high power explosion-proof LED light

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Product Description:

1. Specifications

Explosive gas mixture Zone 1, Zone 2 and IIA, IIB;
Explosive dust mixture Zone 21, Zone 22.
Applied to T1-T6



2. Application


Ex LED Area light was designed specially to offer the lighting system in a variety of Hazardous Area applications like oil & gas industry, chemical industry, marine, oil tanker and offshore platform, both indoor and outdoor.,

Applied to explosive gas mixture Zone 1, Zone 2 and ⅡA, ⅡB;

Applied to explosive dust mixture Zone 21, Zone 22.

Applied to T1-T6.



3. Major functions and features


• Aluminum alloy structure

• PC lens processed by the professional optics design

• Tempered glass clear lamp housing with the features of 4J energy impact resistance and thermal shock resistance.

• Exd structure design to offer more reliable explosion proof quality.

• Independent Exe connection cavity to improve the safety

  Specialized corrosion resistance, vibration resistance and water & dust proof design, both indoor and outdoor application in the harsh conditions

  High duty LED light source to ensure long life operation and superb energy saving.

  Constant current design to guarantee the operation stability.


4. pictures

high power explosion-proof LED light

high power explosion-proof LED light

high power explosion-proof LED light

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Q:What kind of explosion proof lamp does the aluminum buckle plate contain?
Decoration and decoration can discuss the requirements of the decoration, and then implemented. The living room lights are generally more beautiful, but with the aluminum buckle, then we need some special lamps, or install aluminum gusset need special treatment, or the whole installation process will be a little bit is not smooth, of course, for those professional installation of aluminium Kouban ceiling of the people, this is a very easy thing, only need to handle a small aluminum plate, then you can mount the lamp is very fit. When installed, must pay attention to all the materials ready, all need to use the tools ready or not, if you are ready, then you can install, are generally the first installation of the keel, keel after fixed, it can be inserted in the aluminum gusset keel gap, and then fixed to firmly, note here is aluminum buckle in the installation process must be handled carefully, otherwise they are easily damaged.
Q:Can the LED lamp replace the explosion-proof lamp tube in the food shop?
Therefore, individuals do not recommend ordinary LED tube, after all, production safety issues are critical.
Q:What is the working principle of explosion proof working lamp |LED machine tool working light?
Explosive substances: many production sites produce certain flammable substances. About 2/3 of the coal mines have explosive substances. In the chemical industry, more than 80% of the production plants have explosive substances. Oxygen: oxygen in the air is everywhere. Ignition source: a large number of electrical instruments are used in the production process, electrical sparks of all kinds of friction, mechanical wear, sparks, static sparks, high temperatures are unavoidable, especially when the instrument and electrical faults occur. Objectively, many industrial sites meet explosion conditions. When the mixture of explosive substance and oxygen is in the explosive limit, if there is an explosion source, it will explode. Therefore, it is necessary to take explosion protection.
Q:Can the gas station led explosion proof lamp 100W be used as street light?
In general, the gas station lights have a roof to block the rain or the sun,Therefore, the waterproof standard may not be as high as the direct exposure to the outdoor street lamp, and the working environment of the street lamp is even worse.
Q:What's the cause of the water in the explosion proof lamp?
1, may be the protection of substandard, 2, may be more than the use of protection level.
Q:120W how much is the explosion proof lamp LED at the gas station?
This is also the explosion-proof lamp power only square to achieve, the installation height is 10 meters, selection of explosion-proof grade or IIC, a stand up to 10 light is good, each tanker each one, covering four corners of the installation of a lamp is essential, because this is the only way to highlight the gas station. The atmosphere, your gas station is large, the installation of lamps went inside, the feeling is small, do not say more power the better, moderate brightness is good, and also to install an irrigation area, because sometimes it is night drainage, the lamp can also be installed in the tent above, only to make the lamp, flashlight must also be used to choose this kind of explosion-proof searchlight, explosion-proof lamps square within 6 years can not, because it is free of maintenance, manufacturers also provide three years warranty, at the time of purchase is needed Better to compare, below the market price, it is best not to buy, there may be a hammer trading, take care!
Q:How to solve the heat dissipation of LED lamps, I mean the design of explosion proof lamps and lanterns, and put the LED light source into the shell of the explosion-proof lamps
This is very difficult to solve, the simple way is to put LED particles on the metal plate with good heat conductivity, heat behind the board to do the overall level to be corrugated, oblate shape.
Q:What are the installation methods of LED explosion proof lamp?
Sealed or glued to a frame; the frame is fastened in the housing so that the transparent parts can be replaced as a whole. This structure is seldom used in lamps, and the transparent parts and frames are replaced as a whole in some large equipment which needs to be changed constantly. The type of sealing of transparent and frame can refer to a.
Q:How can the emergency proof lamp be changed at work?
Connection: loosen cover M6 inner six angle bolt, open the lamp cover, unscrew lamp cable clamp nut into the mouth, remove the sealing piece, the power cable through the nut into the lamp internal wiring terminal, the line is connected and fixed, then tighten the cable clamp nut, the front cover of lamp installed.
Q:Is it necessary to install LED street lamp in explosion proof area?
High quality power supply, silica gel perfusion, waterproof, heat dissipation stronger, safe, anti lightning.

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