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Aluminum foam is a new concept metalmaterial which is foamed in sponge shape after melting aluminum ingot withvarious chemical ingredients and has many bubble layers inner structure.

Porous material is much lighterthan original one, which is the characteristic of porous. And, it improves the ability of energy absorption and reduces the abilityof thermal and electrical conductivities than original metal materials. Inaddition, porous material has wide applications as well as excellent ability ofsound absorption and permeability of liquid, air, etc.

Aluminumfoam, a metal itself, can be applied to aerospace aviation required the  thermostability over 200℃. It is a 100% recyclableeco-friendly material and absolutely will not produceharmful substances no matter in the process of producing, using or abandoning.


Density is 0.2~0.4g/cm3 (Aluminium1/10,Iron1/30, and Wood 1/4)


Porous structure has a good soundabsorption.

Aluminum foam sound-absorbing materialcan be used in the inner decoration of buildings (walls, ceiling and floor),railway, highway, factories, mechanical equipment and any other fields.

Suitable for noisy place.


100%non-flammability and no toxic gas released when burning.

Non-combustibility TEST verified to be qualified. <KIMM; IMO A.799 (19)>

Ⅰgrade Non-flammability TEST ofaluminum foam surface verified to be qualified. <KICT; KS F2271>


Porous structure can effectively absorbenergy.

Have a great effect on energyabsorption after a high impact.

Firstly acquired the national SB5class (Guard rail shock-absorber)

Electromagnetic wave shielding ability

Aluminum foam has a function ofabsorbing electromagnetic wave

Widely used in military (stealth materials),TV station, hospital and any other electromagnetic shielding places.


100% recyclable Aluminum foam is nonpoisonous, odorless andharmless, no toxic gas released when burning.

Aluminumfoam can be produced by recycled aluminum and its scraps.

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Q:What is the structure of the sound barrier?
The sound barrier is mainly composed of steel structure column and suction sound screen board. The column is the main force component of the sound barrier. It is fixed by bolts or welding on the buried steel wall of the road anti-collision wall or track;
Q:What are the cheapest sound insulation materials?
Place noise material material requirements dense pores or cracks; more than the amount of noise against foreign objects impact burst moisture environment using sound insulation board sound-absorbing board surface with the market in line with the various types of performance safety testing standards of high-quality sheet new noise materials market has been widely used
Q:What are the fireproof soundproof materials?
Sound insulation from tasteless EPDM rubber and a dozen organic minerals in accordance with a certain percentage of refined, the product is black, no smell of environmental protection, low frequency and high frequency sound are quite a good sound insulation material, can effectively inhibit the various
Q:What is the best sound insulation decoration
Economical and practical choice is 2/4 red brick walls, both sides of the cement wall. This partition wall must be piled to the top, you need to take the ventilation pipe or other traces and then through the hole, should pay attention to the pipeline sealing problem, otherwise the same can cause crosstalk phenomenon. Followed by noise wall panels, this material is a professional sound insulation material, both sides of the metal plate is the middle of the sound insulation foam plastic, the greater the thickness of the wall board the better the noise effect.
Q:Why choose sound barrier to isolate noise
weathering durability: the product has water resistance, heat resistance, anti-ultraviolet, will not be due to rain water temperature changes caused by lower performance or quality abnormalities.
Q:What is the roadbed sound barrier
Subgrade ancillary facilities do not contain sound barrier, the contents of the inspection equipment, protective fence, take, spoil.
Q:What is the type of noise board?
According to the location of noise classification, roughly divided into indoor noise and outdoor sound insulation two categories. Such as indoor noise, including: walls, tiles, ceilings, and other features that require sound insulation, the underground building noise is also the input of indoor noise parts; and outdoor sound insulation main projects are open-air wall noise and other outdoor noise The
Q:What sound insulation sound insulation?
Get the noise of the manufacturers of samples pulled by hand pull the pad pad, with the nose smell, cut with a knife to see what added metal powder. Through the above method is basically able to determine whether the high-quality sound insulation material friends.
Q:What is the sound insulation of the wall?
Soundproof material The product substrate is a high density EPDM or PVC polymer material. Due to the particularity of EPDM and PVC polymer structure, it is determined that the acoustic impedance of the material is particularly high. At the same time sound insulation material in the production process filled with high-density minerals, an increase of the noise density of the material, so that sound insulation material in the isolated air and impact sound show excellent performance.
Q:How easy it is for the soundproof wall to be soundproof
The structure of the noise wall is Wall and light steel keel frame between the left 2-5 cm cavity, in the light steel dragon skeleton filled with sound insulation material, and then covered with a layer of gypsum board plus a layer of sound insulation material and then add gypsum board, so the whole surface Sound insulation wall thickness of about 5-10 cm.

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