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Bulletproof glass is composed of glass (or organic glass) a composite material and quality engineering plastic with a special processed, it is usually transparent materials, such as PVB/ polycarbonate thermoplastic plastics (general force explicit resin namely Lexan resin is also called LEXAN PC RESIN). The appearance and the transmitted light it with ordinary glassbehavior, for small arms fire to provide some protection. The PC thick plate can be 136 mm thick,maximum width up to 2166 mm wide, the effective time of 6664 days.Different manufacturers vary the bulletproof glass. But basically are in ordinary glass layerclamped polycarbonate material layer, a process called lamination. In this process, the formation of a similar to ordinary glass than ordinary glass thicker material. Polycarbonate is a hard transparent plastic -- people usually use it (Lexan brand, Tuffak or Cyrolon) to call it. Bullet proof glass with thickness of 7 mm to 75 mm. Shot in the bulletproof glass of bullets will penetrate the glass outer layer, but the polycarbonate glass material layer can absorb the bullet energy,thereby preventing it penetrates the glass. These chunks of bulletproof glass has been made useof in public during the second world war is usually thicker than 10 cm to 12 cm, and extremeweight.For example, some banks use bullet proof car to promote one-way bulletproof glass of the invention. Outside the small arms fire glass this glass will follow close on succession ofresistance, but will be allowed in the glass on the side (Li Ce) shooting, such as the defenderfrom the bullet proof car side in the shooting, which through the glass in the external threat onfire.

In bomb attacks and accidental explosion, direct harm anti bomb glass can minimize the explosive shock wave super high load and high speed flying glass fragmentation caused byreducing costs, repair facilities around attack facilities or the center of the explosion. Anti bombglass in the load increasing energy of explosion shock wave formation, increased severalfold even a few times to maintain conditions do not penetrate the glass, keep the value RET = 1.While the monolithic glass (including float glass, tempered glass, hollow glass) once broken, as long as slightly exceeds the critical breakdown pressure RET soon fell to below 0.3, glass fragments scattered, the emergence of penetrating damage. [1]

The explosion-proof function

In the global scope, bomb attacks (including car bombs, suicide bombers) and threats continue to rise, Marriott Indonesia is a typical event, with the increase of the bombs, the people's life safety and property have been very serious threat. According to security experts and relevant data shows, glass fragments scattered and the spatter is the main reason people get hurt. In the bomb terrorist bombings, 75% damage and glass related, this means that if the use of anti bombglass can reduce the injury degree of 75%. If the explosion happened, all the buildings in theglass can be completely retained in the frame, then the shock wave energy will not enter indoor,indoor items will not damage; damage of high speed fragments can not enter the buildings ordropped to the ground.

Frame system

The explosion of the rapid expansion of the shock and vibration is mainly caused by the damage of glass. Generated source fragments in weapon itself and the surrounding environment (such as shaking off buildings caused by debris), destructive effect to withstand bomb attacks, the firstglass must withstand the blast and fragmentation in the two aspects of the attack. Calculation of anti bomb glass and software through professional calculation of anti bomb glass frame system,can according to the glass retention, explosion shock pressure and shock wave pulse(kPa/msec), duration (MS msec), the extent of damage conditions were tested to calculate the bomb exploded when certain equivalent of the glass and the system can remain intact (glassunruptured) and rupture (cracks, there can be part of the debris fall off, has penetrated the).Anti should meet ASTM F1642-96 standard test requirements bomb glass.

