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High quality electrolytic manganese flakes

Hs Code:8111001090
loading port:Main ports of China
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weight:1,000 kg Gross weight:1,003 kg Container:20GP 24 tons


Electrolytic manganese metal flake is with silver gray metallic luster, hard and crisp, melting point 1245, boilling point 1962, with strong oxidation-reduction capacity. Specific gravity is 7.2. In comparison with metal manganese made by elctric warming, the electrogenerated mental manganese is of higher purity, superior quality and wider application.


YB/T 051--93


Mainly used in steel-making, special steel-making, non-ferrous alloy (A-Mn alloy, Ti-Mn alloy, Mg-Mn alloy). It is also widely applied in chemical industry, electron undustry, medicine, aerospace, medicine. Also it is used in the high performance soft magnetization ferrite, high magnetic permeability ferrite, high saturated magnetic induction density low cost ferrite, high stable low cost ferrite.

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