Glass steel pipes

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Glass steel pipes

To illustrate, a glass steel buried pipeline foam construction

1, direct buried insulation pipe can be widely used in heating, geothermal, refrigeration, municipal construction, oil and other industrial sectors, adding flame retardant protective layer can also be used for overhead pipeline.

2, the depth of burying must ensure that load ten tons truck safety through, as far as possible, reduce heat loss, shall be laid in the ice below the line, different regions should be based on different conditions of the region specific treatment.

3, pipe trench excavation size should guarantee between the tubes, 200-250 mm interval left between the pipe and the trench wall, in order to on-site installation and joint treatment, gully bottom brick soil compaction, when necessary, available sand bedding.

4, direct buried pipe on the road, the laying depth, just not backfill soil covering is made into the trench forms in the pipe bedding, reinforced concrete plate groove or concrete casing treatment.

5, between the pipe and pipe, using welding (glass pipe connection technology and pressure test standards set separately) pipe after installation, pressure test (9 /cm L) 10 minutes buck 0.5 kg /cm - qualified, should maintain the ditch bottom water and installation of pipe welding joint, made after fully cured (48 hours) will be put into the ditch bottom pipeline, so as not to not make joint processing into the ditch, water soaking pipe joint part and reducing waterproof, anti-corrosion, insulation effect.

6, in the process of installation of the insulation pipe, can be installed on one side, the side to do joint processing, can also be installed all pressure test again after the joint processing.

(1) in order to ensure the joint waterproof, anti-corrosion, insulation effect, to ensure that joint site condition is very necessary.

(2) joint field temperature, in the operation should be kept above 10 degrees, the minimum should not lower than 5 DEG C, the winter is not suitable to do joint processing, rainy days, not suitable for joint treatment, gully bottom wet, water does not do joint processing.

Two, direct buried insulation pipe overview:

Direct buried insulation pipe is mainly composed of four parts.

1: according to the requirement of working steel pipe conveying medium technology respectively adopts a welding steel submerged arc spiral seam steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, double-sided.

The 2 insulation layer: use of rigid polyurethane foam.

3: protective shell is made of high density polyethylene or glass steel.

4 leakage alarm line: manufacturing of directly buried heat insulation pipe, in the insulation layer near the pipe, buried with the warning line, once the pipeline leakage alarm line somewhere, by conduction, can be in a dedicated instrumentation alarm and display the location and the degree of leakage Water Leakage big small, to inform the pipe repair personnel quickly processing Water Leakage, guarantee the safe operation of heat supply network.

Three, direct buried insulation pipe performance:

Direct buried insulation pipe has good mechanical performance and heat insulation performance, usually resistant to the high temperature of 120 DEG C through modification or other insulating material resistant to high temperature of 180 DEG C combination, insulation engineering applicable to all kinds of cold, hot water high temperature pipeline.

Four, the advantages of directly buried heat insulation pipe:

1, reduce project cost.

According to estimates by a relevant department, two pipe heating pipe, under normal circumstances can reduce the project cost 25% (made of glass steel as a protective layer) and 10% (using high density polyethylene as a protective layer around).

2 low heat loss, energy saving.

Direct buried insulation pipe of the thermal conductivity coefficient: lambda =0.013 - 0.03kcal/m - H - oC, other than in the past used pipe insulation material is much lower, the insulation effect is increased by 4~9 times. Again the water absorption rate is very low, about 0.2kg/m2. The reason of low water absorption is due to closed cell polyurethane foam rate around 92%. Low thermal conductivity and low water absorption rate, coupled with the thermal insulation layer and the outside good waterproof properties of high density polyethylene or glass steel shell, has changed the traditional trench laying heating pipeline "wear wet jacket" situation, greatly reducing the overall heat loss of heat supply pipeline, network heat loss is 2%, less than 10% of the requirements of international standard.

3, anti-corrosion, insulation performance is good, the service life is long.

