
Durable Rail:
made of special Nylon, quiet, self lubricating,wear resistance
Electro Mechanical Lock:
Backup battery:
60 minutes work when power failure

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Wooden Cases, could meet international shipping packaging perfectly .
Delivery Detail:10 work days .


1.6 High technology
2.Frame automatic door
3.Stainless steel frame
4.Automatic sliding
5.Good quality

1)all glass sliding door
2)all glass automatic door
3)all glass door


light type

heavy type

Doorbody type

single panel

double panel

single panel

double panel

Door fan weight

max 150kg


max 250kg


Door width





Installation style:

surface mounting and concealed mounting

Power voltage and frequency

AC150v-250V.   50-60HZ

Open door speed:


Close door speed:


Slow speed


Open time


Close force:


Manual force


Whole machine power consumption


Operating temperature


Automatic door also called sliding door, it's one of  best selling doors, at least 10,000 units were installed in the hotels, airports, shopping malls, office buildings in the world every year.

Safety Features:

1. Safety beam which installed in the fix-door frame.

2. UPS backup battery ensures the door operates 30 minutes normally if power fails.

3. Install an electro-mechanical lock to ensure the door be locked more safely.

4. Panic breakout: KBB sliding door could assemble this function, which could open during emergency time or oversize object.

Technical Data:

1. Maximum Door Weight ( Single Parting ) : 1 × 150kg.

2. Maximum Door Weight ( Bi - Parting )  :  2 x 120 kg.

3. Opening Speed Range: 0.4 - 0.7m / s (adjustable).

4. Closing Speed Range: 0.3 - 0.6m / s (adjustable).

5. Keep Opening Time Adjustable Range : 5~10s (5s, Standard) .

6. Power supply: 220VAC±10%,50HZ ,10A .

7. Rated power: 100W .

8. Max. drive power (static): 150N .

9. UPS backup battery:  30min .

10. Ambient temperature: -30.C – 50.C

11. Max. relative humidity: 90% .

12. Protection level: IP23 .


Door width (DW)      :  2w+300mm

Opening width (W)   :  800 - 3000mm

Opening height (H)   : ≤2600mm

Length of operator    : 2500mm - 8000mm

Key Components:

1. Main control unit -Philips –Netherlands

2. Motor - Dunkermotoren – Germany

3. Radar - BEA (Belgium)/OPTEX(Japan)

4. Durable rail - Special nylon, durable, quiet and self-lubricated

5. PSA control Panel - 37 parameters could be set.

6. Supporting rails - High strength, 5mm thickness

7. Carriage wheel

8. Operator Cover - optional
9.Infrared Safety beam - optional
10.Key switch - optional
11. Ups backup battery - optional

12.Electro-mechanical lock - optional.
13. Double drive unit - optional

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Q:Automatic door is open-loop or closed-loop control
Now good automatic doors are closed-loop control, such as the standard 90 degrees flat open automatic doors. Only closed-loop control, be considered a real intelligent control machine.
Q:What is the benefit of the revolving door?
The In fact, the advantages of revolving door, but a lot of the following I would like to briefly introduce. First of all, the revolving door is different from the ordinary door in the plane structure, but the use of three-dimensional, visually gives the feeling of beauty. In addition to this, many people will doubt its confinement. This is that you are too worried that the revolving door is always kept in a closed state, with good confinement because it opens with the off state that is present at the same time. Revolving door of the dual state of the same time, but also to the revolving door another advantage, that is, energy saving. Rotary door design concept is to save energy from the structure and state of the perfect solution to the problem of energy saving. Of course, the revolving door is a significant feature is completely integrated with the interior decoration, people impeccable.
Q:How did the power off the power off?
There is a clutch in the motor to pull the clutch up and the same as the ordinary door
Q:What is the difference between a framed glass automatic door and a pure glass automatic door?
Automatic door sensors, of course, easy to use, select Sean automatic doors, our company's door is also used in this brand Sean's door in the price of the service are very advantages
Q:What is the technology that makes automatic doors open?
Motion detector.
Q:What is the remote control switch used by the automatic door?
220-volt two-way wireless remote control receiver controller, can control the equipment to reach the motor is positive and negative; or switch on and off conversion and a variety of special control procedures. Mainly used in electric doors, windows, lifting equipment, gates, lifts, industrial control and security industries and other fields. Technical Parameters Working voltage: AC220V Operating frequency: 315MHz 433MHz Maximum load: 10A Receiver sensitivity: -100dB Encoding Type: Fixed Code Work: Jog, interlock, self-locking Size: 50 * 70 * 18mm Output mode: two groups of 220 volts / two sets of switching signals Features: 1. The remote control switch with IC seat, easy to replace the function. Such as in exchange for the interlock function to be replaced by a temporary function, just replace the original L4 chip M4 chip can be. 2. Reserved data bits to adjust the solder joints, can be easily equipped with different manufacturers of remote control, to avoid changing the remote control circuit trouble 3. With a buzzer instructions to facilitate the determination of the switch working status. On the Puda good. I recently went to them to buy several times, many varieties, good service. The price is not expensive. You can ask the next reference
Q:automatic sliding door?
its a door that opens by itself when you walk near it lol what is your question?
Q:Automatic door how to open and then enter, and so close the door and then open?
It should be to receive the signal after the re-timing, sensor detection signal or other open signal control time relay opening and closing, time relay control door to open the door to keep it.
Q:The basic function of the automatic door
The door generally comprises a fixed portion of the door frame, and one or more openable portions of the door, the kinetic energy of which is primarily permitted and prohibited. Automatic door in addition to the above functions, there are the following features:  door opening and closing mechanization, automation, safe and reliable operation. Door opening and closing to achieve a motor drive, greatly reducing the entry and exit of labor intensity and efficiency. As a result of the use of advanced control technology and safety protection measures, so that access to automatic doors more secure and reliable. ⑵ door closed performance and energy saving performance. Automatic revolving door is open to the door regardless of which position is open and closed to the door, thus reducing heat loss, reducing dust intrusion, increasing airtightness and saving energy. Other types of automatic doors can also automatically close the door and can adjust the width of the door opening, but also increase its sealing and energy-saving performance. ⑶ automatic doors to enhance the decorative features of the building decoration. As the automatic doors widely used in the new design, new materials and new decoration materials, its shape and structure and the building will be more coordinated, more matching, and enhance the building landscaping function. ⑷ automatic doors can meet a variety of special features. According to different applications and different needs of a variety of special features of the automatic door came into being. For example, various forms of revolving door, foldable automatic revolving door, folding automatic door, retractable garden automatic door and so on.
Q:Automatic door accessories how to sell
Which part of the accessories do you want? Some accessories are sold as a whole

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