LED Glass Lights New Glass Body Led Tube Light 10w 18w CE and Rohs Approved

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Product Description:

Introduction of LED Glass Lights New Glass Body Led Tube Light 10w 18w CE and Rohs Approved

Cob led downlight

1,Warranty:3 year
2,CE & RoHs Compliant
3,Life time>40,000 Hrs

Features of LED Glass Lights New Glass Body Led Tube Light 10w 18w CE and Rohs Approved

(1) Professional lighting design, excellent uniformity
(2) High efficiency >95 lm/w, low lumens decline
(3)Isolated power, constant-current driver, THD < 15%, no flicker      

(4) Environment-friendly, DO not contain mercury, lead and other harmful metals, No ultraviolet or infrared.

Specification of LED Glass Lights New Glass Body Led Tube Light 10w 18w CE and Rohs Approved



Input Voltage:


Luminous Flux:


Color Temp.

Warm white/White

LED Source:


Chip type:






Beam Angle:


Storage Temp.


Operating Temp.



3 years

Main Materials:

Aluminum as alloy and PC/PMMA as cover.

Part No.


Input Voltage


Color Temperature

Power Factor



Life Time























































Manufacturer advantages of LED Glass Lights New Glass Body Led Tube Light 10w 18w CE and Rohs Approved

1.Forward-looking self-research for all products.
2.Self-reliant in LED light source.
3.Strict procedure quality supervising and burn-in period.
4.Complete quality control system.

Pictures of LED Glass Lights New Glass Body Led Tube Light 10w 18w CE and Rohs Approved

LED Glass Lights New Glass Body Led Tube Light 10w 18w CE and Rohs Approved

LED Glass Lights New Glass Body Led Tube Light 10w 18w CE and Rohs Approved

Packing & Delivery of LED Glass Lights New Glass Body Led Tube Light 10w 18w CE and Rohs Approved


Standard packing or customized packing;

Cartons outside.


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Our Service:

A: Your inquiry for lights or quotation will be replied in 24 hours.
B: OEM is accept
C: Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information
D: Best quality and competitive price.

Factory introduction:

1.20 years experience on Led manufacturing
2.Establish long term stable cooperation with many renowned enterprises
3.Professional technology team,more than 200 R&D personnels
4.Self-reliant in LED light source
5.Strict procedure quality supervising and burn-in period
6.Complete Quality Control System
7.Good after-sales service

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Q:What lamps are used in sea water tanks?
The color of the tube.There are many colors for the tube, such as white, blue, pink, purple, Fiji, purple, fluorescent, white, cold blue, blue, white and so on. Choose the color collocation according to your animals and the lamp holder can place the number of tubes to the common market, there are two tubes, four tubes, six tubes, eight tubes, twelve tubes and so on, so the number of tubes of different collocation, adapt to different biological illumination, the collocation of color is also different.For example, if the four tubes are LPS and halogen free, then two blue, one white, one violet, or one Fiji violet. This way, with halogen running at the same time, the color will be more beautiful. Of course, a blue, a blue, a white, a purple, a Fiji purple, is also relatively colorful, of course, no matter how collocation, must take into account whether the color temperature to meet the requirements of biological growth. This is a very important thing.If the six tube is halogen free, suggest two blue, two white, two violet, or a blue, a light blue, a white, a basket of white, a purple, a Fiji purpleSimilarly, if the eight tubes, you can add a blue, a white, ha ha, different number of tubes, as long as the biological temperature requirements to meet the requirements of the breeding, to achieve a beautiful color can be.
Q:LED flashlight, what brand of good?
Common light flashlight is a kind of outdoor lighting tool which uses high-power light-emitting diode as light source. It has the advantages of electricity saving, durability and high brightness. Cap LED flashlight with two light, a condensing cup condenser, a convex lens, condensing cup condensing effect is good, the light loss is small, light weight, can put the lamp holder part of the seal is very strict, improve the waterproof effect, the spot is in want of perfection is not adjustable, so that the use of it is near the illuminated area is very small, but the biggest advantage of stepless convex lens is the spot size can be adjusted, but it is difficult to achieve good waterproof, so the general outdoor sports enthusiasts will choose the former according to the environment. Power flashlight for rechargeable lithium ion batteries or nickel cadmium battery capacity, ranging from hundreds to thousands of Ma, according to the common power source LED, endurance range in tens of minutes to several hours. In fact, I think the best bright flashlight does not necessarily like you, you do not like the best flashlight is the best, and specifically buy what kind of or according to their own preferences to set.
Q:What are the components of the LED underwater light source?
The front is the use of generic lamp lumens, each 1W lamp, this is cheaper, and better use of the lens (i.e. concentrating effect of point light source), at the bottom of the water is relatively good
Q:LED what kind of explosion-proof certification is more authoritative for industrial and mining lamps?
LED what kind of explosion-proof certification is more authoritative for industrial and mining lamps?
Q:How long can a LED rechargeable flashlight last?
It depends on how many flashlights you bought! The full charge of the three bulbs can be used continuously for more than 8 hours! The continuous use of four bulbs in about 6 hours! Of course, if it's a big flashlight, it's different. What I'm talking about is an ordinary flashlight (about 20 centimeters long).
Q:Led how can I buy a high power flashlight?
LED high-power flashlight synonymous with high-power LED flashlight is a light emitting diode as a light source of a new type of lighting tools, it has the advantages of electricity saving, durability, brightness and so on.
Q:Xenon flashlight and general LED what is the difference?
The unit of luminance is lumenBoth LED and xenon lights are the sameThe difference is how it worksXenon, however, is much brighter than LEDIt is a rare gas that gives rise to light
Q:High pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, plant growth lamp and LED plant growth lamp
1, LED is more energy efficient, about 1/4 of the energy consumption of high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp2, high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp are only suitable for greenhouses, not for multi-storey plant factories3, high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp are not suitable for breeding stage, LED is suitable for all stages of plant growth4, high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps are much cheaper than LED5, high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp life is much shorter than LED (only 1/2)
Q:Does the LED rechargeable flashlight require 3C certification?
Because the flashlight, no matter what breed! But the first batch of compulsory certification of products, including lighting, so also need to witness the torch!
Q:How to make the current stage lamps meet the safety standard requirements?
Rising temperature causes LED internal resistance to decrease. When the ambient temperature rises, the LED light source resistance can be reduced, if the voltage stabilized power supply will cause the working current of the LED increased, when exceeding the rated current, LED will affect the service life of the product, serious will LED light source "burned out", so we should choose constant current source power supply, to ensure that the working current of LED not to be influenced by external temperature.

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