Canopy Light C0820-LC

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: 4000k/5000k Lamp luminous flux(lm): 10000-19000 Body material: high quality aluminum
Power(W): 100-190 Certification: other Working Temperature(℃): -40~+55
PF: ≥0.95 Input voltage(V): AC 90-264 CRI (Ra>): Ra70(4000K)/Ra65(5000k)
Warranty: three years IP Rating: IP65

Product Description:

Product Features

●Composed of high quality aluminum 

●No UV/IR,environmentally-friendly, excellent energy-saving performance

●AC85~264V wide input voltage range

●Operating Temp -40℃~+55℃

Canopy     Light     C0820-LC

   Technical  Parameters

        ModelPower WattageLuminous Flux       CCTCRI  IPDimension(mm)Net Weight
C0820-LC-100W      100W     10000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L384×W313×H70   6.5 kg
C0820-LC-140W      140W
     14000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L492×W313×H70   7.8 kg
C0820-LC-180W      180W
     18000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L601×W313×H70   8.3 kg
C0820-LC-190W      190W
     19000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L601×W313×H70   8.5 kg

Size Chart(mm)       C0820-LC

Canopy     Light     C0820-LC

Light Distribution Curve     C0820-LC

Canopy     Light     C0820-LC   Canopy     Light     C0820-LC  Canopy     Light     C0820-LC

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LED light does not have a starter, but has a constant current source power supply.Remove the LED light, and then output a resistor with the same power as the LED lamp at the output of the power supply. Then measure the voltage at the two ends of the power supply, which means that the LED light is out of order.
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The most common is ordinary plastic, light transmittance is poor, a good point is acrylic, and now there is a PMMP Gao Tongguang

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