FSK7160P Perforated Aluminum Foil Laminated to Kraft Paper Reinforced by Scrim

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Product Description:

Sound Absorbing Film, Acoustic Insulation, Laminated Aluminum Foil, Thermal Laminated Film, Metallized Vapor Retarder, Water Vapor Transmission Rate, Roof Covering, Wall Covering, Thermal Insulation Materials, Electro-Insulating Paper, Basement Insulation

1. Description

FSK7160P was made from FSK7160 by punch holes 2mm by 2mm, designed specially for applications where required both thermal insulation laminating and sound absorption, (i.e. Air-conditioning ventilation duct lining, behind walls cladding), the same construction like “FSK7160” but gone through additional perforated process using precision machineries,

2. Construction & Benefits:

Aluminum foil as exposure surface and kraft being liner sandwiched through Polyethylene as adhesive, and reinforced by fiberglass yarn from tri-direction.

Acoustic function of Punched FSK7160 become higher than non-punched.

3. Application:

It could be used where need thermal insulation laminating and sound absorption.

4. Dimension/Size

(1) Roll width: 1000mm, 1200mm and 1250mm

(2) Roll Length: 50m, 100m, 200m, 500m, 1000m, or upon request.

(3) Core I. D.: 3"(76mm+/-1)

5. Similar products & guide

(1) DFC1001: Double sided aluminum foil supply better performance and function.

(2) FSK7160, the most popular reflective insulation

(3) FSK7160V. Lay another layer of polyethylene to outer face of Kraft, melt when heated

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Q:What is the roadbed sound barrier
Subgrade ancillary facilities do not contain sound barrier, the contents of the inspection equipment, protective fence, take, spoil.
Q:What is the sound insulation of the wall?
EPDM or other polymer materials with the physical properties can not change the characteristics of high temperature and low temperature conditions should not be broken and soft, so that the product always maintain the same sound insulation performance, and can be different for the frequency of noise. Felt and other sound-absorbing materials, such as cotton felt, foam or rock wool composite use, the sound insulation performance will be more excellent.
Q:What sound insulation sound insulation?
Sound insulation material is divided into rubber, PVC, asphalt, simply from the noise effects, the greater the density of the better sound insulation.
Q:Can do those sound insulation materials Under the wooden floor
Damping noise board, rockwool noise board,
Q:Are the materials in the meeting room soundproofed?
Its performance is excellent, other noise-absorbing materials can not match.
Q:What is the structure of the sound barrier?
The board is the main sound insulation component, which through the high-strength spring clip to be fixed in the H-shaped column groove, the formation of sound barrier. Sound barrier design has been more fully considered the elevated highways, urban light rail, subway wind load, traffic vehicle impact safety and all-weather open air corrosion problems. It is beautiful, beautiful, easy to install, low cost, long service life, especially for high-speed highway and urban light rail, the use of subway noise, is the ideal modern city noise noise reduction facilities.
Q:What is the best soundproof material for bars?
Sound insulation felt
Q:Home decoration noise what material is good
Indoor noise material 1: glass wool, cotton blankets, organic fiber materials, rock wool, mineral wool and polystyrene foam.
Q:What is the type of noise board?
According to the classification of civil engineering categories, can be divided into building noise and structural noise two.
Q:Why choose sound barrier to isolate noise
High sound absorption coefficient: average sound absorption coefficient of 0.85.

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