Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel

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200000 m²/month

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Function: Thermal Insulation,Soundproof

Product Description:

CMAX Aluminum Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel 


CMAX® Aluminum Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel is a brand new product which is gradually being applied on both indoor and outdoor wall decoration. It is a new product that can be seen as a substitute of paint. It is the panel that laminated with aluminum alloy panel, PU insulation layer and aluminum foil.

CMAX® Aluminum Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel is famous for the good quality and reasonable price, also we provide customized service, you can provide us the picture that you want to print on the surface, we will do it accordingly.

CMAX Aluminum Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel is environment friendly product, which will be good replacement for wall paper and painting. and the fast installation and harmfull gas free will be the best to your home decoration and commerical site docoration. and it will show you a fantansitc effect.


Product Features:

Thermal insulation


Fireproof (B2)

Hard enough

Harmful gas free

Easy Installation

Variety of surface design

Environmental friendly


Samples Design of Surface:

Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding PanelSoundproof Wall Covering Cladding PanelSoundproof Wall Covering Cladding PanelSoundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel

Structure of Panel:

Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel

Working Sketches:

Soundproof Wall Covering Cladding Panel

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Q:What sound insulation sound insulation?
At present, the raw materials of sound insulation are mainly divided into two kinds: raw rubber and pvd as the substrate. However, the production of raw rubber and iron powder sound insulation felt, good performance, but the cost is high, limiting the purchase of the crowd; to PVC as the substrate, adding iron powder or heavy mineral powder production of sound insulation is more suitable for use in building decoration Sound insulation. Cheap sound insulation is good, suitable for middle and low consumer groups.
Q:What can be placed on the floor noise?
The performance of the felt can always maintain the same sound insulation performance. The sound insulation of the soundproof felt is better than that of the traditional sound insulation material, especially for different frequency noise, sound insulation felt and other sound absorbing materials such as cotton felt, foam or rock wool, the sound insulation performance will be more excellent. The most important feature is the material environmental protection, internal resistance, sound insulation performance, with damping effect.
Q:What is the best sound insulation decoration
The higher the hardness of the material, the better the sound insulation. The most common method of decoration is light steel keel gypsum board partition wall, although the middle into the sound-absorbing cotton but because of lack of quality, sound insulation is poor.
Q:What is the general rule of soundproofing material?
There is a general rule for partition noise, that is, the heavier the material (the higher the surface density, or the greater the mass per unit area), the better the sound insulation.
Q:What is the best soundproofing of the piano room?
The general street-like noise with a soft bag to isolate some to ensure that all to try the curtains to the goose down cloth kind of thick things to move away to take the curtains side of the joints to use things to try to make it close
Q:What is the noise insulation material of the car?
The effective way to block the noise transmission is mainly: sealed, shock, sound insulation, sound absorption. In the shock on the basis of noise, sound absorption and sealing treatment, you can achieve a quiet and comfortable effect. In the whole car for noise reduction process, the use of sound insulation products with their own sound and sound performance will also directly affect the noise reduction effect.
Q:How easy it is for the soundproof wall to be soundproof
For ordinary users, the main sound insulation method is to build keel in the wall, in which to add some sound insulation materials, followed by gypsum board used to seal, the last step in the gypsum board to add a layer of sound insulation outside, The only way to achieve the greatest degree of sound treatment.
Q:What is the structure of the sound barrier?
The sound barrier is mainly composed of steel structure column and suction sound screen board. The column is the main force component of the sound barrier. It is fixed by bolts or welding on the buried steel wall of the road anti-collision wall or track;
Q:What is the roadbed sound barrier
Sound barrier count division project, the name of the division project is called: roadbed related works.
Q:What is the soundproofing between the bedroom and the bedroom?
Practice has proved that the noise of various frequencies have a good absorption effect.

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