Big outdoor marquee event tent

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Product Description:


1.Aluminum/steel frame

2.PVC fabric. waterproof,fireproof,UV


4.Easy to set up and take down

The description of  20m span big outdoor marquee event tent

1.Style:clear span Tent

2.Strong aluminum frame

3.PVC: waterproof,fireproof,UV

4.high quality

Frame material:hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy ( GB6005/T5, GB6061/T6 )

steel components: hot-dip galvanized steel, the thickness over 60um

fabric material: 650~850g/sqm double PVC-coated polyester textile, UV-protection, rainproof, anti-fungus, weatherproof,flame,retardant (DIN4102 B1/M2)

flame retardant: DIN4102 B1/M2

wind load:100km/h ( 0.5KN/SQM ).

radiation: UV resistant

space utilization:100%

installation:easy to install and uninstall

fixing way:

(1)If the ground (cement,tarmac) can use the expansion screw to fix

(2)If the ground is the loose ground(such as the sand and grass),it must use the ground anchors

(3)If the ground can't holed (such as marble and tile) ,it must use the Loading system.

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Q:How should field tents be chosen?
Tents are divided into one person account, two people account, four people account, five people account, six people account, and, of course, tents that may accommodate more people. They can choose suitable tents according to their personal needs.
Q:What's the difference between an advanced tent and an ordinary one?
In order to meet the environmental requirements, the superior tent can choose more materials than the camping tent, and carbon, glass fiber or aluminum rod can be selected for the support rod.
Q:What do you pay attention to the selection of tents?
In the past few years, the supporting rod tent from aluminum rod evolution cannot be bent become collapsible aluminum rod or lighter fiberglass rod, only a few large family tents, still use old aluminum rod as support. The new type of support rod can be used simply to pull it out when it is used, rather than requiring assembly work like an old support rod. When not in use, they can also fold closer to take up less space. There are still some arguments about the merits of glass and aluminium. FRP is lighter, more strength and cheaper than aluminum, and it folds more tightly. However, the main problem of FRP is that its brittleness is greater, and it is easy to crack under the influence of different weather conditions. The cracked FRP poles can not be repaired and must be replaced completely. The aluminum products are easy to repair, small fault does not affect the use of the paste, and it can just replace the damaged part.
Q:What are the things that match the field tent?
You buy a tent when choosing Oxford cloth base material, no cloth is also all right, if you buy a PE base material, easy absorption of small things, so the need for mattress, because pE itself is static cloth
Q:Where should the outdoor tent be taken?
When closing the camp even after the check to see what have fallen on the ground, the ground to see, in addition to garbage may also have some useful things, but also pay attention to Unrecyclable waste away a piece of Kazakhstan, especially the old battery (what fee, no way ah, now go where must speak environmental protection! Don't let the garbage become a burden of the beauty
Q:Do you need a floor mat under the tent?
But in special weather and environment, they can also be equipped with floor mats under tents;
Q:Is it necessary to inflate the outdoor tent with inflatable inflator?
What is the use of inflatable pad, if the outdoor car can use the leisure air cushion thick, then may need to use inflatable tube or air pump; if you are hiking camping can choose inflatable inflatable cushion need special tools, that will increase the weight
Q:Tents, half a layer of double distinction
The advantages of single layer are lightweight, economical, compact and easy to manufacture. Different from the double monolayer is in the design adds a layer of gas well inside the debt, mainly to solve the contradiction of single-layer inner wall water tent.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of tents, FRP poles?
Glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), also known as GFRP, that is, fiber reinforced plastics, generally refers to the use of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix.
Q:How to buy Tents? What are the functions and features of a good tent?
The general is the use of the mesh to the three quarter of ventilation, a layer of breathable cloth is used to warm in winter, four seasons is the biggest characteristic of account; mountain tents: general professional tents, relatively short, strong wind, snow, but the top tent may not rain. Professional advice should be taken to plan.

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