Good quality New High Quality 1.0ton Capacity Model HT manual forklift manual pallet stack

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ht hydraulic hand lift stack




1 year manual forklift manual pallet stack

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No overseas service provided



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manual forklift manual pallet stack


Channel steel


Wearhouse workshop




4 pcs/wooden pallet


jinhua ryder



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:4-6pcs manual forklift manual pallet stack in a Wooden pallet
Delivery Detail:30 days for manual forklift manual pallet stack


manual forklift manual pallet stack 
Adjustable Straddle Legs available 
kalmar reach stacker in forklifts 

we devote to the hydraulic hand lift stacker  since 1989

manual hand stacker forklift (pallet stacker)are sturdy and compact to fit through standard doors.  Forks are raised by manual hydraulic hand pump operation and released by a lever situated on the handle. 1" lifthandle pump. Two rigid and two swivel wheels standard.

Stackers are designed to meet the most challenging tasks. Ideal for use in various workstation and workplace applications. Maintenance free and easy to use. Full height push handle for easy steering and excellent visibility through welded mesh guard. 




Item/Model HT1HT1AHT1S
Rated load Qkg100010001000
Load center distance Cmm450570
The door frame retract height h1mm196019631960
Lifting height h3mm1600
Reduced height h13mm877287
Overall length l1mm1427(1597)13751375
Body width b1mm7001000570
Fork size s/e/lmm55/133/900(1070)18/100/90055/133/1140
Fork width b5mm668950538
The lower end of the door frame ground clearance m1mm353535
Dead weightkg193215
Item/Model HT1.5HT1.5AHT2AHT2B
Rated load Qkg1500150020002000
Load center distance Cmm450
The door frame retract height h1mm1966207520112011
Lifting height h3mm1600

Reduced heighth13mm949095
Overall length l1mm1425(1595)14001405(1605)
Body width b1mm700100010001110
Fork size s/e/lmm55/133/900(1070)26/100/90030/120/900(1100)30/120/900(1100)
Fork width b5mm6689509501050
The lower end of the door frame ground clearancem1mm35354040
Dead weightkg215215215215


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Q:The advantages and disadvantages of exhaust and exhaust in the forklift truck
Agree upstairs, if not to seek professional technical personnel.I hope my answer will help you
Q:Is this the electric forklift truck?
Logistics company if outdoor use can use more diesel forklift, may at any time come on, don't worry about the rain, the manual is ok, the operation is simple, automatic transmission dynamics. Battery forklifts need to be charged. But the electric bottle forklift truck is environmentally clean and less maintenance. In addition, the truck is loaded with a load of 1.5-3.0 T, requiring only diesel forklifts. The pure hand dozen, please accept.
Q:How does the fork of a forklift know that there is no balance
There are two kinds of fork balances, one is empty and one is heavy. Empty balance: flat. Stop when the fork is placed a few centimeters off the ground. Eyemeasure or measure, the tip of the cargo fork is separated from the ground. Can be measured.
Q:Is the forklift card issued by the labor bureau or the bureau of quality supervision? Which good?
Forklift license has two kinds: 1. Grade card is issued by the labor bureau skills (primary, intermediate, advanced) the certificate of cover different grade card is different color, green, primary, intermediate and senior red, blue. Such certificates may be subsidized by the title of office; The certificate of special operations issued by the bureau of quality supervision is the same as that of green skin, which can be used for forklift operation. The more important.
Q:Where should I take the special operation equipment certificate for the forklift?
The forklift card shall be the special operation certificate of the quality inspection bureau. You can go to the local quality supervision bureau special equipment department or the special equipment operator training school to take the exam training.
Q:The scope of the forklift truck
Available on the market of forklift brand is numerous, complex models, together with the product itself technology is strong and very professional, so the choice of models, such as the supplier of choice is a lot of choose and buy of enterprises often face the problem. This paper mainly introduces the selection of car, brand selection, performance evaluation criteria and the contribution rate of Chinese forklift truck overseas. "Special equipment safety supervision regulations" article 38: "boiler, pressure vessel, elevator, lifting machinery, passenger ropeway, large-scale amusement facilities, field (factory) the operator of the special motor vehicles and related management personnel, shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state by the special equipment safety supervision and management department of examination qualified, obtains the national unified format of the special operations personnel certificate, shall not engage in the corresponding operations or management."
Q:There are several possibilities for a forklift battery bomb
Third, the battery's external circuit short-circuit caused the battery to overdischarge. Fourth, there is a lot of oxide in the pole column. The fifth battery produces an obvious spark when it is charged with discharging.
Q:How to change oil for a forklift, no slots and jacks
This is not realistic, the engine is under the seat, and the oil is in the oil pan, and the oil pan is at the bottom of the engine. You can on the ground to look at and see if we can see put the oil of the luo silk, stretched out his hand and touched not to touch, so if touch to still can put oil, touch can only transport channel, the hope can help you
Q:The forklift card has been tried for several years
First before take an examination of forklift license to drive a forklift, through formal training institutions for training, and reported by the training institutions materials by the municipal bureau of safety personnel assessment of drivers, can be obtained by theoretical and practical operation test forklift license.
Q:What is the principle and function of the forklift differential
Forklift differential classification: the structure of the conical wheel (umbrella), the structure of the cylinder wheel, such as torsion and torsion and so on, with more differential on the forklift at present widely used four planetary gear (umbrella gear to form), the range of the structure of the twisted to form a differential. Normal form of differential forklift: is mainly composed of shell, planetary gear (cross shaft to form) and four quadrant gear, planetary wheel axle and half axle gear, adjusting shim, half shaft, and so on

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