High Quality Exterior Linear Glass Sliding Automatic Door

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Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Open Style:
Surface Finishing:
Sliding Doors
Door Material:
Aluminum Alloy
main control unit:
Philips from Netherland
supporting beam:
5mm thickness aluminium alloy
Durable Rail:
made of special Nylon, quiet, self lubricating,wear resistance
Electro Mechanical Lock:
Backup battery:
60 minutes work when power failure

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:A: 63.8x26.0x16.0 B: 211.0x9.0x16.0
Delivery Detail:Within 5~30days based on our production line.


Ahouse automatic sliding door main feature:

1) fast and easy installation
2) providing independent adjustment of force and speed
3) electronic board with 32-bit microprocessor
4) Adjustable opening and closing speeds.
5) Nylon reinforced belt for quiet smooth operation.  
6) Brushless no-maintenance DC gear motor.
7) door weight: 300kgs/per door max
8) door width=700-1500mm

Safety Features:

1. Safety beam which installed in the fix-door frame.

2. UPS backup battery ensures the door operates 30 minutes normally if power fails.

3. Install an electro-mechanical lock to ensure the door be locked more safely.

4. Panic breakout: CMAX sliding door could assemble this function, which could open during emergency time or oversize object.

Technical Data:

Input VoltageAC1110V~AC250V
Operating Voltage DC24v
Electronic ControllerMicropprocessor Controller/Dimension:440*55*50mm
Safetry DetectionAutomatic Reverse Function during Opening & Closing
Optional DevicesMicrowave/Infra-red Sensor/Keypad Systems/Remote Control/Electic Lock etc.

Model NumberOA3/Single leafOA3/Double leaves
Door Weight280kg/leaf300kg/2 leaves
Door Width700~1600mm650~1350mm
Opening WidthFull Open/Half Open (Distance Adjustable)
Maximum NoiseBelow 60dB
Mounting TypeSurface Mounting
Railing TypeHigh Strength Aluminum Alloy Rail
Fixed PulleyHanging Wheel Sets/Convenient Level Adjustment/Automatic Alignment/Easy Installation
Driving BeltTooth Belt/Accurate Braking
Working Temperature-25°C~+55°C

Key Components:

1. Main control unit -Philips –Netherlands

2. Motor - Dunkermotoren – Germany

3. Radar - BEA (Belgium)/OPTEX(Japan)

4. Durable rail - Special nylon, durable, quiet and self-lubricated

5. PSA control Panel - 37 parameters could be set.

6. Supporting rails - High strength, 5mm thickness

7. Carriage wheel

8. Operator Cover - optional
9.Infrared Safety beam - optional
10.Key switch - optional
11. Ups backup battery - optional

12.Electro-mechanical lock - optional.
13. Double drive unit - optional

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Q:What is the benefit of the revolving door?
The In fact, the advantages of revolving door, but a lot of the following I would like to briefly introduce. First of all, the revolving door is different from the ordinary door in the plane structure, but the use of three-dimensional, visually gives the feeling of beauty. In addition to this, many people will doubt its confinement. This is that you are too worried that the revolving door is always kept in a closed state, with good confinement because it opens with the off state that is present at the same time. Revolving door of the dual state of the same time, but also to the revolving door another advantage, that is, energy saving. Rotary door design concept is to save energy from the structure and state of the perfect solution to the problem of energy saving. Of course, the revolving door is a significant feature is completely integrated with the interior decoration, people impeccable.
Q:Elevator automatic door induction has a blind spot is it true?
If you are talking about the protection of the elevator door, it depends on what type, safe touch version of the blind spot, but the contact is a common point of failure. Photoelectric switch is generally used in conjunction with the touch plate. Safety light curtain is a number of infrared emission, the composition of the receiving point, it's the top, bottom, the middle of a blind spot, if it is a small rod can not detect the situation, so the protection is generally the touch version and light curtain or photoelectric Joint use, each take its advantages, to make up for its shortcomings.
Q:How to fix automatic door lock on a 2002 Toyota Camry?
simply by fact the door does not open from outdoors besides so might desire to be the outdoors doot look after is already broken . brake the outdoors look after and in the path of the look after hollow you ought to have the means see the door lock interior the door and open the door and replace the door look after by utilising one from junk yars it would be approximately $5
Q:I think that the US science fiction film in the spacecraft on the automatic door now there?
Do you care about that? Do you want to install this door for your toilet?
Q:automatic door lock problem with 1999 Ford Explorer?
The okorder.com/... This link goes a step further than just removing and replacing the actuator in that he actually tells you how to repair the thing but... you can buy new after market ones from Rock Auto and few others for about $50 so you decide which way you want to go. The dealer will want over $100 ea. I made the repairs on mine and they've been working flawlessly for several months now. Before you take the time to remove it be sure that all electrical connections to the actuator are secure and that there's no shorts in the wiring. Since all the other locks are working you can be reasonably assured whatever the problem is its inside that door.
Q:What causes automatic garage doors to open by themselves?
It's possible that someone else in your neighborhood has a garage door with the same or similar wireless code. See if your model allows for the remote and receiver to be re-coded. To check if this is correct, drive or walk the block and try your remote in front of other homes. If it works, you may want to warn that person and see if he or she can change their remote code if yours can't. They may be wondering why their garage opens now and again as well! It's also possible that the switch on your wall is sticking intermittently and therefor is not releasing completely after it is depressed (and I don't mean sad). Try pressing it repeatedly to determine if it feels like it is returning smoothly. If it feels sticky at all make sure there are no obstructions around the edge of the button (dirt and grease buildup). If it looks clean, but still feels like it sticks a bit, try a little silicone spray (NOT oil or WD40 etc.) around the edge of the button to get it to move freely. Also, follow the wire from your wall mounted switch or any other switch that is attached to the opener. If you observe any breaks or kinks in those thin wires, you may find your intermittent problem there. If the switches are normally closed and the circuit is interrupted, it thinks the button is being pushed. If there is enough slack in the wire, simply cut and splice the wire and re-insulate it to re-establish the connection. Be sure to match the polarity which should be marked with a color or stripe on the insulation or possibly one silver and one gold tone wire inside the insulation. Hope this helps.
Q:Garage automatic door remote control with a how much money
Remote control itself is not worth the money, with the manual cost of expensive, it is estimated that more than 100 yuan
Q:Automatic Garage Door not pulling up and down?
is the cable attached? chain attached?
Q:Electric door remote control operating frequency
The same frequency, coding consistent, the same oscillation resistance, to match. Resistance value is not only affect the distance, the gap can not be used at all. If it is a fixed code, the code must be one to one correspondence. For example, pt2262 (launch) corresponds to pt2272 (accepted)
Q:Automatic door trademark category
Metal products, metal building materials, metal materials [0603] metal building materials, removable metal buildings (not including architectural hardware) 060100 metal door 060255 metal rotating gate 060347 door with iron products 060450 metal armored door [0608] furniture and doors and windows of the metal accessories 060036 Metal door stop 060220 Metal door latch 060216 Metal door handle 060394 Door fittings with metal 060135 Door spring (non-electric) 060348 Small metal pulley for sliding door 060455 Locking device for metal door If you can not understand the goods on a Bureau, they are specialized registered trademarks and design of the trademark service platform, I believe you can help you.

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