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Q:The basic characteristics of self cleaning glass
Hydrophile (Hydrophile): refers to the hydrophilic molecules can be through the hydrogen bonds and water molecules to form a short bond, making the water is particularly easy and hydrophilic surface combination. Our common capillary phenomenon is this principle. On the market for glass and ceramic surface of the "easy to clean paint", or "self-cleaning paint can be divided into three categories: The first category: the main component is silicone (or silicon organic resin) or other oily material composition, coated on the surface of the material gives a sense of slippery, but it does not and the material surface of the silica molecules to generate a solid Nano-film, but only to fill our naked eye can not see the uneven surface of the material, making the material surface smooth and uniform, the advantage of water (but not on the oil) also has a strong exclusion, the disadvantage is poor adhesion, in the Not long time (6-12 months), the characteristics of its rejection of water will be greatly reduced.
Q:What's an easy DIY way to build a glass block wall?
Popular Mechanics is a good site. You should also buy their How To Book. It has everything in it. I had a little book that told every little step on anything regarding block glass. It was my fathers and written in the 20's. I can't find it anywhere,if I do find it, I will keep it by the computer so I can help you better next time. But try the Popular Mechanics How To site,you'll be pleased.
Q:The shelf life of insulating glass
Generally good manufacturers of insulating glass warranty period of 10 years. Your home glass broken to see what the situation, the general external collision, steel blew, overheating (sun or heating facilities) three cases. External force collision this manufacturer is impossible to lose. Overheating, then you should find the district property, this is the design of the problem. Steel blew words need to pay attention, and generally in the center of the blew will be similar to butterfly-like two small glass, we called "Hu Dieban", found that this can find manufacturers compensation.
Q:Building glass specification is that set?
(JGJ 113-2009), "Construction Safety Glass Management Regulations" (Development and Reform Commission [2003] No. 2116), "Specification for Design, Construction and Acceptance of Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows", "Regulations for the Application of Building Glass" (JGJ 113-2009) (DBJ15-30-2002).
Q:In addition to automotive glass, is not building glass is also need to do mandatory certification?
The difference between car film and building film: 1. Different types of glial: automotive film is used in ordinary adhesive (HPR) and the majority of the building film for the Qing Dynasty gum (CDF) and the safety film is used more adhesive glue, due to different nature, the life of the car membrane About 3-5 years, while the building film is normally used for 15 years 2. Performance: architectural film of the general performance requirements than the automotive film, so in addition to understand its light transmittance, heat insulation, but also need to understand its reflectivity, U value, shading coefficient and other indicators 3. Metal content requirements are not the same, the volume of cadmium nickel and titanium can not exceed 5%, the building film can not exceed 2.5%, in some requirements only meet the overall requirements of environmental protection, because driving the car is generally adults and healthy people, and people Can not live in the car long-term life, and the building room, including pregnant women, babies, and the elderly sick people, rare metal radiation on the baby's growth there is a certain impact, so the building film rare metal content can not be exceeded, Strict environmental standards. 4. Car film and building film can be separated from ultraviolet light, but the absorption of UV layer structure is not the same, car film separated by ultraviolet layer, is a high-pressure coating of a single layer, building film separated by ultraviolet layer is a vacuum sandwich, containing trace plutonium, can absorb harmful spectrum , Tuned spectral video, car film only in the UV UA play a role in the building film UA and VB are working. 5. Building film and car film thickness is not the same, the building film insulation explosion-proof domestic usually between 2mil-16mil, the general thickness of 2mil, 4mil, 4.5mil, 8mil, 9mil, 12mil, 14mil, 16mil and so on. Domestic thermal insulation film is usually only between 0.8mil - 1.5mil.
Q:What is the main part of the safety glass used in the building?
The location of the building requires the use of safety glass: "Regulations for the management of glass for building safety" (as of January 1, 2004) enumerated the use of safety glass in the following parts where the building requires glass as a building material. (A) 7 and 7 above the building outside the window. (B) a window glass or glass bottom (area) larger than 1.5 m2 (the glass is assembled in the frame, the light transmission part of the glass and the glass installation material covered by the opaque part of the line) from the final decoration surface less than 500mm floor window. (3) curtain wall (except for the whole glass screen). (D) tilt the installation window, all kinds of ceiling (including skylights, lighting roof), ceiling. (5) sightseeing elevator and its outer Wai Wai. (6) indoor partition, the screen. (7) Stairs, balconies, platform corridors and midday guardrail panels. (8) Floor panels used to withstand pedestrian walking. (9) the entrance of the public building, foyer and other parts (including 1, door glass 2, installed in the door above the glass 3, installed on both sides of the door glass, close to the door opening of the vertical side and the door opening distance is less than 300mm). (10) vulnerable to impact, the impact of other parts of the body caused by injury
Q:Domestic architectural glass insulation film which brand is good
Do you say domestic brands? I do not recommend posted domestic brands, it is best to choose foreign brands, such as iUQE, ten years warranty, will not release harmful substances.
Q:What is the difference between home insulation film and car insulation film?
Home reflective film point, good heat insulation, automotive reflective film can not be too much, otherwise the traffic police will let the tear
Q:is it possible to build glasses with built in computers?
You can imagine that secret projects are waaay way waaaaaay beyond anything we can dream of. I saw a few days ago a site that shows a 8 GHz CPU, 2 TB memory, 10TB hard-disk, all in a space not more that a couple of cubic inches. So imagne they let us see that :)) Think about what they don't let us see.....
Q:Online LOW-E glass ok?
Personally think that online Low-e is better than offline, because the stability is good and easy to use monolithic, and can be thicker, such as 8mm, 10mm, 12mm have.

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