High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP66 Color Temperature: 5300~6000K Lamp luminous flux(lm): 2000~18000lm
Body material: Aluminum Alloy Power(W): 20-200W Certification: Exd IIC T6 Gb
Working Temperature(℃): -20~40℃ PF: >0.9 Input voltage(V): 90~305V
CRI (Ra>): >80 Warranty: three years

Product Description:

1   Basic Information

Product: LED Explosion-proof Lamp

Model:GB Series Explosion-proof Lamp

Application:Class II Explosive places

                       oil station, chemical plant and the places which contains   explosive gas

Technical Specification

High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

Product Features

Professional industrial level l ighting product;

LED light source,  long life-time,  low maintence cost;

Exd IIC T6 Gb explosion-proof level ;

Patented heat dissipation technology; temperature increase on the heat sink<20℃;

Surface temperature <85℃, safer in explosive-proof sites;

Over-temperature, over-voltage and over-current, high reliability;


Integration design, strong and durable.

4  Distribution Curve

Installtion Interface

High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

                     Side Mounted 30°                             Side Mounted 90°

High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

                                      SuspendPole Mounted

High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

               Sidewall Mounted                                   Top Mounted

High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

       Guardrail                              Flange

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Q:Why is the explosion-proof lamp lacking power?
This is a phenomenon of vicious competition in the market, mainly concentrated in the LED explosion-proof lamp. Some small factories in Guangdong and Zhejiang have adopted low price sales methods to hit the market, mainly to reduce power and raise the power of LED explosion-proof lamps. Led explosion-proof lamp power due to voltage and current changes are different, generally not more than 5W, of course, there are 5% claims.
Q:Does the factory have the explosion-proof grade requirement for the LED lamps? The use of environmentally flammable, flammable and explosive products
Factories generally do not have explosion-proof, but there is protection level, the normal IP65, to ensure that the lamps in the hostile environment never rust, stamping, waterproof, dust-proof.
Q:Can the gas station led explosion proof lamp 100W be used as street light?
In general, the gas station lights have a roof to block the rain or the sun,Therefore, the waterproof standard may not be as high as the direct exposure to the outdoor street lamp, and the working environment of the street lamp is even worse.
Q:How to solve the heat dissipation of LED lamps, I mean the design of explosion proof lamps and lanterns, and put the LED light source into the shell of the explosion-proof lamps
This is very difficult to solve, the simple way is to put LED particles on the metal plate with good heat conductivity, heat behind the board to do the overall level to be corrugated, oblate shape.
Q:Several explosion proof lamps should be fitted in cold storage
Look at how big your freezer is. If you have a big explosion proof lamp and a small cold storage, you'll only need a normal LED light. Generally speaking, 10 lights should be equipped with a light
Q:LED what's the difference between an explosion proof lamp and an ordinary LED lamp?
LED explosion-proof lamp is used for dangerous places exist combustible gas and dust, to prevent the lamp may produce arc, spark ignition and high temperature surroundings of combustible gas and dust, so as to achieve the requirements of explosion-proof lamps. Ordinary LED lamps refer to lamps that are used in dangerous places where there is no flammable gas or dust. They are not required for explosion protection grades or types of explosion protection
Q:Where is the LED explosion-proof lighting manufacturer?
High pressure xenon lamp can recommend Jane, very suitable for road lighting, lighting, lighting, industrial workshop lighting industrial park lighting, energy saving and high rate of effective, high light efficiency, light pollution is small, especially the color performance can reach more than 90Ra, is very suitable for fine processing workshop, many university laboratories and the operation room is this light.
Q:The LED lamp has low voltage and has the function of explosion proof lamp itself
LED lamp for explosion-proof lamp performance characteristics are not up to its explosion-proof level.Therefore, the LED lamp itself has the function of explosion-proof lamp, can not be used as explosion-proof lamp.
Q:Explosion proof lamp at gas station?
The explosion proof lamps in the gas stations are usually square, and are all maintenance free LED explosion-proof lamps. Since the installation price is very expensive, it is very necessary to choose a high quality LED explosion-proof lamp
Q:How long is the emergency response time of the LED double proof emergency lamp?
The emergency response time is usually 90 minutes. The general factory has a generator. A power failure will generate electricity. The emergency time should be enough for 90 minutes.

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