LED POST TOP Retrofit /LED light / LED retrofit light / LED POST TOP light/C21TL-AE POST TOP

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Unique lightweight aluminum housing
Electro-statically applied polyester powder coat finish
Nichia Japan LED chips 
Lens customization according to light distribution and color temperature
Easy screw-in base

Sidewalks, suburban compounds, garden, parks, parking lots and more.  


LED POST TOP retrofit /LED light / LED retrofit light / LED POST TOP light/C21TL-AE POST TOP

Technical Data

Electrical Specifications  

Wattage options:  25W/40W 

Voltage options:  120-277 VAC 

Frequency:  50/60 Hz 

Power factor:  ≥ 0.95 


Optical Performance 

Chip brand:  Nichia 

Color temperature:  4000K/5000K(2700K/3000K optional) 

Fixture efficacy:  115lm/w 

Color render index (CRI):  ≥65 

Beam angle:  105° 


Colors and Materials 

Body material:  Plastic, Aluminum 



Ambient temperature range:  -20~+40°C 



Lifespan:  50,000 hours 



Type of installation:  Post top pole-mount 

Base:  E39 (Standard mogul), E26 (Medium) 

Surge protector:  4kV 



Test & Certifications 

Standards:  ETL SGS RoHS 

Protection class:  II 

Type of protection:  IP20 

Test reports:  LM79, LM80 





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Q:Lighting Differences In Tank?
Incandescent lights generate a lot of heat,making temperature control difficult. If you have some of the old fixtures try using the screw in twisted fluorescent ones. They work just fine.
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Its speed changes depending on what it flows through. It's more than just how fast light goes. It's like a built-in characteristic of the universe, the speed at which electromagnetic radiation propagates. I think Maxwell, known for the math he did with electromagnetism, found out that you can get the speed of light by playing around with other constants.
Q:How many watts of energy for a three-meter garden lamp?
, LED lights need to see the light effect is the brightness, and some LED lights 20W will be able to meet your needs
Q:How do you measure Light year?
I know light year (ly) is an unit of time taken by light to travel in one year. Wrong. A light year is a unit of distance, representing the distance light travels in one terrestrial year. IT is equal to a little under ten trillion kilometers, which is to say about 70000 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun.
Q:which part of photosynthesis occurs without light?
the Calvin cycle
Q:How the solar garden lights
1, LED street lamp itself, the characteristics of light unidirectional, no light diffusion, to ensure the efficiency of light.
Q:map light or done light?
A dome light is the centre light on top of your interior roof it comes on when you open the doors, a map light could be a light under the glove box lid, mirror light etc; or a separate switchable light connected to the dome light, it only operates via a switch.
Q:Light can be determined to be polarized if..?
Because polaroid discs block out light of a certain directional polarization it is safe to assume that by rotating the disc you are therefore changing the angle of the light you are polarizing. So if there is light that is polarized like this ||||||||| and you have a disc thats like ==== then you will block the light. So by rotating the disc so that its like this \\ or /////// you are allowing more and more light in. A.
Q:Where would I find a Led Lighting Systems with Energy Efficient Lighting in Houston, Texas?
hi, Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit Products Suppliers ...Led Retrofitting program for new construction and lighting redesign program for commercial and residential buildings.

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