High Bay/ Low Bay Light C0820-EC/C0820-BK

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: 4000k/5000k Lamp luminous flux(lm): 6000-36000 Body material: high quality aluminum
Power(W): 60-360 Certification: CQC,other Working Temperature(℃): -40~+55
PF: ≥0.95 Input voltage(V): AC 90-264 CRI (Ra>): Ra70(4000K)/Ra65(5000k)
Warranty: three years IP Rating: IP65

Product Description:

Product Features

●Composed of high quality aluminum

Environmently-friendly with high luminous efficiency

AC85~264V wide input voltage range

Operating Temp-40℃~+55℃

High Bay/ Low Bay Light     C0820-EC/C0820-BK      High Bay/ Low Bay Light     C0820-EC/C0820-BK

Technical Parameters

ModelPower WattageLuminous FluxCCTCRIIPDimensionNet Weight
C0820-EC-60W         60W
      6000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L568×W568×H102   3.8 kg
C0820-EC-80W         80W
      8000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L568×W568×H102   3.9 kg
C0820-EC-100W        100W
     10000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L568×W568×H102   4.2 kg
C0820-EC-120W        120W
     12000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L568×W568×H102   4.4 kg
C0820-EC-140W        140W
     14000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L568×W568×H102   5.0 kg
C0820-EC-160W        160W
     16000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L568×W568×H102   5.5 kg
C0820-EC-180W        180W
     18000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L568×W568×H102   6.0 kg
C0820-EC-200W        200W
     20000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L568×W568×H102   6.5 kg
C0820-BK-60W         60W
      6000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L280×W414×H315   3.8 kg
C0820-BK-80W         80W
      8000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L280×W414×H315   3.9 kg
C0820-BK-100W        100W
     10000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L315×W414×H315   4.2 kg
C0820-BK-120W        120W
     12000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L350×W414×H315   4.4 kg
C0820-BK-140W        140W
     14000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L385×W414×H315   5.0 kg
C0820-BK-160W        160W
     16000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L420×W414×H315   5.5 kg
C0820-BK-180W        180W
     18000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L455×W414×H315   6.0 kg
C0820-BK-200W        200W
     20000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L490×W414×H315   6.2 kg
C0820-BK-220W        220W
     22000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L525×W414×H315   6.4 kg
C0820-BK-240W        240W
     24000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L560×H414×H315   6.8 kg
C0820-BK-260W        260W
     26000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L595×W414×H315   7.8 kg
C0820-BK-280W        280W
     28000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L630×W414×H315   8.6 kg
C0820-BK-300W        300W
     30000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L665×W414×H315   9.5 kg
C0820-BK-320W        320W
     32000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L770×W414×H315   10.2 kg
C0820-BK-340W        340W
     34000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L735×H414×H315   11.0 kg
C0820-BK-360W        360W
     36000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L770×H414×H315   11.7 kg

Size Chart(mm)       C0820-EC

High Bay/ Low Bay Light     C0820-EC/C0820-BK      

 Light Distribution Curve       C0820-EC/C0820-BK

High Bay/ Low Bay Light     C0820-EC/C0820-BK   High Bay/ Low Bay Light     C0820-EC/C0820-BK  High Bay/ Low Bay Light     C0820-EC/C0820-BK  High Bay/ Low Bay Light     C0820-EC/C0820-BK

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Q:How to make LED ceiling lamp
LED lamp transformer for twelve volt, 12V AC voltage transformer rectifier to a DC voltage of 12V, LED series three, three, and then connected in parallel, connected with the current limiting resistor and then connected to the 12V DC power supply.
Q:About LED ceiling lamp contact touch switch ~!
It should be incompatible. It is better to choose touch switch with relay output. It's always bright, indicating leakage.
Q:LED ceiling lamp, thunder will burn it?
The LED and its drive circuit are made of electronic components, some of which can be damaged only by hand static electricity, and thunder is also possible.Lightning does not necessarily cause the same damage to all users of minefields. There are many reasons for the intrusion of lightning through the grid and the extent of its damage. This difference can also be justified if you confirm that it was due to thunder damage.
Q:Does the LED ceiling light sleep mode?
In addition with remote control, adjustable light color LED lamps, more convenient to use, some manufacturers will have the remote control set sleep mode.
Q:Led ceiling lamp is broken. How do you know that the starter is burned or is the LED lamp burning?
LED light does not have a starter, but has a constant current source power supply.Remove the LED light, and then output a resistor with the same power as the LED lamp at the output of the power supply. Then measure the voltage at the two ends of the power supply, which means that the LED light is out of order.
Q:Approach to LED ceiling lamp wiring method
Best picture look at the ceiling structure or not sure which kind, the general ceiling lamps with ordinary lamp is not big difference, are divided into two poles, lamp manufacturers should do is internal, external line docking poles, in accordance with the drawings can be hung with ornaments
Q:LED ceiling lamp, why is the light still dark after the power is switched off?. Is this power consumption?
This kind of lamp is like this. What's so strange about it?
Q:Excuse me, how can I solve the flashing problem of the LED ceiling lamp?... Thank you
The frequency of the flash is not high. It is possible that the high voltage filter electrolytic capacitor fails in the drive board, so it is better to replace one.
Q:My home led ceiling lamp is 3 color adjustable, but why every time the lights are about the same color, what is the way to solve ah?
The LED light source board in your ceiling lamp should be around two. There are two color temperature 3000K, 6000K and LED respectively. When 3000K and 6000K are lit at the same time, they are mixed into 4000K color temperature. If the line connection of the driving power is wrong, the color of the left and right may be inconsistent. You can fix the wrong side of the power line.
Q:Led why does the ceiling lamp change brightness once a switch is applied?
Inside of your ceiling lamp, there is a sectional switch, and the ceiling lamp is divided into three groups. Each time, the brightness is increased by one group. Wish success.

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