High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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1. 2014 Newest Colorful LED Wireless Bluetooth speaker with TF card function
2. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, smart-phones & all other Bluetooth media players.
3. Audio in, can connect with any music devices which has a 3.5mm standard port to play music.
4. Change different colors following the rhythm of music.
5. Supporting both in monochrome display and multi-color display.
6. 5 hours continuous music playback time.
7. 7 different colors to choose.


The biggest bright spot of colorful LED wireless Bluetooth speaker lies in its colorful lighting design. It is worth mentioning that itself comes with seven colors (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple) for your choosing. And the lights is not random flashing, but display rhythmic light following the rhythm of music. Whether in Bluetooth mode or AUX IN mode, it can change different colors following the rhythm of music. The speaker can display both in monochrome and multi-color. So you can operate the corresponding button to select your favorite color, and you can also choose the color beating shape, like rainbow, balance, party, calm, or hazy states. 

7-color LED gradually changing wireless speaker 
2014 High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful LED Light

High-end bass bluetooth speaker with sleek lightweight features

2014 High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful LED Light

2014 High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful LED Light


1. Question: What is your product quality?

   Answer: 100% test before shipping ,one year warranty , very few defective rate .

2. Question: Can you put my brand name (logo) on the phone ?

   Answer: Yes, for samples order we can't print logo,if order over 3000pcs , we can do OEM your logo on back cover

    and box ,turn on picture and unlock slide sign , menual all of this with your logo on .

3. Question: which way to ship the goods to me ?

   Answer: By fedex , Dhl for small order ,big order by air or by sea .

4. Question: What payment method do you accept?

   Answer: T/T ,LC and West Union.

5. Question: if the goods has problem ,how to solve it?

  Answer : if goods has problem , it can send back us , we will repair to you


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