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Product Description:

HS Code:70161000
Production Capacity:100000sqm
Color Type:Mix Color

Basic Info
  • Color Type:Mix Color

  • Material:Glass

  • Thickness:8mm

  • Usage:Wall

  • Color:Grey

  • Application:Outside

  • Size:15 x 15mm

  • Export Markets:Global

Additional Info
  • HS Code:70161000

  • Production Capacity:100000sqm

Product Description

Glass mosaic 4mm&8mm
Size: 15x15, 20x20, 25x25, 30x30, 50x50, 75x150, 100x100, 75x300, 300x300

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Q:What is architectural glass?
Architectural glass (architectural glass) is the main varieties of flat glass, with a smooth surface, translucent, sound insulation, insulation, wear resistance, climate change, material stability and so on. It is made of quartz sand, sandstone or quartzite, limestone, feldspar, dolomite and soda ash as the main raw material. It is made by crushing, sieving, batching, high temperature melting, molding, annealing, cooling and processing. The function of architectural glass is no longer just to meet the lighting requirements, but to have to adjust the light, thermal insulation, security (bulletproof, anti-theft, fire, radiation, anti-electromagnetic interference), art decoration and other characteristics. With the continuous development of demand, glass molding and processing technology has also been a new development. Now, new technologies such as interlayer, tempered, ion exchange, glazed decoration, chemical thermal decomposition and cathodic sputtering have been developed to increase the amount of glass in the building and become the third largest building behind cement and steel material. Let you know about building glass.
Q:Glass insulation film how to tear off
You tear when the time to a little skill, it is best to cooperate with two people together. To use Qiaojin, tear when the edge of the tearing point of water spray
Q:When bartending, for what type of drinks do I use a shaker and what types do I just build in a glass?
shot and a beer goes in a shaker, goes in a glass
Q:Glass bottom margin of the final decoration surface is less than 500 hollow glass how to install?
Your insulating glass can not be regarded as a safe insulating glass, and if the building needs to comply with the "Building Safety Glass Management Regulations", such glass can not be used. If there is no strict requirements, from the perspective of building safety, only the safety glass (ie, tempered glass) one toward the outside, to prevent the outer film damage caused by serious harm to outsiders.
Q:How do I get rid of build up on my glasses in the dishwasher ?
Run your dishwasher with C.L.R follow the directions on the package ,Also make sure to run the hot water to your sink until it is hot before starting the dishwasher every time you use it as the detergent will not work if the water is not hot enough
Q:How to install architectural glass insulation film
Hello: And paste the car membrane process is basically the same, if it is flat glass do not have a membrane, and first to clean the glass, and then cut the film, the film should be appropriate than the glass area, surrounded by extra, generally 5CM, and then removed Protective layer foil, first with a film spray on the glass film and clean the glass on the glass, and then foil, adjust the position after the hard scraping, soft scraping, tendon scraping.
Q:Does drop damage build up? (Glass)?
Glass is made harder and stronger through heat tempering. (Both Kiln and Chemical processes are used) Repeated drop-ball tests do not minimize the integrity of the heat tempered glass. Chips, scratches, or virtually invisible hairline fractures weaken the integrity of the glass. If you drop it enough, from the right height, or against the wrong surface, It Will Break!
Q:What is the difference between domestic glass and car glass?
Home glass and automotive glass from the production process that is certainly not the same, this is nonsense ~~~~ The corresponding national standards are not the same, relatively speaking, automotive glass standards than the standard requirements of a lot of home. But in China they belong to the scope of architectural glass ~ ~ ~ Specifically want to know which is not the same?
Q:Information about the new glass Jijiji hurry! Tell me today
Tensile glass strength is high, the compressive strength of up to 125MPa or more, 4 to 5 times higher than ordinary glass; impact strength is also high, with the ball method, 0.8kg steel ball from 1.2m height drop, glass Keep intact. Tempered glass is much more flexible than ordinary glass, a 1200mm × 350mm × 6mm tempered glass, the force can be up to 100mm bending deflection, when the external force is removed, can still restore the status quo, and ordinary glass bending deformation only A few millimeters. Thermal stability is good, in the cold by hot, less prone to burst is another feature of tempered glass. This is because the compressive stress of the tempered glass can offset some of the tensile stress generated by rapid cooling and so on. Tempered glass heat shock, the maximum safe operating temperature of 288 ℃, can withstand 204 ℃ temperature difference. As the tempered glass has good mechanical properties and thermal stability, so in the construction, transportation and other fields have been widely used. Flat glass is often used as a building doors and windows, partitions, curtain walls and windows, furniture, etc., curved glass commonly used in cars, trains and aircraft and so on. Use should be noted that the tempered glass can not be cut, grinding, corner can not hit the extrusion, according to the size of the existing specifications or proposed specific design drawings into the custom processing. Glass for a large area of ​​the glass curtain wall to be controlled in the steel, choose semi-tempered glass, that is, the stress can not be too large to avoid the wind caused by vibration and blew. According to the use of the original glass of different, can be made of ordinary tempered glass, heat-tempered glass, Caizhao tempered glass, tempered glass and so on.
Q:The state is the number of buildings above the tempered glass
Floor area greater than 1.5m2 window glass or glass bottom edge of the final decoration surface less than 500mm of the floor window;

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