Collapsible gate/Electrical Foldable Gates

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China (Mainland)
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Security Doors
Door Material:
Stainless Steel
14 patent style for your choose:
colours as your demand
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lowest price
stainless steel material
remote controlled
CE and ISO 9001 certificate:
one years guarantee
Special Function:
Product Material:
Steel,Stainless Steel
Screen Netting Material:
Stainless Steel

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:MDF box and angle steel frames
Delivery Detail:

15 days after the balance


Extension gate/Retractable door/Automatic remote control factory gate/Electrical Foldable Gates/ Collapsible gate:


Stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304, Aluminum alloy

Major material


Auxiliary Material


Engine voltage and Frequency

~220V ± 10% 50Hz  

Working Temperature


Operation Current

<=2.5A X2    

Remote Control distance




Moving speed


Standard height


Type of track

No track ,Single track, Double track

The alarm function works while someone climb the gate

Electronic soft strengthens optional smoothness by reducing rolling and inertial damage of the head.

Displaying words and time on LED. input up to 1000 words according to customers requirements and language

Double self-lock to prevent any manual lifting.

The unique infrared collision avoidance system ensures safety of passengers and vehicles by running backwards automatically at a distance 20-25cm away from a person or an object

Contact -free control in the whole circuit to ensure the system in safe reliable operation.

Multi protection devices are designed to prevent the occurrence of car smashing.

Anti-wind device ensure that the gate can resist the stack of strong wind .

Increasing safety and reliability of the motor by replacing the common temperature sensing protection with current sensing protection function

Light style motors Characteristics:

1. Beautiful appearance, big startup power, easy operation, steady operation, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Working under low voltage (normally, 220V), the output power is more than 50% when voltage is 180V.

3. The temperature protector is set inside the motor (when the temperature exceeds the high point and the protector will stop the motor working automatically to protect the machine).

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Q:Automatic doors, whats the go?
maybe your not so hot?? LOL I thought most automatic doors ran on infrared sensors. They open when you approach them because they sense your body temps. Are you wearing a lot of clothes when your trying to enter them, like a heavy jacket or something of that sort. Either that, or your walking too slow.
Q:Fingerprint access control how to control the electric door
To the fingerprint access control of an electric door signal.
Q:2007 Honda Accord EXL. Does this car have automatic door locks?
No, it will not do that. I believe that only happens on the 08 model.
Q:My lift master automatic garage door stops before fully opening?
Another thing you need to do annually is go to Lowes/HD and go to the garage door aisle and get a can of garage door lube. I highly recommend. I had to replace a gear unit on my G-door. Buy it, put on a mask, spray it, and listen to how smoothly your G-door runs afterwards. But, yellow led on your G-door sensor, probably time to consult manual (hope you saved/filed). Or go where you bought and ask about yellow led. Good luck.
Q:How do automatic doors work?
Photo sensor detects an interruption beween its field and triggers a relay which supplys a larger voltage to a motor which is capable of opening the door.
Q:Are you ever scared that an Automatic Opening door?
Only if I'm approaching it quickly.
Q:Automatic door password Many people know, how to change the new
This access control controller is operating instructions Remember that this is generally modified as follows: * Management password * 0 Access password # Each lock is not the same, it is recommended that you look for instructions, in accordance with the home code to modify the settings
Q:How does the access control system control automatic doors?
12V --- 12V Signal line to signal line Power signal one by one correspondence
Q:Automatic Doors/Computers??? Help!?
prefect example stanley doors one of the manufacture of automatic doors, the automatic doors work off motion the same process as motion sensors lights on the side of a house in this case two sensors are mounted on both sides of the door at the top some look like a oval shape mount on the door once someone walks in front of the door the sensor detects their movement sends a signal through the circuit card to the motor to open the door the same process when someone exits, these doors are now replacing the old photoelectric eye beam that are mounted lower is still being use ,i'm not stating that some on the market is control by a pc but the basic doors that you see at walmart ,krogers,targets,etc are now days control by motion
Q:Why is my design automatic door someone does not move it also closed
Automatic doors are growing rapidly and their species is increasing, so automatic doors are widely used. Automatic revolving door, commercial smooth automatic doors and small size Pingkai Men are mainly used for high-end hotels, hotels, financial institutions, commercial buildings and other high-level bustling places outside the door, to bring people to facilitate and bring people to the overall building to bring modern And the feeling of comfort. Flap doors, shutter doors and folding doors for garage doors, warehouse doors, shutter doors can also be used for shops, restaurants and small hotels outside the door. Telescopic automatic doors, large flat open automatic doors and large smooth automatic doors are mostly used for the outer doors of buildings or the outer doors of buildings. Automatic car is mainly used to control the vehicle driving all kinds of crossing, checkpoints, parking and toll stations and other places. Automatic doors can be used for almost all kinds of buildings and places in people's lives.

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