high power explosion-proof LED light

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Product Description:

1. Specifications

Explosive gas mixture Zone 1, Zone 2 and IIA, IIB;
Explosive dust mixture Zone 21, Zone 22.
Applied to T1-T6



2. Application


Ex LED Area light was designed specially to offer the lighting system in a variety of Hazardous Area applications like oil & gas industry, chemical industry, marine, oil tanker and offshore platform, both indoor and outdoor.,

Applied to explosive gas mixture Zone 1, Zone 2 and ⅡA, ⅡB;

Applied to explosive dust mixture Zone 21, Zone 22.

Applied to T1-T6.



3. Major functions and features


• Aluminum alloy structure

• PC lens processed by the professional optics design

• Tempered glass clear lamp housing with the features of 4J energy impact resistance and thermal shock resistance.

• Exd structure design to offer more reliable explosion proof quality.

• Independent Exe connection cavity to improve the safety

  Specialized corrosion resistance, vibration resistance and water & dust proof design, both indoor and outdoor application in the harsh conditions

  High duty LED light source to ensure long life operation and superb energy saving.

  Constant current design to guarantee the operation stability.


4. pictures

high power explosion-proof LED light

high power explosion-proof LED light

high power explosion-proof LED light

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Q:How do you charge the LED safety explosion proof lamp?
LED safety explosion-proof lamp charger position is usually found where plugs, plug open, you can see the charging hole.
Q:Can the LED bulb be installed in the explosion-proof lamp shade?
But it is necessary to carry out explosion proof type test, and the formal product after test can be put into use. Because the explosion-proof electrical is a precious thing, can not be careless.
Q:LED what's the difference between an explosion proof lamp and an ordinary LED lamp?
LED lamps are common LED lights. The difference between it and LED explosion-proof lamp mainly lies in that the former is mainly the latter in addition to outside lighting lighting, also need to avoid causing dangerous environment of explosion, explosion, ensure the public for personal safety, avoid company property loss.
Q:LED explosion-proof platform lamp 120W which is cost-effective?
Your weight on the lamp (LED explosion-proof lamp explosion-proof standard will meet the relatively heavier), the actual power (some manufacturers virtual standard power), light effect (light and light effect is different) compared to select you.
Q:Suzhou Gelaipu LED explosion-proof lamp should pay attention to what the maintenance?
Periodically eliminate dust and dirt on the case of explosion-proof lamp to improve light efficiency and heat dissipation performance. The cleaning method can be made according to the protective capability of the lamp housing. Water spraying (above the lamp mark above the mark) or wiping with a damp cloth is adopted. When washing the water, the power should be cut off. It is forbidden to use the dry cloth to clean the plastic shell (transparent parts) of the lamp, so as to prevent static electricity.
Q:Explosion proof lamp at gas station?
The explosion proof lamps in the gas stations are usually square, and are all maintenance free LED explosion-proof lamps. Since the installation price is very expensive, it is very necessary to choose a high quality LED explosion-proof lamp
Q:100W price of explosion proof lamp at led gas station?
Because of this gas station in order to highlight the atmosphere itself, your gas station is large, the installation of lamps went inside, the feeling is small, do not say more power the better, moderate brightness is good, and also to install an irrigation area, because sometimes at night this oil spill a lamp can also be installed in the tent above, only to be cast light, flashlight must also be used to choose this kind of explosion-proof searchlight, explosion-proof lamps square within 6 years can not, because it is free of maintenance, manufacturers also provide three years warranty, at the time of the purchase also need to compare. It is best not to buy below the market price, there may be a short-lived business
Q:What is the power of a high power LED lamp?
Mainly used for home lighting, LED street lamps, flashlights and so on
Q:Several explosion proof lamps should be fitted in cold storage
Look at how big your freezer is. If you have a big explosion proof lamp and a small cold storage, you'll only need a normal LED light. Generally speaking, 10 lights should be equipped with a light
Q:LED what kind of explosion-proof certification is more authoritative for industrial and mining lamps?
LED what kind of explosion-proof certification is more authoritative for industrial and mining lamps?

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