LED dimmable ceil light

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Product Description:

LED ceil lights

A whole series for 11'',13'',15'',17'',19'',21'' size.

Innovative Features:

1)Online voltage directly!No power supply!

(EXPLANATION:high intellectual chip to control

online voltage to fit for led working,no labour cost

needed for common power supply maintainance)

2)Non-polarized distinguish installtaion.



Shade:Plating brushed/PC

Special feature:

       1.120V LEDceil light

       2.Frost cover


       4.Can be usedin damp location

LED detailed spec

LED chip:Seoul/LG LEDS,

Output lumen:13W 900LM;16W 1200LM;

19W 1400LM;22W 1600LM;25W 1850LM;28W 2100LM



Color temperature:3000K

Assembled Dimensions (ht/width):

Φ11.0XH2.48Inch(13W, 950lm)

Φ13.0XH2.64Inch(16W, 1200lm)

Φ15.0XH2.83Inch(19W, 1400lm)

Φ17.0XH3.03Inch(22W, 1600lm)

Φ19.0XH3.23Inch(25W, 1850lm)

Φ21.0XH3.23Inch(28W, 2100lm)

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Q:How to make LED ceiling lamp
Recommend a price cost a few you can use high brightness LED lamps scheme: LED replace the module /LED ceiling lamps transformation board, this is one that has brought LED driven lighting module, the direct use of 220V voltage can be lit. At the same time, the LED lamp board is equipped with 3 strong magnets, can be tightly attached to the ceiling of iron shell; LED driven back with strong double-sided adhesive can be firmly fixed in the lamp drive LED.
Q:The LED ceiling light mounted in the living room will turn on the light after the power is switched off
Micro bright almost no power consumption, the impact on the lamp belt life is not great. However, this may indicate a problem with your switch or wiring. For example, a double switch (that is, two switches), or a small light on the switch. The leakage current of ground wire is large, and the problem of power supply design is likely to cause this phenomenon.
Q:How many tiles are there in the bedroom?
If you use LED ceiling lamp, then 20 square meters, 18 watts to 24 watts almost. The LED lamp has many advantages over other incandescent lamps, and has high luminous efficiency. Bedroom, it is a place to sleep, do not be too bright, darker, it will be better.Ceiling lamp is a kind of lamps, as the name suggests, is due to more light above the lamp, installation of the bottom completely attached to the roof, so called "ceiling lamp.". The light source consists of ordinary white light bulb, fluorescent lamp, high intensity gas discharge lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, LED and so on. At present, the most popular ceiling lamp in the market is LED ceiling lamp, which is often used in various places, such as family, office, entertainment places and so on.
Q:LED ceiling light mounted in the living room, with subsection and remote control. The first paragraph (the first switch) all lights are blue (color change);
If the switch is open properly, the switch is proved to be no problem.The sectional remote-control switch can normally control the remote circuit, and the receiver has no problem.It is estimated that the relay on the circuit board above, or similar relay aspects of electronic components.If you still have questions, ask again!
Q:How does LED ceiling light distinguish between good and bad?
Below, baby photoelectric dome light, open to everyone to share the internal structure:PCB light source board whole board design, soft light, uniform, no dark area, good color rendering;Aluminum pan good heat dissipation, long service life, small decline.The overall appearance gives the impression that fashionable, elegant appearance, good workmanship, high-end work, the atmosphere on the grade
Q:Led ceiling lamps for lighting, how many watts fit?
With LED panel lights, then use the scale of 300*300mm, about 10W. to pick.
Q:Integrated ceiling is not equipped with embedded lamps, how to install led dome ceiling lamp?
This question is very simple, you first determine the installation position above the ceiling lamps, then in the position of the pre placed a piece of wood, and it is fixed, then the integrated ceiling installed, and the power line is pulled out, the ceiling is fixed in this position on the top of the wooden board the line.
Q:what are LED ceiling lamp notes
Dimming LED ceiling lamp maintenance precautions installation roof case if it is made of stone and brick roof, using embedded bolts, expansion bolts, or the use of nylon plastic plug, plug is fixed, not with wedge. Usually not the lamp hanging too much decoration, or exceeding the carrying capacity will fall down to keep the indoor temperature for wounding especially crystal lamps, often set a specific environmental temperature, the temperature is too high or too low will affect its life, so to keep the temperature suitable for regular inspection lamps if the lamp feet appear bad contact or starter loose, should be re installed and adjusted timely avoid hard hit lamps or easy to scratch the surface of the lamp, the lamp body will make serious fragmentation. Keep the balance if you want to move the lights
Q:How does the LED ceiling lamp mix with temperature?
Dimming and toning LED ceiling lamps, in fact, have 2 way outputs inside. All the way to warm light (3000K color temperature about), all the way for cold light (white, 7000K color temperature about). Each road is independent. By giving each path a different brightness, you can adjust the color temperature and adjust the brightness of the whole lamp. For example, A road is a warm light, color temperature 3000K, but only 10% of the brightness of light, while the B road is cold, bright brightness is only 40%, so, in the lamp body color of the hybrid may be only 5000K (not very cold white, also have a little warm white). That is to say, the true dimming palette can be adjusted from brightness and color temperature.
Q:How does the LED ceiling lamp power supply match?
Change the lamp, the output 300V, accidentally, will give you a surprise, the old power estimation is bad, direct plus constant current driver or RC Buck Driver, do not use, is definitely fake products, if you have electrical maintenance capability, see the lamp string and the way to change. With a good supply, if there is no knowledge, forget it, or to spend money to buy, after all, LED is to use safety and environmental protection, get hurt yourself but not good.

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