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I beam overhead conveyor drop forged scraper chain link

I beam drop forged scraper chain link for overhead conveyor
1.Fine drop forging
2.With or without Zinc plated

F10190 ISO standard 150.0 pitch high tensile drop conveyor forging scraper chain
1.link 15.0mm
2.pitch 120.0mm

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Q:What kind of equipment is the material handling equipment
Handling equipment: As the name implies, refers to the production enterprise of some of the small and medium-sized warehouse, port, wharf and other areas such as the space is large, large metastatic used to transport goods and transfer some of the goods warehouse equipment. This includes: diesel forklift, electric forklift, electric truck, electric platform, etc. With these devices, you can maximize human resources, improve efficiency, and reduce operating costs. The popularization of carrying equipment is an inevitable trend, and in the development of the society at high speed, the carrying equipment must have a foothold.
Q:The stability of material lift machine mainly depends on which parts of the material hoist
It mainly depends on the transmission system and hydraulic braking system or mechanical braking system
Q:The horizontal distance from the outside edge of the platform and the unloading platform
The distance from the cage door to the edge of the layer is less than 50mm. The minimum safe distance between the moving parts of the elevator and the building and the fixed construction equipment such as scaffolding shall not be less than 250mm
Q:Why is the material advanced air cold and water cooling in the design of the device
So, water cooling can be cooled to a lower temperature (and air-cooled ratio), so it will be used in the back. The return water temperature of circulating water should not be too high, otherwise it will scale. If it can achieve cooling, it is preferable to save money and save money
Q:The parameters of the powder materials transport vehicle
The production capacity of the semi-suspended tank in the transport of the three-axis powder material is 45 to 60 cubic meters. CLW5315GFLT3 type powder material truck Product main technical parameters Product name: CLW5315GFLT3 type powder material truck appearance size: 10500 x2500x3950 (mm) chassis models: EQ3310LZ3GJ boxcar size: XX (mm) total quality: (Kg) close to 30990 / Angle of departure: 30/18, 31/17 (°) rated quality: after hanging suspended before 18500 (Kg) : 1560/1440132-5/1675 (mm) curb weight:
Q:What are the components of an automated three-dimensional warehouse?
Automated warehouse Automation technology in the field of warehousing (including main warehouse) can be divided into five stages of development: artificial storage stage, stage of mechanization, warehousing, automated storage stage, integrated warehouse and intelligent automation warehouse. In the late 1990s and the 21st century, intelligent automation warehousing will be the main development direction of automation technology. In the first stage, the delivery, storage, management and control of materials are mainly achieved by human being, and its real time and objectivity are obvious advantages. The economic indicators of artificial warehousing technology investment in early stage equipment are also superior.
Q:What is the difference between the requirements check function and the anti-check material list
The first is the relevance of the material, and any material is always present because of a need; There is no need for materials without requirements. The second is the liquidity of the material, since there is demand, the material always flows from the supply side. The correlation of materials determines the liquidity of the material. Finally, the material is valuable, on the one hand it occupies the capital, in order to accelerate the turnover of funds, the material flow should be accelerated. , on the other hand, in the process of material form and change of flow, with innovation competition () is not only reduce the price competition, improve the technology content and added value of material, with minimal cost, the shortest cycle, best service, to provide customers the best value and bring their own corresponding profits. This is where the value added chain means. Three properties interact and influence each other. Understanding the management characteristics of materials can help to understand the characteristics of material requirements management. Material requirement types in terms of manufacturing, due to the material requirements according to different sources, MRP Ⅱ system divides into the material "independent requirements (independent demand)" and "related requirements (dependent demand)" two kinds big. This is the first of the material requirements planning (MRP) founders, Dr. Joseph a. rlicky, an expert at IBM, in 1965.
Q:How do you query the serial number of each part of the lenovo notebook
The serial number of the parts is according to different suppliers, the products of different and different, such as a laptop keyboard is a company production, will take apart the laptop keyboard, generally have his serial number on the back of the keyboard, the serial number of the each component is given by the manufacturer, with notebook assembly plant it doesn't matter
Q:How is it based on the characteristics of various handling systems
How are you The various elements of the moving material should be considered in the choice of handling equipment including the moving and method used
Q:What needs to be paid for forklift? How to determine the pros and cons of a forklift?
The brand used by industries with poor working conditions and heavy workloads can be used as reference objects, and forklifts are good forklifts that can withstand severe environmental tests. The difference between a forklift and a rental car is that taxis are used much larger than the use of a forklift. Just like the amount of private cars can't be compared to taxis. Forklift is used for renting out more of the price and investment time, not quality. Understanding the strength and background of the manufacturer in some areas is more important than understanding a forklift truck on the surface. Unlike cars, the overall quality of each part of a forklift is important, not just the engine

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