Direct buried insulation pipe because of rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer bonded in the steel sheath, cut off the air and water infiltration, can play a good role in anti-corrosion. At the same time, foaming holes it is closed, water absorption is very small. High density polyethylene shell, glass steel shell has good anti-corrosion, insulation and mechanical properties. Therefore, the work pipe sheath hard to erosion of the outside air and water. As long as the internal pipeline water treatment, according to foreign information, directly buried insulating pipe service life can reach more than 50 years, the use of 3~4 times higher than the traditional life and trench laying overhead laying.

4 an area of small, fast construction, is beneficial to environmental protection and reduce the construction people.

Don't need laying large trench buried heating pipe, only the people buried underground heat insulation pipe, thereby greatly reducing the area, reducing the volume of earth excavation about 50% above, to reduce the amount of 90% civil masonry and concrete. At the same time, heat preservation tube processing and on-site trench parallel, simply field joints, can greatly shorten the construction period. Due to the reduction of the brick, cement, sand and gravel, the remnant soil of transportation, thereby reducing the exhaust emission in the process of construction quantity, dust emission, noise emissions, so as to protect the environment.

5, security

At present, in addition to direct buried insulation pipe production outside of China, are equipped with leakage alarm line, once the pipeline leakage alarm line somewhere, by conduction, can show the insulation pipe seepage, leakage and leakage extent accurate position in the special detecting instruments, the pipe section to inform the inspection personnel quickly processing infiltration leakage. To ensure the safe operation of heat supply network. Domestic production of thermal insulation pipe leakage current alarm line end design, need to fill this blank.

Five, direct buried insulation pipe summary:

The total

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From white to color: color profiles change the steel doors and windows in the past monotonous white, with the building as a whole with the perfect color. Color profiles market share rose rapidly, especially in some high-end residential area widely used.
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According to the characteristics of profiles, the profiles are roughly divided into European and American two. European doors and windows of its characteristics are: profile formulations still use the traditional lead salt heat stabilizer, a small number of countries and enterprises began to use environmentally friendly organic tin heat stabilizer; main section of the profile profile is generally designed for three or four main chamber, The total number of chambers to 6 to 8, wall thickness is generally 2.5 ~ 3.0mm. Doors and windows with fan-fan frame structure, fan section larger, with pulley, can be removed; built-in glass, dry mosaic; window open in the foreign under the hanging window-based, a small amount of sliding window. American doors and windows: the main formula for the use of environmentally friendly organic tin heat stabilizer, to avoid the production, processing, use of lead salt toxicity of the drawbacks; development for the multi-cavity section, the second is to reduce the profile wall thickness, 1.80mm; while increasing the number of internal reinforced steel and the chamber, the chamber generally have 9 to 13. In addition to reducing the strength of profiles, but also improve the thermal insulation and sound insulation effect. The sliding window for the frame package fan, improved the sealing and safety performance, cancel the fan pulley, reduce the fan section at the same time, the window lighting performance has been improved. Developed a standard installation method for pulling windows and new mounting wings.
Q:What is the amount of plastic profiles
Plastic window frame and sash with lap way to seal, fan and the box part of the overlap called the amount of overlap. The industry standard does not specify the amount of lap. For the flat window, lap is generally between 8 ~ 10mm. If the conditions permit, the amount of lap as much as possible to choose a larger, so that in the installation and use, even if the frame fan overlap position slightly dislocation, but also to ensure that the seal between the frame fan. Using different hardware, but also affect the amount of overlap factors. If the use of ordinary handle, frame fan lap can choose a larger, if the use of transmission handle, frame between the need for a certain gap between the installation of the drive, so the amount of lap would have to be smaller, otherwise, installed on the fan Of the transmission is easy to touch the window frame, affecting the sash switch. Therefore, even with the same profile, the lap should also be determined separately.
Q:How many meters of a conch plastic steel profile
Normal are 6 meters, one about 7-8 kg. Outside sets of plastic bags

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