Collapsible gate/Electrical Foldable Gates

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China (Mainland)
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Security Doors
Door Material:
Stainless Steel
14 patent style for your choose:
colours as your demand
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lowest price
stainless steel material
remote controlled
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one years guarantee
Special Function:
Product Material:
Steel,Stainless Steel
Screen Netting Material:
Stainless Steel

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:MDF box and angle steel frames
Delivery Detail:

15 days after the balance


Extension gate/Retractable door/Automatic remote control factory gate/Electrical Foldable Gates/ Collapsible gate:


Stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304, Aluminum alloy

Major material


Auxiliary Material


Engine voltage and Frequency

~220V ± 10% 50Hz  

Working Temperature


Operation Current

<=2.5A X2    

Remote Control distance




Moving speed


Standard height


Type of track

No track ,Single track, Double track

The alarm function works while someone climb the gate

Electronic soft strengthens optional smoothness by reducing rolling and inertial damage of the head.

Displaying words and time on LED. input up to 1000 words according to customers requirements and language

Double self-lock to prevent any manual lifting.

The unique infrared collision avoidance system ensures safety of passengers and vehicles by running backwards automatically at a distance 20-25cm away from a person or an object

Contact -free control in the whole circuit to ensure the system in safe reliable operation.

Multi protection devices are designed to prevent the occurrence of car smashing.

Anti-wind device ensure that the gate can resist the stack of strong wind .

Increasing safety and reliability of the motor by replacing the common temperature sensing protection with current sensing protection function

Light style motors Characteristics:

1. Beautiful appearance, big startup power, easy operation, steady operation, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Working under low voltage (normally, 220V), the output power is more than 50% when voltage is 180V.

3. The temperature protector is set inside the motor (when the temperature exceeds the high point and the protector will stop the motor working automatically to protect the machine).

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Q:2007 Chevy Uplander automatic sliding door problems?
juoquine, Here is an idea to reset the Power Sliding door that is in you manual: Resetting the Power Sliding Door The power sliding door may operate incorrectly or not at all because of the following conditions: • A low voltage or dead battery • A disconnected battery • If the instrument panel PSD/fuse 21, LHPSD/fuse 24 or RHPSD/fuse 25 are removed or blown. See Fuses and Circuit Breakers on page 527 for more information. If any of these conditions occur, the power sliding door may need to be reset. If your vehicle has the dual power sliding doors, both doors will have to be reset. To reset a door, do the following: 1. Check to be sure the power sliding door is unlocked and securely closed. 2. Turn the ignition to LOCK. 3. If the power sliding door overhead console switch is in the override (deactivation) position, return to the activation position. 4. Open the sliding door using the remote keyless entry transmitter, overhead console switch, or passenger switch. Allow the door to travel fully open. If the door does not travel to the fully open position, press the overhead console switch to the override (deactivation) position and slide the door fully open and closed. Check for foreign objects in the tracks. Repeat the procedure starting with Step 1. If the door resists travel to the fully open position, see your dealer for service. I hope this helps! If you need anything else feel free to ask! Thank you, Evan, GM Customer Service
Q:What is wrong with automatic garage door?
ma by it was the broken spring or check to see if any thing is blocking the door so it won't close
Q:My car's automatic door locks keep sporatically locking themselves whether the cars on or off..?
I had a car once that the power window would go down by itself... it was the switch...could be your problem too
Q:do automatic garage door opener adjustments become uncalibrated automatically?
After years of use most if not all garage door need adjustements.... no big deal, just adjust it or call someone who works on the openers to adjust it for you.
Q:The best 2 door automatic sports car of 2009?
I as quickly as has a Mazda MX-5 with an automatic. i could desire to outrun ones with a instruction manual because of the fact the automated shifted on the suitable shift ingredient each and every time and shifted lots speedier. you could desire to actual that the automobiles use din drag racing are actually specifically automatics because of the fact they win greater often.
Q:Newly bought electric door garage, only for remote control safe?
The remote control re-encoded, or the host to change the frequency of the sound table, the same frequency with the host with the same frequency with the remote control
Q:Single - chip infrared automatic door sensor schematic diagram
This is very simple With an infrared sensor, after induction, the microcontroller detects the signal after closing the external relay, the relay link is to push the door of the DC motor. After running for a while, turn off the relay.
Q:how can we keep the automatic door closer from freezing in the winter....?
u could get a new one or if it is in a complex (like a hotel) cant remember the name of it right now....acadentaly break the machine that closes the door and then complain to them to get a new one......or just complain that it doesnt realy work during winter........probably shouldnt do the breaking one...
Q:2007 Honda Accord EXL. Does this car have automatic door locks?
No, it will not do that. I believe that only happens on the 08 model.
Q:My lift master automatic garage door stops before fully opening?
Another thing you need to do annually is go to Lowes/HD and go to the garage door aisle and get a can of garage door lube. I highly recommend. I had to replace a gear unit on my G-door. Buy it, put on a mask, spray it, and listen to how smoothly your G-door runs afterwards. But, yellow led on your G-door sensor, probably time to consult manual (hope you saved/filed). Or go where you bought and ask about yellow led. Good luck.

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