LED land scape light /LED light / LED wall pack light / LED wall lamp/C2420-BW

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Product Description:

- Electro-statically applied polyester powder coat finish 
- Sleek appearance design
- Two control modes: Photo Sensor, Motion Sensor
- Nichia Japan LED chips 
- The isolation design between optical cavity and electrical cavity ensures no interference of heat conduction
- Precise optical design, outstanding light distribution

Building facades, parking areas, exit doorways, walkways, outdoor stairwells, garages, security lighting and more.


LED land scape light /LED light / LED wall pack light / LED wall lamp/C2420-BW

Technical Data

Electrical Specifications  

Wattage options:  20W-60W 

Voltage options:  120-277 VAC, 347/480 VAC (optional) 

Frequency:  50/60 Hz 

Power factor:  ≥ 0.95 

THD:  < 15% at full load 


Optical Performance 

Chip brand:  Nichia 

Color temperature:  4000K/5000K (Standard), 2700K/3000K (Customized) 

Fixture efficacy:  100 +lm/w 

Luminous flux:  2000lm - 6000lm 

Color render index (CRI):  >65 

Colors and Materials 

Body material:  Aluminum 

Product color:  White, black, silver, bronze 



Ambient temperature range:  -40~+55°C 



Lifespan:  50,000 hours 



Type of installation:  Wall mount  

Dimmable:  Yes 

Photocell:  Yes 

Motion sensor:  Yes 



Test & Certifications 

Standards:   SGS RoHS DLC ETL (pending) 

Protection class:  I 

Type of protection:  IP65 

Test reports:  LM79, LM80, IntertekETLDLC 

System Specifications

LED land scape light /LED light / LED wall pack light / LED wall lamp/C2420-BW

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#1 okorder.com/
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