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Bulletproof glass is composed of glass (or organic glass) a composite material and quality engineering plastic with a special processed, it is usually transparent materials, such as PVB/ polycarbonate thermoplastic plastics (general force explicit resin namely Lexan resin is also called LEXAN PC RESIN). The appearance and the transmitted light it with ordinary glassbehavior, for small arms fire to provide some protection. The PC thick plate can be 136 mm thick,maximum width up to 2166 mm wide, the effective time of 6664 days.Different manufacturers vary the bulletproof glass. But basically are in ordinary glass layerclamped polycarbonate material layer, a process called lamination. In this process, the formation of a similar to ordinary glass than ordinary glass thicker material. Polycarbonate is a hard transparent plastic -- people usually use it (Lexan brand, Tuffak or Cyrolon) to call it. Bullet proof glass with thickness of 7 mm to 75 mm. Shot in the bulletproof glass of bullets will penetrate the glass outer layer, but the polycarbonate glass material layer can absorb the bullet energy,thereby preventing it penetrates the glass. These chunks of bulletproof glass has been made useof in public during the second world war is usually thicker than 10 cm to 12 cm, and extremeweight.For example, some banks use bullet proof car to promote one-way bulletproof glass of the invention. Outside the small arms fire glass this glass will follow close on succession ofresistance, but will be allowed in the glass on the side (Li Ce) shooting, such as the defenderfrom the bullet proof car side in the shooting, which through the glass in the external threat onfire.

In bomb attacks and accidental explosion, direct harm anti bomb glass can minimize the explosive shock wave super high load and high speed flying glass fragmentation caused byreducing costs, repair facilities around attack facilities or the center of the explosion. Anti bombglass in the load increasing energy of explosion shock wave formation, increased severalfold even a few times to maintain conditions do not penetrate the glass, keep the value RET = 1.While the monolithic glass (including float glass, tempered glass, hollow glass) once broken, as long as slightly exceeds the critical breakdown pressure RET soon fell to below 0.3, glass fragments scattered, the emergence of penetrating damage. [1]

The explosion-proof function

In the global scope, bomb attacks (including car bombs, suicide bombers) and threats continue to rise, Marriott Indonesia is a typical event, with the increase of the bombs, the people's life safety and property have been very serious threat. According to security experts and relevant data shows, glass fragments scattered and the spatter is the main reason people get hurt. In the bomb terrorist bombings, 75% damage and glass related, this means that if the use of anti bombglass can reduce the injury degree of 75%. If the explosion happened, all the buildings in theglass can be completely retained in the frame, then the shock wave energy will not enter indoor,indoor items will not damage; damage of high speed fragments can not enter the buildings ordropped to the ground.

Frame system

The explosion of the rapid expansion of the shock and vibration is mainly caused by the damage of glass. Generated source fragments in weapon itself and the surrounding environment (such as shaking off buildings caused by debris), destructive effect to withstand bomb attacks, the firstglass must withstand the blast and fragmentation in the two aspects of the attack. Calculation of anti bomb glass and software through professional calculation of anti bomb glass frame system,can according to the glass retention, explosion shock pressure and shock wave pulse(kPa/msec), duration (MS msec), the extent of damage conditions were tested to calculate the bomb exploded when certain equivalent of the glass and the system can remain intact (glassunruptured) and rupture (cracks, there can be part of the debris fall off, has penetrated the).Anti should meet ASTM F1642-96 standard test requirements bomb glass.

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Q:Has anyone built a greenhouse using discarded sliding glass doors?
Haven't yet, but plan to. A friend did it and it looks and works great. He even used two sets on the roof - replaced the glass with plexiglass - so can open when it gets too hot. He used aluminum framing - like for a carport and spaced the frame so the doors would fit (used a double carport frame that he extended 6 feet) and used clear plastic siding to fill in the spaces above doors and on the ends. It looks really nice.
Q:How much will it cost to build a glass greenhouse 19 sqm by 19 sqm by 4 sqm?
what are the dimensions? 19 square meters? by 4 square meters? do you mean 19 meters long by 19 meters wide by 4 meters high? holy cow. that is a big project. what do you want to construct it out of. wood, steel, what? is the whole thing going to be glass or just the roof? have you thought of using corrugated plastic instead of glass. cheaper and lighter. are you putting in motorized-thermonstatically controlled louvers? lots of variables. i would think at the low end you are looking at 5000$ with a wood floor and no bells or whistle. you could easily spend 10000 or more.
Q:China's well-known foreign glass factory which several
Fuyao glass Headquartered in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese Fuqing City Fuyao industrial village. At present the total assets of more than 9 billion yuan, the existing staff of more than 10,000 people, with car safety glass, architectural decoration glass, bulletproof glass and float glass and other glass products, related materials and equipment research and development and manufacturing capacity. Has been in Fuqing, Changchun, OKorder, Chongqing, OKorder, Guangzhou, China, the establishment of the automotive glass production base, also in Fujian Fuqing, Jilin Shuangliao, Inner Mongolia Tongliao, Hainan Haikou and other places to establish a modern float glass production base. Luoyang Float Glass Group Co., Ltd
He can not go higher then residential buildings. Anything higher then that would have to work with a building contractor. there limit is anything three stories and stores. A general contractor is unlimited.
Q:Thickness and specification of glass curtain wall in architectural drawings
Glass is double insulated glass, 12 + 8a + 8, said the first layer of glass 12mm thick and then 8mm air, (a said air, air; atmosphere)
Q:Window insulation film.
OKorder above the US base film is good, to see the evaluation, I believe the masses
Q:How does the glass film quantify energy savings?
Coated glass: coated glass is the surface of the glass coated with one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compounds to change the performance of the glass. According to the different characteristics can be divided into heat reflective glass and low radiation glass. Thermal reflection (sunlight control) glass, usually in the glass surface coated with one or more layers such as chromium, titanium or stainless steel and other metal or its composition of the film, the product was rich in color, visible light with the appropriate transmittance, Infrared has a high reflectivity, the UV has a very low transmittance, therefore, also known as sunlight control glass. Compared with ordinary glass, reducing the shading coefficient, that is, to improve the shading performance, but little change in the heat transfer coefficient. Low-emission (LOW-E) glass, is the surface of the glass plating multi-layer silver, copper or tin and other metals or other compounds composed of thin film, the product has a higher transmittance of visible light, infrared has a high reflectivity, with Good thermal insulation properties, due to poor film strength, are generally made of hollow glass instead of using alone.
Q:How to build a glass water wall?
There are so many different types. It would depend on what type of fall you are looking for. Please add details.
Q:How to clean build up on glasses lense?
Are you sure it's not the scratch coat or the antireflective coating peeling off? If so, take them back to wear you got them and have them make a new pair of lenses. You may not have bought the glasses knowing that was on there as some lenses (most now) come with a scratch coat already on the lenses. From your description that is what it sounds like. Otherwise, try a Mr. Clean Eraser if Dawn and water have not worked. You could try acetone but you have to stand by with water to get it off right away or it could cloud the lenses too.
Q:Plane picture glass screen illustration
Of course, you can also add the details of the vertical drawing out. This is the architectural drawings of the painting, if it is a special curtain wall drawings, then you need to support the structure of the curtain wall is also expressed.

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