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I beam overhead conveyor drop forged scraper chain link

I beam drop forged scraper chain link for overhead conveyor
1.Fine drop forging
2.With or without Zinc plated

F10190 ISO standard 150.0 pitch high tensile drop conveyor forging scraper chain
1.link 15.0mm
2.pitch 120.0mm

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Q:What needs to be paid for forklift? How to determine the pros and cons of a forklift?
Avoid blindly follow the wind, the more the brand that the more people recommend, often portends the greater profit space. Second, the sales volume is not equal to the quality good, the sales big can only show the consumer of a certain price and the time that the brand enters the market long. Foreign brands are generally inferior to domestic brands, but the quality of foreign brands is clearly superior to those of domestic brands. The brand used by the large enterprises in China is the reference object. Because big companies focus on brands and quality rather than price.
Q:The parameters of the powder materials transport vehicle
(12295 Kg) top speed: 12295 (km/h) emission standards: GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 countries Ⅲ vehicle description: transportation item description: powder coal, density: 0.78 t/m3, the effective volume of tank: 24.88 cubic meters, the shape of tank size (length/diameter) of tank (mm) : 7200/2320, including tanks straight segment length is 6600 mm; When the chassis is 1560mm, the corresponding car is 1440mm, and the rear suspension of the chassis is 1325mm and the corresponding car is 1675mm. Protective materials: Q235 carbon steel, connection mode: left and right side and bottom protection are connected by welding, the back of the protective section size (mm) : 100 * 50 * 5, the back of the protective ground height (mm) : 540.
Q:What kind of equipment is the material handling equipment
(material handling equipment) used for sports and storage in a facility material or in a website. Material handling equipment can be divided into five categories: Transportation equipment. The device is used for moving material from one place to another (for example, in the workplace, in a dock and a storage area, etc.). The main subclass transportation equipment is conveyor, crane, and industrial truck. Materials can also be transported by hand without equipment.
Q:Why is the material advanced air cold and water cooling in the design of the device
Hello, it is usually first to cool the medium to 100 degrees below and then to the water cooling. Mainly out of consideration the following factors: 1, air cooling is suitable for lower temperature, but the final temperature of the environmental impact is too big, can't accurate temperature will be reduced to a point, but water can be done.
Q:The stability of material lift machine mainly depends on which parts of the material hoist
The cable line should be set when there is no condition to set up the attached wall. Wire rope must be used. (4) anchor force of the anchor, the location of the buried directly influences the effect of cable wind rope, when choosing cable wind rope anchor point, depending on its soil conditions, decided to form and practice of anchor.
Q:What is the difference between the requirements check function and the anti-check material list
Is the top selling products in product structure, its demand is determined by the market or customer orders, that is to say, is determined by the external factors, known as "independent demand". , constitute the sales of the products of various spare parts, fittings, such as blank, raw material in the product structure at the top of the layers of the following materials, their demand is determined by the sales of the products demand, referred to as the "needs". Some materials have the dual nature, such as certain parts can be installed on the product, also can serve as spare parts to be sold directly.
Q:What is the difference between repair cost and machine material
Repairs usually refers to equipment, parts or parts wear, performance degradation and failure, in order to make the return to original state available to all kinds of repair, adjust, the matter of costs of the corrective actions.
Q:How is it based on the characteristics of various handling systems
How are you The various elements of the moving material should be considered in the choice of handling equipment including the moving and method used
Q:The horizontal distance from the outside edge of the platform and the unloading platform
The high limit mechanism of the material hoist is installed on the shaft of the gearbox and the shaft part of the spline shaft and the shaft part of the shaft, and the CAM is installed on the shaft. With a fork extending to the root of the CAM, the CAM can be applied to the spline shaft, or the shaft part of the shaft. Attach a spring to the CAM, and the other end of the spring is connected to the box
Q:What is the difference between the code for the parts code?
The parts code is "machine parts codename + parts use range codename + parts drawing number" Because materials are more widely included, the material encoding is more complex and more diverse. The types of materials can be roughly divided into raw materials (black, non-ferrous), wool embryo (forging, casting), standard parts, accessories, home-made parts, components, semi-finished and finished products, products including tooling, labor insurance supplies, energy and so on. The coding of materials can be divided into the storage, technical, classification, the material and the standard.

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