Fire Extinguisher Powder

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Quick Details of Fire Extinguisher Powder


put out fire






ABC Chemical powder




Specifications of Fire Extinguisher Powder

1.Commodity:ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers
3.Cylinder material:carbon steel
4.Element:ABC powder

The Technical Parameters of Fire Extinguisher Powder












































Packaging and Delivery

Packaging Detail:50*32*437.5px 2pcs/carton Gross Weight: 17.6kg Net Weight: 16.8kg

Delivery Detail:30 days upon receipt of payment







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Q:Fire extinguisher dry color
Identification of fire extinguisher true there are many ways, we must first look at the fire extinguisher pressure gauge pointer pressure, not up to the green zone is unqualified products; two is the weight, total weight of fire extinguisher is not up to 8KG for unqualified products
Q:What fire extinguishers do you need for fire?
Foam extinguisher is used for extinguishing flammable liquids;Dry powder fire extinguishers are the most commonly used fire extinguishers, which are mainly used to extinguish flammable liquids or electrical equipment fires;
Q:Dry powder fire extinguishers are mainly used for fighting fires
Dry powder fire extinguishers can extinguish general fires, and can also extinguish fires caused by oil, gas, and other fires. The dry powder fire extinguisher uses carbon dioxide gas or nitrogen gas as power to spray dry powder out of the cylinder.
Q:How long is the dry powder extinguisher valid
ABC dry powder fire extinguishers are inspected once a year. Because the ABC powder containing about 45% ammonium phosphate salt, easy to agglomerate, afraid of emergencies spray does not come out, there is, because the environment is not good, if there is a danger of explosion, and responsibility is great.Local standards have half a year's national standard, 2 yearsGB is generally the most loose, according to local standards, fire out, things are important, no one dared to relax requirements
Q:Has the dry fire extinguisher done any damage to the environment?
The characteristics of fire suppression, such as suffocation, cooling and chemical inhibition of flame burning, are the concentrated expression of extinguishing efficiency of dry powder, in which chemical inhibition is the basic principle of extinguishing fire and plays a major role in extinguishing fire. Dry powder fire extinguishing agent in the fire fighting group is an inactive substance of the combustion reaction when it enters into the combustion zone in the flame, and the free radical generated by the decomposition of the combustion flame produced in the reaction of H and OH and other free radicals react with each other, capture and termination of combustion reaction of free radicals, reducing the rate of combustion reaction. When the concentration of dry powder in the flame is high enough, and the contact area of the flame is large enough, and the rate of free radical stopping is greater than the rate of combustion reaction, the chain combustion reaction is terminated, thus the flame is extinguished. Dry powder extinguishing agent absorbs heat in burning flame and decomposes, because each decomposition reaction is endothermic reaction, so it has better cooling action. In addition, two high temperature decomposition of ammonium hydrogen phosphate, generating glass layer covers on the surface of residues in the solid surface, prevent combustion, and to prevent the resurgence of.
Q:What is the maximum pressure that a dry fire extinguisher can bear?
The dry powder extinguisher is filled with ammonium phosphate dry powder extinguishing agent. A dry powder extinguishing agent is a dry, easily flowing fine powder used for extinguishing fires, consisting of inorganic salts with a extinguishing effect and a small amountThe additive is composed of fine solid powder which is dried, crushed and mixed. It is a fire extinguishing agent widely used in fire fighting, and is mainly used in fire extinguishers. In addition to fighting special fire extinguishing chemicals fire extinguishing chemicals, dry powder fire extinguishing agent is generally divided into two categories of BC dry powder extinguishing agent (sodium bicarbonate, etc.) and ABC dry powder (ammonium phosphate, etc.).One is the volatile decomposition of the inorganic salts in the dry powder, which is chemically inhibited and negatively catalyzed by free radicals or active groups produced in the combustion process, so that the combustion chain reaction is interrupted and the fire is put out;The two is that the powder of the dry powder falls outside the combustible surface, produces chemical reaction, and forms a glass covered layer under the action of high temperature, thus isolating oxygen and smothering the fire. There is also partial dilution of oxygen and cooling action.
Q:The difference between dry powder fire extinguisher or 1211 fire extinguisher
Dry powder fire extinguishing agent is divided into BC powder extinguishing agent (sodium bicarbonate) and ABC powder (ammonium phosphate) two categories. One is to rely on the inorganic salt powder volatile decomposition products, chemical inhibition and side catalysis and fuel combustion in the process of free radicals or reactive groups, the chain reaction of combustion interruption the two is on fire; combustible surface by dry powder, chemical reaction, and the formation of a layer of high temperature glass layer to isolate oxygen, and suffocate the fire. In addition, there are some oxygen dilution and cooling effect.
Q:Where dry powder fire extinguisher?
Dry powder extinguisher is filled with dry powder extinguishing agent. Dry powder extinguishing agent is a kind of dry and easy to flow micro powder used for fire extinguishing. It is composed of fine solid powder which is dried, crushed and mixed by inorganic salts and a small amount of additives with extinguishing effect. It is a fire extinguishing agent widely used in fire fighting, and is mainly used in fire extinguishers. In addition to extinguishing the metal fire special dry chemical fire extinguishing agent, dry powder fire extinguishing agent is generally divided into two categories: BC dry powder extinguishing agent and ABC dry powder.
Q:Where does dry powder fire extinguisher fit?
The utility model can be used for various public occasions, workplaces, hotels, restaurants, automobiles, ships and even families, but can not be used for remedying light metal materials and fires. At present, the situation in the province, the question is grim, should be equipped with ABC dry powder fire extinguisher sites, many fault equipped with BC dry powder fire extinguishers.
Q:What does the letter "fzx" mean in an ultra fine powder fire extinguisher?
MFZ, MFZL type portable storage type dry chemical fire extinguisher has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency and safety of fire extinguishing and so quickly. The built-in powder extinguishing agent has the advantages of good electrical insulation properties, easy to damp metamorphism, convenient storage, the use of non-toxic, tasteless, the driving gas injection after no harm to the human body. The fire extinguisher bottle the head of the valve is equipped with a pressure gauge, with internal pressure, convenient inspection and maintenance.
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