High Density PVC Foam Board 1220X2440mm Plastic Sheet PVC Free Foam Board for Advertising Board

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$1.20 / kg
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TT or LC
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500 kg
Supply Capability:
500000 kg/month

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Product Description:

PVC foam board is becoming the substitution of wood in many fields such as AD and Decoration.

It made through foaming and pressing into shape with additives.

The main material is PVC.

So it covers not only features of woodplast, but also very light and can be printed, engraved easily.

Specifications of PVC Free Foam Board

Product name

PVC Foam Board

Raw Material











PVC Free Foam Board,PVC Celuka Foam Board.



+/- 0.03 on densities   


-0 to +5mm on width 

 -0 to +10mm on length


+/- 0.2mm on thickness


Products Characteristics

1.Usage: widely used in building construction

2.Features: fireproof, waterproof, heat/cold resistance, anti-ultraviolet, anticorrosive, electric insulation, etc. Much better and more economical than wood plate.

3.Save amortized cost: more than 50%

4.Material stability: available for both sides, natural feel&wood touch

5.Resist temperature: from -20 °C to 60°C

6.Environment effect: recyclable 100%

7.Certificate: CE certified


Install Instruction and Notice: 

1. can put it anywhere when install it

2. easy to nail, drill, nail and cut to any size you want

3. the keel or supporter should be flat, the maximum distance is 240mm between to keels or supporters

4. enhance iron nail, about 10mm to board edge to nail.

5. when form removal, don't be violent.

6. when repeat to use it, don't need to brush parting agent 


Our service

1. Response your inquiry within 24 hours;

2. Customized Sizes Available;

3. Free Sample Delivery; 

4. OEM Available.


Product Application 




1.Q:Why is your price higher than other suppliers?

The material cost of using environmental stabilizer is higher than the lead stabilizer.

Strict quality control inevitably increase the labor  costs of QC and workers.

Tongshengcai provide environmental,high-quality&stable products to customers.

Follow the route to serve costomers and community. So,our products are more competitive than other suppliers.


2.Q:What is the MOQ of this product?

We usually accept 1*20'GP so that we can give you a much more favorable price.


3.Q:How can we trust your quality?

There are many ways to check quality,Such as send samples,visit factory,ect. Our advice is that visit factory is the best way to check quality.


4.Q:What is your delivery lead time?

Generally,we can deliver the goods to you within 7~30 days according to your purchase quantity after received your 30% deposit.

Send a message to us:

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- Self introduction

- Required specifications

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