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HDPE pipe
1.Model: DN16mm-DN1200mm
2.Material: PE80, PE100
3.Press level: 0.4MPa-1.6MPa


Model: DN16mm-DN1200mm

Material: PE80, PE100

Press level: 0.4MPa-1.6MPa

Color: black, with blue strip
Executive standard: ISO4427 EN12201 ASTMF714 AS4130 GB/T13663

Length: 4m,6m and 12m, or as your request

HDPE pipe Performance and Features:

1. Environmental Material.

HDPE is a kind of no-toxic, tasteless and unharmful chemical material, and HDPE PIPE, inherits those typical features nicely.

2. Good Flexibility.

When it is used in dredging pipe, the rubber flexible connectors can be saved because of its good flexibility.

3. Low Hydraulic Resistance.

The smooth inner wall make the water transportation capacity improve more than 30% under the same condition.

4. No Leakage.

The technics of hot-fusion and electric-fusion make sure the the strength of welding point is stronger than the body pipe itself.

5. High abrasion performance.

Its wear resistance is 4 times as the steel pipe.

6. Anti-corrosion and crack growth resistance.

7. Long lifetime durable in use.

50 years at least.

8. Economy

Low delivery, installation and maintenance cost.

HDPE water supply pipe application

1. Water pipe network system for civil engineering.

2. Urban and rural drinking water pipeline.

3. Agricultural irrigation pipe.

4. Other industries related to liquid transportation, especially for corrosive liquid.

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Q:adhering scrapbook paper to plastic tube?
Can you wrap the paper around the tube and just glue the paper to itself, or tape the paper to itself?
Q:The difference between aluminum pipe and PPR pipe?
The difference between aluminium plastic pipe and PPR pipe is appearance and construction method.The inner and outer layers of the aluminium plastic pipe are made of polyethylene plastic, and a layer of aluminum interlayer is rolled in the middle, and the copper fittings are needed to be connected for construction. The relative advantage is that the copper is not connected in a certain length.
Q:anyone got any old tubes they dont want anymore??
go to a hard ware store and find a plastic tube for plumbing i bought 5 of them for 50 cents each. it was cheap and they last a long time, they are also too hard to chew so they cant eat them, that way you wont need to keep buying tunnels and you can just save up change.
Q:What are the properties of acrylic plastic tubes?
Cast Acrylic Tubes are used in many applications in place of extruded or molded acrylic because of better machining properties, greater clarity, better resistance to heat distortion and higher tensile strength. In short: yes, cast is stronger than extruded yes, it is easy to drill holes, just take it slow It is not cut and dry which one is stronger, they are actually quite similar in certain properties such as tensile strength, flexural strength, and compressive strength. I would recommend getting a small piece of each and trying them out in your application. Just so you know, PVC is going to be cheaper than Cast acrylic at these sizes.
Q:in your opinion what is better in transporting liquids plastic or metal tubes in your opinion !?!plz answer?
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Q:how do i make an artillery shell tube?
include photos i think i heard about what your talking about but the folks that had it blew up! so it may be dangerous is it active?
Q:Are there any stores that sell, carry large Corrugated Pipes, Tubes? ones that can fit around your legs?
I'm not sure if these are the best solution for you, but... something to consider, at least? Best of luck with your cosplay, in any case! (Is it strange that I'm now really curious what your costume will be? All this tube research has me interested. :y )
Q:whats the best way to connect two plastic tubes?
I would go for a coupler on the outside of the tube, which should be stronger and won't restrict the flow. Get some 12mm ID tube from a model shop or plastic supplier. Roughen the inside of the coupler and the outside of the ends of the tube with sandpaper, apply plenty of epoxy, assemble and leave to set. You might want to improvise some kind of jig to hold the 2 tubes in-line while it sets.
Q:where can i buy small diameter gas tubing?
i don't live in texas but try home depot or lowes they always have something good their
Q:My hamster likes to sleep in the tubes that lead to a chamber thing...?
thats normal! I had two teddy bear hamsters, and they loved sleeping in those plastic tubes! I had those colorful plastic cages that had holes and places for tubes that led to other cages and sleeping nests and hamster wheels and such! Its completely normal(:

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