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                                                                    The metal wiredrawing plastic profile 

1.  Quick Details

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Used for:

Producing PVC windows and doors

Model Number:

can be used for any type of profile

Profile  Material:


Open Style:

casement,inward or outward

Quality Standard:


Opening Pattern:


Profile system:



White , etc.


  deptah frame:




standard export carton package or as per customer's requests

Payment Term :

T/T ,L/C

 2. Specifications

 Attractive appearance 

Simple and bright facades

 High strength,good rigidity


 Light and flexible open an close,

 No noise Sealing well.


3. Packaging & Delivery


1). According to our standard package, with PE protective bag into a bundle
2). Packing can be according to customer's requirement


By air (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.)Sample shipping. Sent out orders in 24 hours by TNT, DHL, EMS FedEx etc. 

By sea shipping when bulk order

A). Sample's lead time:1-2 days 
B). 20'GP lead time: 5-8 days

     40'GP lead time: 8-15 days

     40'HQ lead time:10-15 days 

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Q:Specification for steel profiles
At present, the smallest domestic steel profile section for the 60 series, a screw-connected window called steel-plastic composite doors and windows,
Q:The state of high-rise residential building doors and windows materials are not allowed to use steel profiles are expressly provided?
Allows the use of steel profiles. The provisions of the doors and windows with the number of layers does not matter. Now energy-saving requirements, no matter what material, as long as the energy-saving requirements on the line. Aluminum need to use heat type, more expensive, so the use of steel is more common.
Q:Plastic doors and windows and plastic doors and windows have anything to do
According to the characteristics of profiles, the profiles are roughly divided into European and American two. European doors and windows of its characteristics are: profile formulations still use the traditional lead salt heat stabilizer, a small number of countries and enterprises began to use environmentally friendly organic tin heat stabilizer; main section of the profile profile is generally designed for three or four main chamber, The total number of chambers to 6 to 8, wall thickness is generally 2.5 ~ 3.0mm. Doors and windows with fan-fan frame structure, fan section larger, with pulley, can be removed; built-in glass, dry mosaic; window open in the foreign under the hanging window-based, a small amount of sliding window.
Q:Plastic steel profiles how to open V mouth
Plastic profile V-head saw is mainly used for steel-type 90-degree V-mouth cutting, the internal equipment by the two motors, two pieces of blade. Start the V saw when the two motors at the same time driving into a 90 degree saw blade, the steel profile cutting a 90 degree V port. Saw the saw speed, saw no burr, smooth surface. easy to use. The equipment is running smoothly. High precision. The depth of the V-shaped steel profile is half of the large surface height of the stitch (welding flux).
Q:Plastic steel window profile specifications models which
Plastic doors and windows are made of polyvinyl chloride (PolyVinyl Chloride, often referred to as PVC) resin as the main raw material, plus a certain percentage of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, UV absorbers, etc., by extrusion molding, and then Through the cutting, welding or screw way made of doors and windows frame fan, equipped with sealing tape, tops, hardware, etc., at the same time to enhance the rigidity of the profile, more than a certain length of the cavity needs to fill the steel lining Tendons), so made of portal windows, called steel doors and windows.
Q:The development of steel profiles
China's steel production capacity has reached 5 million tons / year. Most manufacturers can not fully play the capacity, there is a serious overproduction and homogenization of competition. China's steel profiles common national standard is GB / 8814-2004, access to national inspection-free enterprises are also referred to this standard production. Different from Europe and the United States, China's single type of profiles, the market is the bulk of the 60MM Pingkai doors and windows series of profiles and 80MM push-pull series of doors and windows profiles. The above two specifications account for more than 80% of the total consumption.
Q:What is the meaning of steel profiles 80?
Is the cross-section width of the profile, the insulating glass is not related to the profile, depending on the thickness of the profile, usually the 88 series of insulating glass should be thicker than the 80-shaped insulating glass.
Q:Plastic doors and windows and plastic windows do not like?
Plastic doors and windows that use U-PVC plastic profiles made of doors and windows. Plastic doors and windows with wind, water, insulation and other good features. Plastic doors and windows are made of steel and steel profiles of doors and windows, steel profiles are made of plastic and steel profiles made of mixed.
Q:How many meters of a conch plastic steel profile
Normal are 6 meters, one about 7-8 kg. Outside sets of plastic bags
Q:It is good for aluminum alloy
Aluminum alloy doors and windows of the performance / price ratio is higher than the steel doors and windows. Foreign aluminum doors and windows price is 1.5 times the steel doors and windows, that is, steel and steel doors and windows cheaper than the aluminum doors and windows 33% cheaper. However, the situation in our country is the opposite. Generally on the market, single glass plastic steel doors and windows than aluminum alloy doors and windows prices 25 to 33%; hollow double glass plastic doors and windows than the price of aluminum windows 36 to 44%, of course, these two types of steel doors and windows than aluminum alloy doors and windows insulation performance Well, but other properties of steel doors and windows are not as good as aluminum doors and windows. Hollow double glass aluminum doors and windows than the price of single glass steel doors and windows about 25% higher, however, the former insulation and sound insulation and other properties are better than the latter, for the same type of structure of the flat window, in the aluminum window (K = 2.8), the latter's price is about 24% higher than that of the former. However, the high strength and high strength of the former is higher than that of the former. Performance, excellent corrosion resistance (spray paint) and decorative effects (metal texture and non-metallic texture and other colors and boxes, window type box can be indoor and outdoor two colors), long life and other comprehensive performance is far better In the latter.

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