FRP grating, grating cover

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FRP grating:

FRP grating is made of a glass fiber reinforced materials, unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix, through special processing composite made of a plate-like material with a lot of space, it can be used as a structural material, used as a corrosion environment floor, trench cover, platform, ship decks, stairs, plank and so on.

Grille through a glass fiber braided, resin cast integrally molded together, making the distribution of many of the rules with a rectangular, square spaces FRP grid plate, with two-way mechanical characteristics of the same sex. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical electronics, electricity, paper, printing and dyeing, electroplating, marine exploration, sewage treatment and other industries working platforms, equipment platforms, drilling platforms, walkways, etc., are ideal for corrosive environments, but also applies to civil construction on facilities.

FRP grating has a long life, low cost, safe, reliable, maintenance-free, as well as beautiful series of advantages. Has been promoting the use of such products in the United States thirty years, FRP grating production and use of sales have been standardized, serialized, the commercialization, the amount is quite large. In the Gulf region, the reconstruction of the Middle East oil fields, the experts, that the use of FRP grating is the most economical and reasonable material, which is being heavily used. FRP grating is also being used in Asia, Singapore, Taiwan and other regions.

Actual size according to customer needs, can be cut stitching. Use stainless steel grille snaps between the glass plates require stitching connection.

FRP grating characteristics:

1 anti-corrosion: a very superior acid and alkali resistance, and many other organic solvents and salts gas, corrosive liquid medium can, in the field of preservation has incomparable superiority. According to the actual requirements of the case, can be selected and used phthalic economic type, isophthalic, vinyl type resin as the matrix material.

2 light weight, high strength, and easy to cut, the installation: the resin and because it is made of glass fiber composite with a density of not less than 2 kg per cubic centimeters, only a quarter of steel, aluminum 2 / 3. Its strength is 10 times of rigid PVC, aluminum and absolute intensity level than ordinary steel. Its light weight, can greatly reduce the base support, thereby reducing the material cost of the project. Its cut is easy to install, no flare and large lifting equipment, only a small amount of manual and electric tools, making the installation costs are greatly reduced.

3 anti-aging: life in more than 30 years.

4 flame: Common flame retardant grill flame propagation rate (ASTM E-84) does not exceed 25; flame retardant vinyl grill senior propagation rate does not exceed 10. Oxygen index of not less than 28 (GB 8924).

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Q:What is the steel profile?
The profile is still visible when the window is still visible
Q:Specification for steel profiles
That might be a titanium alloy, and now the kitchen is very popular. A lot of wardrobe are used to do that, I have not done. I have 40 steel small profile, you can use screw connection, can also be welded
Q:Plastic doors and windows and plastic doors and windows have anything to do
According to the characteristics of profiles, the profiles are roughly divided into European and American two. European doors and windows of its characteristics are: profile formulations still use the traditional lead salt heat stabilizer, a small number of countries and enterprises began to use environmentally friendly organic tin heat stabilizer; main section of the profile profile is generally designed for three or four main chamber, The total number of chambers to 6 to 8, wall thickness is generally 2.5 ~ 3.0mm. Doors and windows with fan-fan frame structure, fan section larger, with pulley, can be removed; built-in glass, dry mosaic; window open in the foreign under the hanging window-based, a small amount of sliding window.
Q:PVC extrusion profiles compared to ABS, PE and other plastic profiles have any advantages?
PE is polyethylene, this product is light weight, easy processing, the screw and the barrel is not too high requirements, processing temperature is wide, but the hardness is not PVC and ABS good, chemical resistance, some places as PVC.
Q:Plastic steel window profile specifications models which
Plastic doors and windows are made of polyvinyl chloride (PolyVinyl Chloride, often referred to as PVC) resin as the main raw material, plus a certain percentage of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, UV absorbers, etc., by extrusion molding, and then Through the cutting, welding or screw way made of doors and windows frame fan, equipped with sealing tape, tops, hardware, etc., at the same time to enhance the rigidity of the profile, more than a certain length of the cavity needs to fill the steel lining Tendons), so made of portal windows, called steel doors and windows.
Q:The development of steel profiles
From white to color: color profiles change the steel doors and windows in the past monotonous white, with the building as a whole with the perfect color. Color profiles market share rose rapidly, especially in some high-end residential area widely used.
Q:The difference between steel and aluminum alloy profiles
Plastic windows are easy to weather, aluminum alloy will not. If you want to be insulated when you do windows with double glass
Q:What is the material of steel
Plastic profiles are used for the production of doors and windows with PVC profiles, as early as the late 1950s has been in Germany, China began in 1983 from the beginning of the 20th century, the late 90s began universal application. Because simply use PVC profiles processing doors and windows strength is not enough, usually in the cavity to add steel to enhance the stability of doors and windows, so the profile of the steel interior made of plastic doors and windows are often called steel doors and windows. With the extensive use of steel doors and windows, PVC profiles for the production of steel doors and windows are commonly known as steel profiles.
Q:The main features of steel profiles
In the building construction is mainly used for sliding, sliding doors and windows, fence, pipe and ceiling material applications, through the new process is also widely used in automotive engine protection board, not only light weight, and good toughness, with just fine Nature, and sometimes also known as alloy steel.
Q:Plastic doors and windows and plastic windows do not like?
Plastic doors and windows that use U-PVC plastic profiles made of doors and windows. Plastic doors and windows with wind, water, insulation and other good features. Plastic doors and windows are made of steel and steel profiles of doors and windows, steel profiles are made of plastic and steel profiles made of mixed.

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