Easy set up outdoor party tent

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1 aluminum structure &PVC fabrics

2 water proof, fire proof, UV resistant

3 wind load 100km/h

4 ISO &TUV certificate

5 tente

Easy set up bell tent, outdoor party tent  

Features of bell tent, outdoor party tent

1 Adjustable height options for individual event needs

2 Ability to expand for increased usability

3 Easy to put up and demolish (1000sqm/day)

4 Tool free assembly

5 No posts in the tent ,make use of the space 100 %

6 Reinforced aluminum frame, strong  and light, easy to carry and store; PVC fabrcs cover

7 Durable and luxury,  fire proof, water-proof and anti-fungus.

8 Width from 3m to 50m, and no limit for length, bay distance is 3m/5m+


(1) linings--roof ling, side ling(curtain)  

(2)Clear PVC windows    

(3) ABS Solid Wall  

(4) Glass wall and glass door

(5)Tables and Chairs  

(6) Air conditioner

(7)Flooring system

(8) Rain gutter    

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Q:What do you need for an outdoor trip or tent?
Sleeping bags, depending on the weather, can be divided into fleece, sleeping bags, cotton sleeping bags, down sleeping bags.Camp lights, it is optional, direct use of headlights instead of the best, 1 headlights = flashlight + camp lights + headlights
Q:How do you close the tent?
Two people together to support each other to push the direction, folding roof bracket.7. fold the tent to the ground when it is folded to 70%. Pay attention to the ground and don't mess up tents.The four corners of the tarpaulin opened 8. Four corners in the four corners tarpaulin tent, with Velcro tightly, Velcro can be opened.9, carefully collect tarpaulin. Wipe dry in case of water. Be aware of any breakage. In general, if the damage is hard to repair the tarpaulin, and can only be replaced.
Q:Is the damp mat in or out of the tent?
Put it inside the tent, preferably in moisture-proof pad below and then covered with a layer of insulation surface cloth.
Q:What should I pay attention to when I am going to take a tent and go out with my girlfriend?
If you put up a tent in the forest area, you can cut a rough branch with local conditions to make a beam, and use a thick branch as a support. If the ski tourism tents can make full use of skis, ski poles do pillar;Attention should be paid to the top of the rain cloth can not be wrinkled, the end surface can not be loose, the ground can not be uneven. If the mosquito, often do not account, it is best not to light in the account, can burn some AI and dispel mosquito.After setting up the tent, covered with plastic blankets or inflatable mattress, cushion when pine grass. The night when the back loaded soft pillows, toiletries, tableware with custom shoes at the door side, gold. Candles are used for lighting, kerosene lamps, paraffin wax, vegetable oil lamps, etc..
Q:Do you have to spread the cloth before setting up the tent?
The cloth is mainly used to protect the tent ledger, because camping place cannot all be clean neatly, the tent was easier to record ground pebbles like cut, but also can make the record shop not so dirty, so it is best to shop or cloth, tents are bought, cloth not much money to spend, and cloth have moistureproof effect, but if it is to limit the need to reduce weight, without it anyway..
Q:What are the poles of the automatic tent? Which pole is the lightest? How about the general hardware store?
Low quality automatic tents often use flat steel polesAccording to the role of materials can be divided into: glass fiber rod, aluminum rod, flat steel wire, plastic rodFiberglass poles are the lightestGeneral hardware store did not buy
Q:How to choose a professional tent?
In a nice outdoor tent can let you have a good dream sweet.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of super light tents?
Again, the basic function of the money bar is to expand the space and the wind resistance, although the high technology now has the best material performanceReflect, but after all the materials are also limit bearing capacity, such as 8mm and following carbon materials in tringle wind resistance is not reliable... So I think in the outdoors, can ease and comfortable sleep less than justLight weight of several hundred grams is more important! Especially in the natural environment, all factors should be taken into consideration as an experienced alice.
Q:What are the types of tents?
Shaped like a small tile independent support, usually four angle four pillars and roof frame structure above a ridge shape, the tent is generally tall and bulky, suitable for motorists or relatively fixed field camping use, so it is called vehicle tent.
Q:Is tent air cushion important?
The use of cushions is damp proof, and one is heat insulation. Air cushion heat insulation is OK, but moistureproof sex is general, suggest mat mat of an aluminium foil next, cushion is comfortable to sleep, more comfortable than moistureproof cushion. Ordinary moistureproof mat is moistureproof, and moistureproof performance is pretty good, heat insulation is general. Cotton bag suitable for spring and autumn, the fleece sleeping bags suitable for summer use, but also can be used as a fleece sleeping bag sleeping bag liner, can increase the warmth of a sleeping bag, but in general, but will increase the burden is not recommended to set up the backpack, sleep. The question you should ask is down sleeping bags, down sleeping bags are more warm than cotton sleeping bags, of course, the price is also high, and very light, fluffy, good down sleeping bags, warm and good. But the down sleeping bag is afraid of damp, and the cotton sleeping bag is not strong enough. After a certain period of time, it will lose its original performance and lower service life.

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