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FRP grating:

FRP grating is made of a glass fiber reinforced materials, unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix, through special processing composite made of a plate-like material with a lot of space, it can be used as a structural material, used as a corrosion environment floor, trench cover, platform, ship decks, stairs, plank and so on.

Grille through a glass fiber braided, resin cast integrally molded together, making the distribution of many of the rules with a rectangular, square spaces FRP grid plate, with two-way mechanical characteristics of the same sex. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical electronics, electricity, paper, printing and dyeing, electroplating, marine exploration, sewage treatment and other industries working platforms, equipment platforms, drilling platforms, walkways, etc., are ideal for corrosive environments, but also applies to civil construction on facilities.

FRP grating has a long life, low cost, safe, reliable, maintenance-free, as well as beautiful series of advantages. Has been promoting the use of such products in the United States thirty years, FRP grating production and use of sales have been standardized, serialized, the commercialization, the amount is quite large. In the Gulf region, the reconstruction of the Middle East oil fields, the experts, that the use of FRP grating is the most economical and reasonable material, which is being heavily used. FRP grating is also being used in Asia, Singapore, Taiwan and other regions.

Actual size according to customer needs, can be cut stitching. Use stainless steel grille snaps between the glass plates require stitching connection.

FRP grating characteristics:

1 anti-corrosion: a very superior acid and alkali resistance, and many other organic solvents and salts gas, corrosive liquid medium can, in the field of preservation has incomparable superiority. According to the actual requirements of the case, can be selected and used phthalic economic type, isophthalic, vinyl type resin as the matrix material.

2 light weight, high strength, and easy to cut, the installation: the resin and because it is made of glass fiber composite with a density of not less than 2 kg per cubic centimeters, only a quarter of steel, aluminum 2 / 3. Its strength is 10 times of rigid PVC, aluminum and absolute intensity level than ordinary steel. Its light weight, can greatly reduce the base support, thereby reducing the material cost of the project. Its cut is easy to install, no flare and large lifting equipment, only a small amount of manual and electric tools, making the installation costs are greatly reduced.

3 anti-aging: life in more than 30 years.

4 flame: Common flame retardant grill flame propagation rate (ASTM E-84) does not exceed 25; flame retardant vinyl grill senior propagation rate does not exceed 10. Oxygen index of not less than 28 (GB 8924).

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Q:What is the amount of plastic profiles
The size of the sliding window lap affects the sealing of the window, safety, installation, daily use and so on. (12mm-8mm = 12mm), the gap between the fan and the ribs of the box (ie, the slide) is 12mm (20mm-8mm = 12mm). ), This gap for windows to install and pick up. When installing the window, the sash and bottom frame are only 4mm at the top of the ribs. Due to the size deviation of the window frame and sash, the straightness deviation of the window frame installation and the height change of the pulley used will change the actual overlap and installation gap of the frame fan. When the amount of overlap between the fan and the upper frame increases, the installation gap decreases, and the window fan is hard to be installed, and the frictional force of the window and the upper seal block increases, resulting in the opening of the sash; Sealing performance decreased, lap volume is too small, but also increase the risk of sliding window off.
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Plastic Profile A: Impact modifier Plastic profiles, such as without impact modifier, plastic profiles will be very brittle, slightly collision, easy to break. Plastic profiles used in the production of anti-impact agent modifier mainly by the following three categories: chlorinated polyethylene, polyacrylates, ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer. Plastic profile additive two: heat stabilizer Plastic profile is a thermosensitive plastic, so in the production and processing of plastic profiles, heat stabilizer is essential. The metal salt in the heat stabilizer absorbs the HCL from the PVC, so it can delay the decomposition rate of the plastic and prolong the decomposition time. The most commonly used in the production of plastic profiles is the compound lead salt, which has high thermal stability and low cost. Plastic profile additives three: lubricant The main role of the lubricant is to reduce the polymer and processing equipment and polymer molecules between the internal friction between the friction caused by excessive heat caused by resin degradation, improve the efficiency of heat stabilizer.
Q:Specification for steel profiles
At present, the smallest domestic steel profile section for the 60 series, a screw-connected window called steel-plastic composite doors and windows,
Q:The state of high-rise residential building doors and windows materials are not allowed to use steel profiles are expressly provided?
Plastic can not be used mainly to see its ability to withstand wind pressure can not meet the requirements, and the state did not force the request. At present, only Qinghai is limited to plastic steel, it is because the UV is relatively strong in Qinghai, steel weather resistance is not good aluminum. In fact, as early as ten years ago, steel doors and windows can be used in the tall buildings in Xiamen, indicating the use of absolutely no problem, provided that your doors and windows must be reasonable design, through the local fifty years once the wind. But also in the doors and windows production and installation process to comply with the specification.
Q:How plastic embossed profiles are made
Plastic processing is a complex process, generally divided into the following main processing methods:
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Sound insulation performance: Aluminum windows and plastic window gap sealing level is basically the same, the sound insulation performance is basically the same.
Q:How to identify the installation of plastic or plastic
Through the cutting, welding, etc. made of doors and windows of the frame fan, equipped with sealing tape, tops, hardware and other accessories made of doors and windows, in order to enhance the rigidity of the profile, more than a certain length of the cavity need to add reinforced steel (steel Lining), this kind of doors and windows called plastic doors and windows.
Q:The development of steel profiles
From the European to the American: European-style profiles are the mainstream of the market, but the rapid development of American profiles, which is due to some exports to the United States of steel-steel production enterprises driven by the United States as a lively, beautiful, delicate structure, delicate lines, Decorative, high light rate, high perspective, etc., has won the favor of consumers.As European-style profiles in China has 20 years of history, the US profile short-term can not replace the European profile in China's position. European-style profile is concerned about the fan package box, and the American profile is a box fan. Domestic steel doors and windows are basically fan package box.
Q:What is the broken bridge of aluminum? What are the characteristics?
Waterproof, fireproof, anti-theft performance: broken bridge aluminum doors and windows with a rainwater structure designed to completely separate the rain from the outdoor, watertight in line with national standards; its aluminum alloy material for the metal material, Can be a good solution to the family fire hazard; for anti-theft performance is good, because the broken bridge aluminum composite window prepared a good hardware accessories and senior decorative locks, thieves face it can only helpless.
Q:How many meters of a conch plastic steel profile
Normal are 6 meters, one about 7-8 kg. Outside sets of plastic bags

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