G40 Incandescent Globe Bulb Patio Light String Fancy String Light for Outdoor Decoration

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China main port
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100 pc
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100000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Description

These commercial grade light stringers are great for special events, patios, cafes, landscaped areas, weddings, cabins and much more. The soft socket lips ensure a weather-proof seal around each bulb. 


Light colorRed/Yellow/Bule/Green/White/Warm white/Orange/Purple/Pink/RGB
Wire colorgreen/black/white
Bulb spacing6inch(as your special order)
Packaging Detailscolor box/mail box/white box
Light sourceIncandescent / LED
Lifetime2000 hours
Work environmentIndoor/Outdoor
Wire Diamater14/18/20AWG
Input voltage(v)110/220V
Warranty(years)2 years
Working Temperature-20℃~85℃
Lamp body materialCopper and plastic


1.Heavy duty globe string lights with suspensors
2.Commercial Grade
3.Total length: customer's requirements
4.1/4" eyelet hole at the top of each suspensor (used to hang lights tautly with a galvanized metal cable)

Packaging & Shipping

1. Inner packing: opp bag or color box
2. Outer packing: carton
3. Shipping: depends on customer's requirements


G40 Incandescent Globe Bulb Patio Light String Fancy String Light for Outdoor Decoration

G40 Incandescent Globe Bulb Patio Light String Fancy String Light for Outdoor Decoration

G40 Incandescent Globe Bulb Patio Light String Fancy String Light for Outdoor Decoration

G40 Incandescent Globe Bulb Patio Light String Fancy String Light for Outdoor Decoration

Company Information

CNBM International Corporation (CNBM International) is the most important trading platform of CNBM Group Corporation, a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

CNBM is a professinal led light supplier engaged in LED lights manufacturing,project technical support and light design. 

We specilzed in led strip lights, led bulb, led wall mount light, led street light....Nowe we have exported our products to over 30 countries and regions like Europe,South / North America,Southeast Asia etc and gained customer's respect and continued businesses. Based on our good quality , reasonable price, good after-sale service, we enjoyed good reputation in the international market.

Warmly welcome your any inquiries or request ! You will be impressed by our superior quality, quick delivery date and attractive price. Contact us now! 

Our Services

1.OEM Service
Your own design is appreciated; we can make the approval sample according to your golden sample.

2. QC Service
a) Before the order to be confirmed, we should check the material & color of fabric by sample which should be strictly.
b) We will be tracing the different phase of production from the beginning.
c) Every bad quality will be checked & cleaned before packing.
d) Before delivery clients could send one QC or point the third party to check the quality.
e) We will try our best to help clients when problem occurred.

3. After-sale Service
a) EXW, FOB, C&F are also available for us.
b) If the products need certificate, we can also provide.


1.Q:What's your payment terms?
    A: T/T or L/C
2.Q:When could you send me the samples
3.Q:Can I customize the strip length?
    A: Yes
4.Q:Do you also sell other kinds led lights?
    A:Yes, we also supply led bulbs, spotlights, led light, led tube light ,ceiling light etc.

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