Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel

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200000 m²/month

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Function: Thermal Insulation,Soundproof

Product Description:

CMAX Aluminum Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel 


CMAX® Aluminum Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel is a brand new product which is gradually being applied on both indoor and outdoor wall decoration. It is a new product that can be seen as a substitute of paint. It is the panel that laminated with aluminum alloy panel, PU insulation layer and aluminum foil.

CMAX® Aluminum Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel is famous for the good quality and reasonable price, also we provide customized service, you can provide us the picture that you want to print on the surface, we will do it accordingly.

CMAX Aluminum Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel is environment friendly product, which will be good replacement for wall paper and painting. and the fast installation and harmfull gas free will be the best to your home decoration and commerical site docoration. and it will show you a fantansitc effect.


Product Features:

Thermal insulation


Fireproof (B2)

Hard enough

Harmful gas free

Easy Installation

Variety of surface design

Environmental friendly


Samples Design of Surface:

Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding PanelSoundproof Wall Covering Cladding PanelSoundproof Wall Covering Cladding PanelSoundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel

Structure of Panel:

Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel

Working Sketches:

Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel

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Q:What is the best sound insulation decoration
The door of the room is also the decoration design is more difficult problem, usually a noise door price of 4 to 5 thousand dollars, as many as ten thousand yuan. At present, more practical is the use of molding one door, the door side of the seal method, with the door closer sound insulation is also good (relative to the ordinary door).
Q:What is the general rule of soundproofing material?
Any wall there is an inherent resonance frequency, when the frequency of the sound wave and the wall resonant frequency of the same, the overall resonance of the wall, the frequency of the sound insulation will be greatly reduced
Q:What sound insulation sound insulation?
Sound insulation material is divided into rubber, PVC, asphalt, simply from the noise effects, the greater the density of the better sound insulation.
Q:Are the materials in the meeting room soundproofed?
So the gradient of sound-absorbing cotton is not just a safe sound-absorbing cotton, and it is an efficient sound-absorbing cotton.
Q:What is the structure of the sound barrier?
Outdoor sound barrier is generally made of brick or concrete structure, indoor sound barrier reference steel plate, wood board, PMMA / POLYCARBONATE SHEET plastic plate, gypsum board and foam aluminum and other structures.
Q:Home improvement sound insulation materials which?
Sound insulation from tasteless EPDM rubber and a dozen organic minerals in accordance with a certain percentage of refined, the product is black, no smell of environmental protection, low frequency and high frequency sound are quite a good sound insulation material, can effectively inhibit the various
Q:What is the type of noise board?
According to the location of noise classification, roughly divided into indoor noise and outdoor sound insulation two categories. Such as indoor noise, including: walls, tiles, ceilings, and other features that require sound insulation, the underground building noise is also the input of indoor noise parts; and outdoor sound insulation main projects are open-air wall noise and other outdoor noise The
Q:What are the sound insulation materials?
Composite damping sound insulation board, low-frequency noise damping board, sound insulation felt, damping rubber and other cork insulation board,
Q:What is the best soundproofing of the piano room?
Room walls are soundproofed with empty sponge noise
Q:What is the sound insulation of the glass window?
Type and push-pull windows compared to flat window sound insulation effect than sliding window better, according to their own needs to choose the appropriate type of window.

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